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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I write to document my emotions and validate my love.

The beauty of the season is like friendship in bloom, as delicate as the wings of a butterfly and strong enough to withstand the storms of life.

I'll Be Here

I'll meet you in the heavens, I'll be there everyday and just so your reminded, I'll send my love your way. The stars will not just be shining , they'll be working mighty hard to direct to you only dreams happiness from afar. So gaze unto the heavens and each night you will find, that I'm as close to you as the queen bee to her hive.

I'll meet you in the heavens, I'll be there everyday, I'll be there waiting to dance the night away. If you feel me slipping just close your eyes real tight and reach out to darkness and pull me to your side. There is no place for sadness, no room for sorrow and tears, for on our cloud happiness we escape our earthly fears.

I'll meet you in the heavens, I'll be there everyday, to hold you in tenderness till all the darkness fades. My kiss I give thee and it shall never fade, I left it in your heart to get you through the day. If you feel the loneliness try to move on in, place your hand upon your heart to feel my love flowing from within.

I promise to be there, day and night, to hold you close darling for the rest of our life.


I chose this for the crocus flowers picture because your friendship is gentle like the wings of a butterfly and has stood the test of time.


Anonymous said...

Ahh. . .the power of lust. So powerful she can be indeed. But her power does wear off in time. Hopefully, these two will develop a loving relatinship that will be filled with lots of love and enough lust to keep them high on a cloud at least every now and again. I'm sure you remember these feelings. . . I've grown to not trust lust at all any more; as I've never seen it lead to anything but pain. But I know there are exceptions to the rule. Besides the experience, in and of itself, is well worth it. Stay loving and understanding to you son. He sounds like he loves you tremendously!

Blessings, C.

Oh, check this out . .

Mark said...

This is wonderful! I love your thoughts and the message that they send.