Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I write to document my emotions and validate my love.

The beauty of the season is like friendship in bloom, as delicate as the wings of a butterfly and strong enough to withstand the storms of life.

I'll Be Here

I'll meet you in the heavens, I'll be there everyday and just so your reminded, I'll send my love your way. The stars will not just be shining , they'll be working mighty hard to direct to you only dreams happiness from afar. So gaze unto the heavens and each night you will find, that I'm as close to you as the queen bee to her hive.

I'll meet you in the heavens, I'll be there everyday, I'll be there waiting to dance the night away. If you feel me slipping just close your eyes real tight and reach out to darkness and pull me to your side. There is no place for sadness, no room for sorrow and tears, for on our cloud happiness we escape our earthly fears.

I'll meet you in the heavens, I'll be there everyday, to hold you in tenderness till all the darkness fades. My kiss I give thee and it shall never fade, I left it in your heart to get you through the day. If you feel the loneliness try to move on in, place your hand upon your heart to feel my love flowing from within.

I promise to be there, day and night, to hold you close darling for the rest of our life.


I chose this for the crocus flowers picture because your friendship is gentle like the wings of a butterfly and has stood the test of time.

Loneliness is its own hell

You can't help as you step forward to look back at your life and review the lessons that developed into today's memories. My son called first thing this morning, you would think I had something to do with all this excitement. He went on to speak of a woman he has had contact with for about six months now, they spent two days canoeing, hiking and playing board games. He shouted " she is perfect, she finishes my sentences,etc. She had done her home work on him, she met with his x and everything his x girlfriend complained but just made him that much more attractive to her. Soul mates? It is possible she is older and a bit wiser a but very intellectual, he just might have met his match. Six am and on the phone he hangs up with" I love ya mom. "
I think of life and all the missed opportunities and they why of it all. I think about the layers of life how separate they are meaningless but together they develop the personality of who we are today. In the English language one word can have many a meaning, this in itself leads to quite the misinterpretation. Or might that interpretation being the reflection of ones own inner soul? One of the words that came up in question was lust. The argument was that lust had no place in a loving relationship, that one who lust couldn't possibly love. That lust was emotionless desire for sex. It is true you can have lust without love and love with out lust, but imagine love and lust together.

intense sexual desire or appetite.
desire or appetite;
a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually fol. by for): a lust for power.
ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish: an enviable lust for life.
pleasure or delight.
desire; inclination; wish.
–verb (used without object)
to have intense sexual desire.
to have a yearning or desire; have a strong or excessive craving lust pleasure, desire. crave, hunger, covet, yearn.

1. Pleasure. [Obs.] " Lust and jollity." --Chaucer.
2. Inclination; desire. [Obs.]
For little lust had she to talk of aught. --Spenser.
My lust to devotion is little. --Bp. Hall.
3. Longing desire; eagerness to possess or enjoy; -- in a had sense; as, the lust of gain.
The lust of reigning. --Milton.
4. Licentious craving; sexual appetite. --Milton.
5. Hence: Virility; vigor; active power.

My heart is satisfied with the beauty of moment,
my soul is eagerness to share in the passion of desire.
If we fail to explore all that we are and all that we can be...

There are many qualities to a friendship, some embrace to comfort, others to excite but the moment you feed the hunger you brought to the heart a great delight.

I can no sooner strip the memories from the mind
nor remove your love from my heart.

Some people get the chance to hold hands, I have the chance to interlock hearts.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hold me close and whisper words of...

The wind started humming, no words belong, the melody tranquil to my heart a song. la la la under the stars of the midnight sky and  la de la la la  my darling to where you are. The wind started humming, no words belong, the melody tranquil to my heart a song. La la la a kiss I leave upon your lips  and la de la la la is this moment of bliss. 

The wind started humming, no words belong, the melody tranquil to my heart a song. La la la in the morning on my pillow next to you and la de la la la my darling in the sky of blue. The wind started humming, no words belong, the melody tranquil to my heart a ong. La la la a kiss I leave upon your lips and la de la la la is this moment of bliss. 
I am as far away from the moment as a lost ship at sea. 
In documenting our love,
 I verify the bonding of our souls. 


... heart to heart with love and song.

The first bridge ever created was an act of mother nature. The fallen tree that lay across a stream or the mouth of a river clearly displayed away for animals and people to cross a body of water. As human skills improved and technology surfaced we found ways to develop bridges to cross not only bodies of water,roads, railways as well as valleys and rough terrains. There are many ways in which we bridge over obstacles both of the physical and mental restraints. Alexander Graham Bell would have been proud to know how many people were bridged through conversations by phone. The internet has become equally as important in connecting people from great distances. The bridge of hearts is one very few people take time to consider crossing and yet it has such an everlasting effect on those who dare to travel by way of love.

The Bridge of Hearts

We built a bridge, we built it strong, from heart to heart with love and song. It stretches far, its span is wide and as we walk we meet with mind. Excitement paved the first of steps, closer and closer as we lost our breath. Standing high, we looked below and the rays of faith cast a glow. The bridge of hearts stands on trust, extends with laughter love and lust. Over mountains of despair and the valleys where only love would dare. We built a bridge, we built it strong, from heart to heart with love and song. 


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...a spring to remember.

Meet ya under the flowering crab... honey bee?

Welcome to my big backyard.
You never think it could be possible to be excited each year as when the trillium begin to bloom. It is as close as I can come to describing the feeling of love as it creates a beauty within. Such a love that it continues to grow and grow until it blossoms into the most wonderful of blooms.

Always exciting,
delicate and embrace,
infused in the heart,
like the work of fine lace.

From my desk a window view,

this my love I share with you.

Every since I was a small child, we would gather flowers in spring and place them in vases throughout the house. My favorite place to place them is in the bedroom and the lilacs were the most fragrant of the northern spring garden. Even to this day as I gather the first lilacs to bloom the beauty of memory kicks in and I am the child excited to please, lulling in my youth to simplicity and the woman of passion. Spring has a special quality to it, because it brings with it a new beginning from the chill of winter. Spring reminds us of our strength as we surface from the dark days to the sun filled days of hope.

Today I wanted to do something special for you and the fact is I am most at peace in my garden. I felt child like as I ran through gardens gathering flowers. These flowers are simple, not complicated to grow, but I gathered them for you, to show you how much I love you so.

The Spell of Love

Running through the garden, the sun beat down on my face and I smiled and giggled as if you were here with me in this most magical of place. The quince first caught my eyes as I gathered a stem or two and then I ran for the lilac still in bud with only a few in bloom. The fragrance was divine, the memories which dwell, reminded me of our love from the day you cast the spell. I placed the various flowers in a rose crystal vase and between the little openings my heart felt emotions I arranged. In the center I tossed my love through a spray of dreams and like the almond branches I placed the many memories. Here and there some passion and a opening left for desire, and a whisper of song to sing to you each hour. I'll place them on your night stand, so they may sing to you and the fragrance love reminds you how much I love you. The softness of the petals, the beauty of the bloom all enhanced by the fragrance, speaks the words " I love you".

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My words are the reflection of your love

Simplicity defines a spring time bloom,
as the beauty makes its way into the heart.
Experience feeds the hunger of the soul.

To imagine never embracing love,
would be to live in darkness.
Like a chameleon, I feel like I am expected to morph to the emotions of others. In this adaptation of action, the heart weeps and the soul is lost. We reflect our surroundings in our need to survive.
The trillium blooms blanket the mountain side
announcing spring is in session.
I knew not why the tears had fallen,
nor what my life would bring,
and as the music stopped its play,
my heart continued to sing.
There is always been a division between our wants and our needs,
for desire speaks from the heart and necessity has lost the gift to sing.
The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is not as uncommon as one might think. We are all torn at times between the voice of the heart and song of the soul.
When the heart unites with the soul,
no confusion will dwell on our short
lived journey upon this earth.
I always despised the game of tug of war,
I have felt disconnected ,as I have been
torn in many directions.
I am trying to focus, but what's the goal?
When circumstances have the greatest hold.
The difficulty of emotions aggravates my spirit.

To place demands upon love extinguishes the fire,
 for the flame of love cannot be controlled.
Happiness grows out of Love! 

Without love it is just an imitation of happiness.

I have always been sensitive to my surroundings, picking up on the energy around me. Whether that energy is of a positive or negative nature, I can feel it as it toys with my emotions.

 I listened as my older children spoke of where their moral conduct was initiated. My eldest said "his christian up bringing gave him a blue print to follow in life", to that my second born said that all he learned to respect came from his mother, he said" she is responsible for his values."  They argued back and forth as my eldest said" it was her teaching of Christianity that she instilled in you." I taught my children to think, to speak, and to listen to their inner being. This gave to each them the opportunity to explore their own purpose in life and to where it made lead. 

I never thought of myself as a great parent, I found parenting at times to be quite a struggle. If anything my goal was to guide and to listen and to be there when they needed me.Home is meant to be our safe haven, where love is abundant and where there is a greater understanding of what is expected of our being of this very limit time on earth. 
An abundance of love leaves no room for hatred.

The reflection of your love as seen through my daily actions,
 secure, powerful, magical and warm.

As the colors of spring flow through the hollow, the picturesque view gives us a glimpse of paradise. Though true paradise has nothing to do with the physical, as it is defined by our love for life and how we keep our heart open.


I am secure in the fact I have walked this earth through love, 

only to find it was love which journeyed through me.

Love is the sweetness of your embrace on dark and cloudy days.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

... waits for you under the night sky.

I stepped away from the hollow, I left behind my yesterdays. Beyond the perimeters of sorrow, the sky of blue remains. You hold my heart in the heavens, you breathe life into my very soul, captivating the moment, unleashing the earthly hold.

To capture the day and hold the time still, I raced to your arms, that love may prevail. I had not chosen the place, nor the time you'd appear. All I know is this heaven, to my heart your soul it seared.

When my children were young, they enjoyed reading the chapter stories with alternate endings. I relate to life very much like a chapter story and I am well aware that everything that occurs alters the future. We talked about this a few times, had different decisions been made, where might our choices have taken us? I tried to imagine the journey and the road still untraveled had I walked another path, glanced in another direction. I believe in the great circle, where no matter what direction we lead and what path we travel, we always end up where we were meant to be. Kind of reminds me of the rabbit and the hound and which the rabbit circles back to where it started. Spiritually I think we always come back to where we started.
One person's actions are not to be taken for granted, as history speaks loudly of the importance and the power of the decision making process. The actions of one, can create war, destruction and instill hatred or bring peace, build communities and infuse love.
I remember believing you could live on love, as long as all the decisions made in life came from the heart, only good could happen. That is where the inner connections comes to play, when like hearts and souls envision the paradise in a form of simplicity.
I was reminded that the axle of the earth as it remains suspended in our galaxy is perfection. Movement in one direction or the other would alter life as we know it. In response to the statement, I said " why wouldn't all people be on the same path, knowing that the future was so fragile? " In a sense each of us are here to experience, if that is so, is greed, and violence and hatred as important to the learning process as charity, peace and love? Only through the separation of mind and body can we understand the realm of spirituality and the steps we are to travel.
Energy is at the root of all of life and all that we are capable of. Our interpretation of events and experiences are revealed in the choice making process. All that exist passes through the doorway of life, we are born, we journey and we move on through death.
I sat back for a moment and watched as the extensions of my journey went on around me. I was responsible for the spawning of a new day. I stood at the center of my years of choice and watched the effects it had on tomorrow. Inside I felt an emptiness, I wanted to feel the magic of your touch as we embrace our earthly form. This wasn't the ordinary missing you, I looked up at the sky, at perfection, the beauty of moment and I thought to myself, what could improve upon the day? All that entered my mind was to feel your embrace. We walked along way, we traveled far, welcomed the morning, lay side by side through the night, heart and soul a meeting in flight.
It is the interlocking of our souls
which completes our existence.
Every moment we don't share is hell.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guardian Angel

Everything in life is about time and place, from the people we meet to the various situations we find ourself in. I was anxious all day as I prepared for the last community fundraiser of the season . With the car packed, I went for a ride of 14 long winding miles up and down greene county hills. I had the month of March for my calendar party table, as the auction was going on and the door prizes were being called out several at the table mentioned how unlucky we were. Unlucky? no more than 40 minutes earlier I pulled up to my parking spot, put the shifter into reverse to backup and felt as my breaks gave out. It could have happened anywhere along the route, but they gave out just as I pulled in front of the church. Time and place, everything in life is about time and place. You hear mention of it all the time " it wasn't his time" "we are just passing through""being in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time." On the contrary today I was very lucky or blessed, I shouted out thank God! and my son smiled and said" thank Darwin."

Lord, Lord I need to get home,
so keep and eye one me, I'm not
driving alone.

Lord , Lord nows not the time, I've
got a lot to do on this road of mine.


because you dared to love.

Every time I pass the old train station I think of how many greetings were shared. The hello's and goodbyes of yesterday. Life is not much different than a train station, we find ourselves waiting for the moment just to find that the train passed us by or in all actuality that never we missed the moment. In essence or at the core of life, we find the train passes by daily, stopping to load and unload passengers.

Glancing out the window, I became lost in the blue of the sky and the brightness of the sun as it lit the hollow. Amazing cotton like clouds could be seen approaching ever so slowly from a distance. Picture perfect the hills were carpeted with the two many to count blooms of trillium. The panoramic view wrapped its serenity around me and I felt one, one with life.


The heron returned, the flowers in bloom,

all to document each moment with you.


I believe the sequence of events transpire as a guide to appreciation.


With love in your heart, the soul savors the moment.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I found it...

The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains, I swear it could talk.The sound of music fills the air as the melody reminds me of the one who cares . The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains, I swear it could talk. Stories of happiness yet to be told, written in the wind slowly unfold. The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains , I swear it could talk. Spoke of yesterday when you took my hand and we danced in the hollow from a distant land. The water is moving, it flows over the rock, cutting through the mountains, I swear it could talk.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Night My Sweet Love

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
 I say a thousand words can produce a million pictures. 
Sings Softly

Good night my sweet love, good night my dear, I'll race you to the clouds and hold you there. When the stars shine in the heavens so bright, I'll be there holding you all through the night. 

Good night my sweet love, good night my dear, put on your dance shoes, I'm almost there. To feel your embrace is special indeed, when I am with you no fear do I see.

Good night my sweet love, good night my dear, fluffing my pillow, I promise to share. Each moment we are together my love is bonded and secured in the heavens above.  

The Carousel of the Mind


The carousel is moving, round and round it goes, and when it finally stops, where am I to go? There is definitely a difference when the day come to an end, as everything fades and it starts over and over again. 

The mountains rejoice with their carpet of white, the trillium in bloom is a heavenly sight. My heart speaks to you, sweet whispers I do, sweet whispers of love from me to you.
The sun shines bright behinds clouds of gray, a daily reminder how you found your way. In my arms, through dreams, you mean so much to me.

The child smiles, I am sure she is almost ten, she runs through the fields, the fields with no end. Laughing and giggling, she takes your hand, as she runs through the field with her best friend.

The day is moving, we better get on, now a teenager, do you hear her song? She sings from the heart of a world so fine. Special the moment, it is always so knew as she look through the eyes 
at a sky so blue. 

Maturity sets on in and she learns to respect all that God gives. The warmth of a moment is oh so fine, perfecting life, gives the sign. The child met with the woman in need and forming a bond dances free.

I cannot change my yesterday, nor erase the sorrow of the day,
 the path was laid to guide us not to make the memories fade. 
Three women with smiles upon their face, told the tales of yesterday without placing any blame. Sisters of the spirit, I recognized them so, they were the gateway to freedom and through their eyes it showed. The similarity was uncanny, the words one by one, reminded me of the day when the tears blocked out the sun. I reached to pull them closer, their strength I needed so, as someone knew exactly what only my soul had known. 

Fear stood before me, it gained by strides, straddling my soul, I felt the heaviness of mind. I held to happiness, I placed it on the outside to drape the stories of darkness hidden deep inside.  I pretended it didn't happen, that maybe I was wrong, that I didn't' do enough and I deserved to travel blind. 

There are many question that go unanswered, not because there are no answers. Our willingness to look inside our self waivers as does our judgement. Simplicity draped the hollow and contained within the day as a sense of peace had fallen and your love had found its way.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

...for having faith.

You're right! positioning is everything.

 The saga of spring, as each day progresses it documents the moment while moving forward... a lot we can learn from nature. 

Taking a break from work to do the famous kitchen dance with you. 

Sings> Close your eyes and pull me close, as I whisper words of love, whisper words of love to you. Arms to the heavens to feel your embrace, as our hearts make the music our feet keep pace. Faster and faster, we spin all around, remembering the moment love was found. 

Close your eyes and pull me close, as I whisper words of love, whisper words of love to you. Feel the sunshine warm on my face, infused to the heart, no sadness to trace. All that surrounds me, all that will be is in your embrace when your here with me. 

Close your eyes and pull me close, as I whisper words of love, as I whisper words of love to you. 

The heavens took me to the side, 
listen, listen to what's inside, 
words, words document the truth,
and the truth is I love you. 


As the stars shine in the sky,
so shines your love in my heart.

It was one of those weeks where the weather seems to assert a certain amount of control over my emotions. Rainy, dark with lingering bouts of heavy fog. Today as the fog lifted and the blue sky was apparent, I questioned the troubling emotions that had surfaced.

It is instinctive in many to accept, settle for and feel a sense of comfort in situations that are neither acceptable nor comfortable. An internal struggle pulls at both the heart and spirit as I try to understand the road traveled and what lies ahead.

I again reviewed my own thought process and how at times looking for the easy way out seem to dominate the quest. There is no easy way, entangled like a butterfly in a web, the wings feeling more of the entrapment the harder it fights to be free.

Somehow losing sight of the road ahead, I saw no means to and end, no preset goal. I began to wonder where it was I belonged, whose world did I fit into? I felt submerged deep in despair, the years stripped like paint rippling from a rain soaked old chair. Peeling away at the layers revealed all that was hidden deep down for many of years.

I asked myself a few questions, what are my wants and my needs? Looking into a mirror gave a different view of myself than what other people were seeing. There was this big "why?", that seem to go unanswered. My mind sense one thing,my heart another and still yet my soul saw more, so much more.

Restless or tired? Part of me felt the race to experience all that life has to offer and another part of me is so tired, tired of struggling, tired of the battle. The first time I saw the hollow it shouted of paradise, the same hills that embraced with love, now stood still and damp draped in cold memories.

My desk was scattered with bric brac that contained memories of the past few years. Some of them were extraordinary from my snow globe of the city to the handmade gifts my children had graced me with. I couldn't part with any of it, as it all had become reminders a blue sky on a gray day.


Even in the darkness you made the sky the

bluest of blue and for that I am ever so greatful.


... for holding on and when my fingers were greased with butter.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My heart reflects the beauty of your love...

Intricately woven,
delicately defined,
infused in the heart,
immersed in the brine,
preserved in sweetness,
the taste so fine, of a
love so precious it lives
for all time.
I don't know what has come over me, no words can describe, the sensation of the tether as it tightly entwines. Torn between the heavens and this earthly hell, I'm reminded of the distance and where the darkness dwells. Every second of a moment, every breath I dare to breathe is surrounded by confusion of what is meant to be.
The clock stops for no one, no redemption will we find,
the years lost to yesterday, erratically unwind.
It is your wings that lifts my spirit and releases my soul.
...don't let go!!!!!!

I need to feel your love each and everyday,
to know you're with me makes the time melt away.

Singing>When I reached out for your hand it was all by surprise, the magic I was feeling was from the love inside. Happiness had found me and nothing could compare, to the love of an angel who one day appeared. 

My heart began to dance and I knew not what to do, my feet started moving to catch up with the love of you. High in the heavens and on the earth below, I'm dancing in the winds and there is not stop or go. Continuos the display for all to see, from my heart and soul comes the magic that you bring. 

When I reached out for your hand it was all by surprise, the magic I was feeling was from the love inside. Happiness had found me and nothing could compare, to the love of an agel who one day appeared.

Life has many a numbers to unlock, the combination a day of love that cannot stop. Forever embraces the day you said hello as our love continues to grow and grow and grow. 

Life has many a view that to many don't understand, without your love I'd be just another grain of sand. You have given happiness and all can see by the smile on my face I'm living the dream.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Companion of Heart...


Sings>Whispers of love, whispers in song, the whispers from my heart, knows where I belong. In your arms my darling,next to your beating heart, dancing soul to soul under the midnight stars.

Whispers of love, whispers in song, the whispers from my heart, knows where I belong. Across the rivers, beyond the mention of a day, where happiness is waiting, where dreams to life fade. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heart and Soul

Beside you I journey,
holding your hand,
whispering I love you,
my heart takes a stand.

I have found the darkness replaced with the beauty of life,
by simply bathing in your love.

I kneel before thee and this I pray,
I am grateful for the very first day...
you made me laugh, smile and sing
and taught my heart to dance
the dream.

That which lights the darkness,

shines brightly from the depth of the soul.

I wake to the morning in silent prayer, thanking the Lord each night you're here. Whispers of gratitude I declare, from the first moment your love appeared. Vulnerable as the Lilac buds of spring and as delicate as the warbler sitting at the feeder to sing. Limited is our walk on earth, the count down from the day we were birthed. I beg to hold you for the rest of my life and when it ends may eternity shine bright. I promise our love will forever shine, wherever a star is our love they'll find.
So strong a connection, so warm a love to reach on out from heaven above.

The emptiness is an illusion

as I reached for your hand

and felt you reaching back.

We speak of our time on earth as the great journey. The journey can consist of one day or one hundred years or even more. Each step along the way pulls at various emotions and it is our reaction to the emotions that prevail. In turning of the pages, life reveals how circumstances can alter the direction and how our thought process dictates the absorption rate of the lessons. 

I believe there are finely woven threads that interconnect one soul to another. In many instances it is the simpilarities within our spirits that finds the common bond  tp be a comfort zone. Occassionally the opposite happens and it is the differences that excite and encourage the growth and the love for the experience. 

Difficulties can occur through our travels and I had wondered why they had to exist at all. Why can't the experience be a complete Utopia? In realizing that in the broader scheme of things, everyone and everything connects. Each situation, person, place or thing becomes a connecting piece fo the canvas, thus creating a larger view of life. 

Our strengths and our weakness forms together to write the next chapter. The chapters contain all that we are, all those we will meet and all that will blossom into the making of a new day. Where sorrow finds a place to surface, happiness tightens the bond to seal out the sadness. 

My soul had never known such happiness nor danced so in glee, until it danced upon the heavens to total disbelief. Closing my eyes allowed my heart to see and feel the magic of life gifted unto me. I smiled at the gestures of your sweet embrace and I felt the joy of your love which led me to this place. 

The words have thus been spoken, each letter a story tells, how love never falters in the setting of the spell. It softened the view of yesterday, gave more clarity to today and it leads us tomrrow where love shall lead the way. 


When you are with me,
when we walk side by side,
our heaven is what you'll find.

Wonderful as can be,
the beauty reflected,
is our souls set free.

You're always with me,
where ever I go, I feel
your love and it always shows.

When we speak of angels,the first thing that comes into the minds of many people, is the celestial winged creatures that hover over the heavens. Energy takes on many forms and can create a force which can be felt from great distances. Angels appear at different times in our life and for many reasons, sometimes to guide us, other times to pick us when we have fallen and embrace us. The impact is an everlasting beauty which not only strengthens the soul but clears the path as it realigns the direction in which we must travel.
In our early years we went from crawling to standing up and walking, in our adult life we do much the same. We start out climbing mountains, occasionally sliding backwards and inevitably stumbling forward till we reach our destined journey.
Confusion occurs when we overtly place expectations on the moment and fall victim to disappointment. If we clearly remove the haze that forms around us, we begin to see the truth of our journey. Stripping away our selfish needs reveals the existence of our heaven upon earth and our walk with the angels.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

more and more each day!

Shaken was I when love first appeared, I knew it was something special, as music filled the air. No description necessary, the colors defined in the beauty of the mountains and the valley where the river winds. My heart trembled, it knew not what to do, until my feet began to dance, the dance of love with you.
Closing My Eyes

Your arms inviting, your love so kind, your soul anxious to soar side by side. The sun brightly shining, through the window you'll find and still a chill is felt deep from inside. Closing my eyes and your love I see, empowering the moment, my heart now believes.
My soul felt the need of the emptiness of heart
and to feel this void, challenged the dark.

Took on the sky and painted it blue and
gave it a sunshine to brighten the hue.

I write... only that the heavens may hear my plea,
and seal our love for eternity.

Each day reveals a little more truth... and the truth is I love you.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

...how much I love you.

I leaned back into the chair and as I gazed out the window into the sun's rays upon the hills.The blue sky and picture perfect white clouds could be seen through the newly budded trees. Distant and yet so close, like the embrace of your sweet love as it comforts me in the night, only to awaken me with a touch of warmth each morning. Taking a deep breath I felt neither the entrapment of the past nor the hunger for the future. Silence, deafens the moment, neither the sweet sounds of the returning song birds or the rush of the mountain stream could break its hold upon my soul.

...said the heart.

"Follow me said the heart and joy shall I bring, each day from now on will feel like the first day of spring." The soul said "no, no, the quest is but once, follow me to reveal what in life is best." The mind it was puzzled it took it all into stride, weighing the battles from deep inside. " Balance the key, the journey will reveal, that all can be had at the top of the hill. " Listen close and you'll hear the song of our love and the sounds of our hearts beating as one. The soul will feel it and will know it is so, as we continue the journey, all shall know. "
Today is my birthday, some of my fondest memories was as a kid going to the Pirates opening day at the 3 rivers stadium and celebrating my birthday in the stands with friends. Today it will be celebrated much more quietly than in a park with thousands of people.
.. my day with you!
No looking out the window, no running for the door, i'm shutting out the world, the day has more in store. A moment in silence, your hand in mine, a smile between us, can stop the hands of time.The day like no other as I share it with you, it all becomes a reminder who painted my sky so blue. I don' t have to tell you, you know it is true, I am so very happy to spend my day with you.
If everyones makes their own hell,
than we have made our own heaven.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


A stroke of kindness,the kiss of love, 
found you dancing, in the clouds above. 

La la la

  The dafodils bloom in a storm like
 your love through the night sky.

    Love... there is no fear, no sadness, no heartache.

My only sorrow is for those who have yet to experience
 the beauty of love as it blankets the earth. 
Anyone can a hold hand,
 only you can hold my heart.  
Scripted from the heavens, written in the blue, 
a joyous reminder of all my love for you. 

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rescued from the archives...

Angels of heaven hear my plea,
my heart and soul dance restlessly.
Guide his hands to gently trace ,
the love of life within him placed.
Allow his lips to feel my kiss and
taste the sweetness of honey bliss.
As his eyes begin to close, whisper
softly I love him so.
Darkness drape the night and turn
on the brightness of the stars of high.
My arms opened, my spirit free,
awaits his love for eternity.
The wind howls of vulnerability,it knows the power of command as it whips the trees into dancing to the wordless winds demands. Tucked within the hollow, motionless was I, as the hills fought furiously, the winds lifted to the sky. Golden flowers in every shade and hue bloomed despite the forcast that spring just might be doomed.

I believe in the power of the angels for
only goodness can come from love...
If I could hold still one moment and make forever mine,
I'd choose your arms to hold me as we drift in the sublime.
The loft beyond the staircase is where I use to hide,
child like in behavior, I ran and hid within my mind.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Shadows of My Mind

                                                                   Dance, Dance, Dance!
The moon is yet another reminder,
one moment, one day, one dream, one love.
The pieces were scattered, to gather at will,
a void deep within, only love could fill.

One by one each fell into place, creating
a masterpiece out of memories and lace.

I denied and I hid and I refused to respond,
to the the magic of life and the heavens beyond.

Silence had fallen, a chill from the cold and
I shook it all off as your memory unspooled.

Closing my eyes I envisioned the dream,
to the song in my heart, to your sweet memory.

I felt it, I saw it, I knew it was here! the warmth
of your love with each breath of air. 

Spinning around in circles, dizzy am I, as I try to hold still the memories as they race through my mind. I see the yester-years as they slip away and the dreams of life which never came to play.


Destiny reveals all in good time, the path we are to follow was written by the divine. Your arms were meant to hold me, your kiss only mine and our souls were long ago bonded before the meeting of our minds.


A glance over the shoulder is a glimpse of where we have been,
focusing on the future is to step out of the dream
and embrace where we are going.
Irreplaceable is the sound of your heart,
as beats in unison with mine.
The most treasured of all gifts is the hand of friendship.
One can dream of love, but to live in love is...

I Cherish the moments as they have become the threads
in which my life is woven.
I am enthralled by the embrace of the blue skies and the rush of the wind, the warmth of the sun and the reflection of your soul, as I dance to the song of your love.
Sings>Is it possible to make the impossible, is it possible to make the impossible come true? Each moment I share, each breath that I take is filled with more of my love for you.  It is possible to make the impossible, it is possible to make the impossible come true. Growing by leaps and bounds is all of my love for you, growing by leaps and bounds is all of my love for you.