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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Heart and Soul

Beside you I journey,
holding your hand,
whispering I love you,
my heart takes a stand.

I have found the darkness replaced with the beauty of life,
by simply bathing in your love.

I kneel before thee and this I pray,
I am grateful for the very first day...
you made me laugh, smile and sing
and taught my heart to dance
the dream.

That which lights the darkness,

shines brightly from the depth of the soul.

I wake to the morning in silent prayer, thanking the Lord each night you're here. Whispers of gratitude I declare, from the first moment your love appeared. Vulnerable as the Lilac buds of spring and as delicate as the warbler sitting at the feeder to sing. Limited is our walk on earth, the count down from the day we were birthed. I beg to hold you for the rest of my life and when it ends may eternity shine bright. I promise our love will forever shine, wherever a star is our love they'll find.
So strong a connection, so warm a love to reach on out from heaven above.

The emptiness is an illusion

as I reached for your hand

and felt you reaching back.

We speak of our time on earth as the great journey. The journey can consist of one day or one hundred years or even more. Each step along the way pulls at various emotions and it is our reaction to the emotions that prevail. In turning of the pages, life reveals how circumstances can alter the direction and how our thought process dictates the absorption rate of the lessons. 

I believe there are finely woven threads that interconnect one soul to another. In many instances it is the simpilarities within our spirits that finds the common bond  tp be a comfort zone. Occassionally the opposite happens and it is the differences that excite and encourage the growth and the love for the experience. 

Difficulties can occur through our travels and I had wondered why they had to exist at all. Why can't the experience be a complete Utopia? In realizing that in the broader scheme of things, everyone and everything connects. Each situation, person, place or thing becomes a connecting piece fo the canvas, thus creating a larger view of life. 

Our strengths and our weakness forms together to write the next chapter. The chapters contain all that we are, all those we will meet and all that will blossom into the making of a new day. Where sorrow finds a place to surface, happiness tightens the bond to seal out the sadness. 

My soul had never known such happiness nor danced so in glee, until it danced upon the heavens to total disbelief. Closing my eyes allowed my heart to see and feel the magic of life gifted unto me. I smiled at the gestures of your sweet embrace and I felt the joy of your love which led me to this place. 

The words have thus been spoken, each letter a story tells, how love never falters in the setting of the spell. It softened the view of yesterday, gave more clarity to today and it leads us tomrrow where love shall lead the way. 


Natural Moments said...

Your photos bring to mind that there is light in the darkness everywhere and that we can open up the blinds to allow even more light to enter our homes.

C. Om said...

Beautiful. Thank you. :-)

Mark said...

You are brilliant and loving! Love the photos, they were a perfect compliment to your words.