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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loneliness is its own hell

You can't help as you step forward to look back at your life and review the lessons that developed into today's memories. My son called first thing this morning, you would think I had something to do with all this excitement. He went on to speak of a woman he has had contact with for about six months now, they spent two days canoeing, hiking and playing board games. He shouted " she is perfect, she finishes my sentences,etc. She had done her home work on him, she met with his x and everything his x girlfriend complained but just made him that much more attractive to her. Soul mates? It is possible she is older and a bit wiser a but very intellectual, he just might have met his match. Six am and on the phone he hangs up with" I love ya mom. "
I think of life and all the missed opportunities and they why of it all. I think about the layers of life how separate they are meaningless but together they develop the personality of who we are today. In the English language one word can have many a meaning, this in itself leads to quite the misinterpretation. Or might that interpretation being the reflection of ones own inner soul? One of the words that came up in question was lust. The argument was that lust had no place in a loving relationship, that one who lust couldn't possibly love. That lust was emotionless desire for sex. It is true you can have lust without love and love with out lust, but imagine love and lust together.

intense sexual desire or appetite.
desire or appetite;
a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually fol. by for): a lust for power.
ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish: an enviable lust for life.
pleasure or delight.
desire; inclination; wish.
–verb (used without object)
to have intense sexual desire.
to have a yearning or desire; have a strong or excessive craving lust pleasure, desire. crave, hunger, covet, yearn.

1. Pleasure. [Obs.] " Lust and jollity." --Chaucer.
2. Inclination; desire. [Obs.]
For little lust had she to talk of aught. --Spenser.
My lust to devotion is little. --Bp. Hall.
3. Longing desire; eagerness to possess or enjoy; -- in a had sense; as, the lust of gain.
The lust of reigning. --Milton.
4. Licentious craving; sexual appetite. --Milton.
5. Hence: Virility; vigor; active power.

My heart is satisfied with the beauty of moment,
my soul is eagerness to share in the passion of desire.
If we fail to explore all that we are and all that we can be...

There are many qualities to a friendship, some embrace to comfort, others to excite but the moment you feed the hunger you brought to the heart a great delight.

I can no sooner strip the memories from the mind
nor remove your love from my heart.

Some people get the chance to hold hands, I have the chance to interlock hearts.

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