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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

...how much I love you.

I leaned back into the chair and as I gazed out the window into the sun's rays upon the hills.The blue sky and picture perfect white clouds could be seen through the newly budded trees. Distant and yet so close, like the embrace of your sweet love as it comforts me in the night, only to awaken me with a touch of warmth each morning. Taking a deep breath I felt neither the entrapment of the past nor the hunger for the future. Silence, deafens the moment, neither the sweet sounds of the returning song birds or the rush of the mountain stream could break its hold upon my soul.

...said the heart.

"Follow me said the heart and joy shall I bring, each day from now on will feel like the first day of spring." The soul said "no, no, the quest is but once, follow me to reveal what in life is best." The mind it was puzzled it took it all into stride, weighing the battles from deep inside. " Balance the key, the journey will reveal, that all can be had at the top of the hill. " Listen close and you'll hear the song of our love and the sounds of our hearts beating as one. The soul will feel it and will know it is so, as we continue the journey, all shall know. "
Today is my birthday, some of my fondest memories was as a kid going to the Pirates opening day at the 3 rivers stadium and celebrating my birthday in the stands with friends. Today it will be celebrated much more quietly than in a park with thousands of people.
.. my day with you!
No looking out the window, no running for the door, i'm shutting out the world, the day has more in store. A moment in silence, your hand in mine, a smile between us, can stop the hands of time.The day like no other as I share it with you, it all becomes a reminder who painted my sky so blue. I don' t have to tell you, you know it is true, I am so very happy to spend my day with you.
If everyones makes their own hell,
than we have made our own heaven.

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Mark said...

Very well stated. We must quiet the battle between spirit and ego and overflow with our love.