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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...a spring to remember.

Meet ya under the flowering crab... honey bee?

Welcome to my big backyard.
You never think it could be possible to be excited each year as when the trillium begin to bloom. It is as close as I can come to describing the feeling of love as it creates a beauty within. Such a love that it continues to grow and grow until it blossoms into the most wonderful of blooms.

Always exciting,
delicate and embrace,
infused in the heart,
like the work of fine lace.

From my desk a window view,

this my love I share with you.

Every since I was a small child, we would gather flowers in spring and place them in vases throughout the house. My favorite place to place them is in the bedroom and the lilacs were the most fragrant of the northern spring garden. Even to this day as I gather the first lilacs to bloom the beauty of memory kicks in and I am the child excited to please, lulling in my youth to simplicity and the woman of passion. Spring has a special quality to it, because it brings with it a new beginning from the chill of winter. Spring reminds us of our strength as we surface from the dark days to the sun filled days of hope.

Today I wanted to do something special for you and the fact is I am most at peace in my garden. I felt child like as I ran through gardens gathering flowers. These flowers are simple, not complicated to grow, but I gathered them for you, to show you how much I love you so.

The Spell of Love

Running through the garden, the sun beat down on my face and I smiled and giggled as if you were here with me in this most magical of place. The quince first caught my eyes as I gathered a stem or two and then I ran for the lilac still in bud with only a few in bloom. The fragrance was divine, the memories which dwell, reminded me of our love from the day you cast the spell. I placed the various flowers in a rose crystal vase and between the little openings my heart felt emotions I arranged. In the center I tossed my love through a spray of dreams and like the almond branches I placed the many memories. Here and there some passion and a opening left for desire, and a whisper of song to sing to you each hour. I'll place them on your night stand, so they may sing to you and the fragrance love reminds you how much I love you. The softness of the petals, the beauty of the bloom all enhanced by the fragrance, speaks the words " I love you".

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Mark said...

Beautiful flowers and wonderful words! Spring is a great reminder to be child like again.