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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Shadows of My Mind

                                                                   Dance, Dance, Dance!
The moon is yet another reminder,
one moment, one day, one dream, one love.
The pieces were scattered, to gather at will,
a void deep within, only love could fill.

One by one each fell into place, creating
a masterpiece out of memories and lace.

I denied and I hid and I refused to respond,
to the the magic of life and the heavens beyond.

Silence had fallen, a chill from the cold and
I shook it all off as your memory unspooled.

Closing my eyes I envisioned the dream,
to the song in my heart, to your sweet memory.

I felt it, I saw it, I knew it was here! the warmth
of your love with each breath of air. 

Spinning around in circles, dizzy am I, as I try to hold still the memories as they race through my mind. I see the yester-years as they slip away and the dreams of life which never came to play.


Destiny reveals all in good time, the path we are to follow was written by the divine. Your arms were meant to hold me, your kiss only mine and our souls were long ago bonded before the meeting of our minds.


A glance over the shoulder is a glimpse of where we have been,
focusing on the future is to step out of the dream
and embrace where we are going.
Irreplaceable is the sound of your heart,
as beats in unison with mine.
The most treasured of all gifts is the hand of friendship.
One can dream of love, but to live in love is...

I Cherish the moments as they have become the threads
in which my life is woven.
I am enthralled by the embrace of the blue skies and the rush of the wind, the warmth of the sun and the reflection of your soul, as I dance to the song of your love.
Sings>Is it possible to make the impossible, is it possible to make the impossible come true? Each moment I share, each breath that I take is filled with more of my love for you.  It is possible to make the impossible, it is possible to make the impossible come true. Growing by leaps and bounds is all of my love for you, growing by leaps and bounds is all of my love for you. 


Anonymous said...

Ah.. Rachael. . . you truely embrace the allness of allness in your words...

Pll, C.

Mark said...

You were just flowing or should I say overflowing with love!! Excellent.