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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

... heart to heart with love and song.

The first bridge ever created was an act of mother nature. The fallen tree that lay across a stream or the mouth of a river clearly displayed away for animals and people to cross a body of water. As human skills improved and technology surfaced we found ways to develop bridges to cross not only bodies of water,roads, railways as well as valleys and rough terrains. There are many ways in which we bridge over obstacles both of the physical and mental restraints. Alexander Graham Bell would have been proud to know how many people were bridged through conversations by phone. The internet has become equally as important in connecting people from great distances. The bridge of hearts is one very few people take time to consider crossing and yet it has such an everlasting effect on those who dare to travel by way of love.

The Bridge of Hearts

We built a bridge, we built it strong, from heart to heart with love and song. It stretches far, its span is wide and as we walk we meet with mind. Excitement paved the first of steps, closer and closer as we lost our breath. Standing high, we looked below and the rays of faith cast a glow. The bridge of hearts stands on trust, extends with laughter love and lust. Over mountains of despair and the valleys where only love would dare. We built a bridge, we built it strong, from heart to heart with love and song. 


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cordieb said...

Rachael, I just love spring. It is so full of awakening. Your yard is so beautiful and so full of awakening too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful yard with us. It is the place I would love to be at this moment. I'm glad to have been able to go their in my mind with the aide of your wonderful photography.

Peace, Light and Love, C.