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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

...for having faith.

You're right! positioning is everything.

 The saga of spring, as each day progresses it documents the moment while moving forward... a lot we can learn from nature. 

Taking a break from work to do the famous kitchen dance with you. 

Sings> Close your eyes and pull me close, as I whisper words of love, whisper words of love to you. Arms to the heavens to feel your embrace, as our hearts make the music our feet keep pace. Faster and faster, we spin all around, remembering the moment love was found. 

Close your eyes and pull me close, as I whisper words of love, whisper words of love to you. Feel the sunshine warm on my face, infused to the heart, no sadness to trace. All that surrounds me, all that will be is in your embrace when your here with me. 

Close your eyes and pull me close, as I whisper words of love, as I whisper words of love to you. 

The heavens took me to the side, 
listen, listen to what's inside, 
words, words document the truth,
and the truth is I love you. 


As the stars shine in the sky,
so shines your love in my heart.

It was one of those weeks where the weather seems to assert a certain amount of control over my emotions. Rainy, dark with lingering bouts of heavy fog. Today as the fog lifted and the blue sky was apparent, I questioned the troubling emotions that had surfaced.

It is instinctive in many to accept, settle for and feel a sense of comfort in situations that are neither acceptable nor comfortable. An internal struggle pulls at both the heart and spirit as I try to understand the road traveled and what lies ahead.

I again reviewed my own thought process and how at times looking for the easy way out seem to dominate the quest. There is no easy way, entangled like a butterfly in a web, the wings feeling more of the entrapment the harder it fights to be free.

Somehow losing sight of the road ahead, I saw no means to and end, no preset goal. I began to wonder where it was I belonged, whose world did I fit into? I felt submerged deep in despair, the years stripped like paint rippling from a rain soaked old chair. Peeling away at the layers revealed all that was hidden deep down for many of years.

I asked myself a few questions, what are my wants and my needs? Looking into a mirror gave a different view of myself than what other people were seeing. There was this big "why?", that seem to go unanswered. My mind sense one thing,my heart another and still yet my soul saw more, so much more.

Restless or tired? Part of me felt the race to experience all that life has to offer and another part of me is so tired, tired of struggling, tired of the battle. The first time I saw the hollow it shouted of paradise, the same hills that embraced with love, now stood still and damp draped in cold memories.

My desk was scattered with bric brac that contained memories of the past few years. Some of them were extraordinary from my snow globe of the city to the handmade gifts my children had graced me with. I couldn't part with any of it, as it all had become reminders a blue sky on a gray day.


Even in the darkness you made the sky the

bluest of blue and for that I am ever so greatful.


... for holding on and when my fingers were greased with butter.



Liara Covert said...

Every experience is meaningful or you would not choose to create it.

Rachel C Miller said...

I didn't choose to create, it was a floatation device.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when we grow so tired of something, it loses its hold over us, and we float to a very special place where life becomes easy.

Rachel C Miller said...

Is that special place insanity?

Anonymous said...

I think it is healthy to realize that we have insanity within us. I have never met someone who wasn't insane. If we hold onto a pattern or believe that our thoughts are us, then we have entered a state of insanity. That includes most of the population. When we let go of our ego and the stories that we tell our selves, then we can follow inspiration...a place where every thing is new. And this newness will not be held onto, because that would be insanity again. By loving the moment, we set it free to love again.

Rachel C Miller said...

Natural Moments, that I agree with! There is good insanity and bad insanity and I believe depending on what we surround ourselves with as well as what seed of thought we allow to grow is crucial to a realm of happiness. Of course the key to balance is offset by circumstances, until you look into dark of clouds and see beyond it the blue sky.

Thank you for your inspiring thoughts.