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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

... waits for you under the night sky.

I stepped away from the hollow, I left behind my yesterdays. Beyond the perimeters of sorrow, the sky of blue remains. You hold my heart in the heavens, you breathe life into my very soul, captivating the moment, unleashing the earthly hold.

To capture the day and hold the time still, I raced to your arms, that love may prevail. I had not chosen the place, nor the time you'd appear. All I know is this heaven, to my heart your soul it seared.

When my children were young, they enjoyed reading the chapter stories with alternate endings. I relate to life very much like a chapter story and I am well aware that everything that occurs alters the future. We talked about this a few times, had different decisions been made, where might our choices have taken us? I tried to imagine the journey and the road still untraveled had I walked another path, glanced in another direction. I believe in the great circle, where no matter what direction we lead and what path we travel, we always end up where we were meant to be. Kind of reminds me of the rabbit and the hound and which the rabbit circles back to where it started. Spiritually I think we always come back to where we started.
One person's actions are not to be taken for granted, as history speaks loudly of the importance and the power of the decision making process. The actions of one, can create war, destruction and instill hatred or bring peace, build communities and infuse love.
I remember believing you could live on love, as long as all the decisions made in life came from the heart, only good could happen. That is where the inner connections comes to play, when like hearts and souls envision the paradise in a form of simplicity.
I was reminded that the axle of the earth as it remains suspended in our galaxy is perfection. Movement in one direction or the other would alter life as we know it. In response to the statement, I said " why wouldn't all people be on the same path, knowing that the future was so fragile? " In a sense each of us are here to experience, if that is so, is greed, and violence and hatred as important to the learning process as charity, peace and love? Only through the separation of mind and body can we understand the realm of spirituality and the steps we are to travel.
Energy is at the root of all of life and all that we are capable of. Our interpretation of events and experiences are revealed in the choice making process. All that exist passes through the doorway of life, we are born, we journey and we move on through death.
I sat back for a moment and watched as the extensions of my journey went on around me. I was responsible for the spawning of a new day. I stood at the center of my years of choice and watched the effects it had on tomorrow. Inside I felt an emptiness, I wanted to feel the magic of your touch as we embrace our earthly form. This wasn't the ordinary missing you, I looked up at the sky, at perfection, the beauty of moment and I thought to myself, what could improve upon the day? All that entered my mind was to feel your embrace. We walked along way, we traveled far, welcomed the morning, lay side by side through the night, heart and soul a meeting in flight.
It is the interlocking of our souls
which completes our existence.
Every moment we don't share is hell.

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