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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 13, 2009


When you are with me,
when we walk side by side,
our heaven is what you'll find.

Wonderful as can be,
the beauty reflected,
is our souls set free.

You're always with me,
where ever I go, I feel
your love and it always shows.

When we speak of angels,the first thing that comes into the minds of many people, is the celestial winged creatures that hover over the heavens. Energy takes on many forms and can create a force which can be felt from great distances. Angels appear at different times in our life and for many reasons, sometimes to guide us, other times to pick us when we have fallen and embrace us. The impact is an everlasting beauty which not only strengthens the soul but clears the path as it realigns the direction in which we must travel.
In our early years we went from crawling to standing up and walking, in our adult life we do much the same. We start out climbing mountains, occasionally sliding backwards and inevitably stumbling forward till we reach our destined journey.
Confusion occurs when we overtly place expectations on the moment and fall victim to disappointment. If we clearly remove the haze that forms around us, we begin to see the truth of our journey. Stripping away our selfish needs reveals the existence of our heaven upon earth and our walk with the angels.

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