Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, September 30, 2011

I am Hungry for your love....

Soft and gentle whispers from your heart to mine,
traveling the distance, like the clouds in the sky.
The blanket of love, the magic of desire, with
the dreams that our souls quickly empowered.

Rainbows across the heavens, sunlight in the
blue skies and the unwritten stories that tell
of you and I. There is no denying, it is special
indeed, this love is unmistakable, it is the bond
where the  heart and soul  breathe.

There is only you and I,
no past do we need, only
sweet dreams, there is only
you and I.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

shh.....I just wanna be your everything

Walking through life there are many lessons in which we stumble through. I have explored not only what love is but what love is not. Love is not greedy, selfish, angry nor hurtful. It does not lust, but pleasures in the beauty of sharing heart, soul and body. Love does not keep score, for everything that is done, is done through the heart.

I gazed into the heavens high
as the stars were shining down,
and I wondered where the
moment would lead and it led
right to my heart.

The devil spews fear,
wipes tears, eases pain.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reaches for your hand...

Without your love, I am an empty vessel with no direction.

I have never felt more alone than I do at this very moment. I am not sure exactly what strokes at my emotions, as it might be several issues. While it was a very hectic day yesterday and I was capable of pulling off 3 events in one day, I find today to be much of a let down. Exhaustion  my head spinning, ears ringing and a emptiness inside. There is a certain amount of satisfaction received from work and yet on a personal note, my needs are not met. I will spending a few days with my mother.She is going in for minor surgery and I will be there to make sure she is okay. We spoke briefly today, as to assure her I would be there. In that short period of time we side stepped the operation as she is getting older and begging to question when her time on earth is over. I told her not to focus on the end  but on each day which is a new beginning. There I was giving advice and bringing comfort to someone else, while I myself felt the loneliness. I never like driving into Pittsburgh and after a major accident this week, it has me a little on edge. I have felt many forms of loneliness and I guess today reflects another aspect of the internal emotions. It made me recall a conversation I had with my mother in ninth grade. At that time I questioned who I am , where my place in the world is and what it is I would set out to achieve. The so called journey has met with many detours and I can tell you that I have felt lost and at a dead end many times.
There are many human needs that make us feel whole. Security is a necessary feature in the quest to reach our final destiny. But as long as we balance the journey with our wants and needs, we will find less of an emptiness. The adventures at times seem meaningless, until I am able to share it and that leads us down the  path of  freedom. So wanting to experience the many freedoms, I find that as I am reaching , fear has anchored as it tries to hold me back. What exactly exist in this fear. That also varies throughout the day.  I suppose that our vulnerability which is controlled by  other than our own thoughts and actions surfaces. Time is not the only hurdle  that we need to jump, but a very controlling one.For we really don't know how long we have to accomplish our goals upon the earth.    But I don't believe that matters, as much as what we do and who we do it with.The experiences of the past have been quite confusing as they not only redirected my life but toyed with my emotions.

My head upon your shoulder,
your arms which hold me tight,
those are the needs of the moment,
to be with the love of my life.

The one who dares to listen,
to the whispers of my soul,
As it sings a sweet melody,
from which the day unfolds.

True Love is from the one who would never make you cry...,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fur Side Up

Smile... for we have lived to watch the sun shine 
down upon the day, we touched a heart, 
soothed a soul in the most amazing way. 

Sing... for we were given the gift of life for one
day or a thousand and no matter when we part 
this earth our love will stay to sing much louder. 

Dream... for we have sailed the heavens high,
and soared beyond tomorrow, in the hope 
that our dreams come true in replacing all
the sorrow. 
Your Love Upon My Lips

I need not be reminded of how valuable the gift, 
a treasure so immeasurable, like your love upon my lips. 
My prayers had all been spoken, my dreams a path away, 
that we would come together for eternity times a day. 

We took to the heavens, we graced the mountains and the 
sea, we soared where few would ever go, where true love 
takes the lead. My heart felt the quiver, my soul responded 
so, that love like ours is magical and through our life it flows.

How wonderful a world, 
how beautiful the sun, 
how magical this life, 
with you and I joined 
as one. 

How energized the spirit,
how comforted the heart,
how amazed the mind,
that we shall never part. 

Rose petal dreams,
are just as they seem,
a concoction of love
and desire,

The log blazing on the fire,
snowflakes will soon replace
the showers and in your arms
is where I'll be.

Fur side up,
and  making love,
feel my heart and touch
my soul, you have got that
special hold, from the moment
you reached out to me.

Rose petals dreams,
are just as they seem,
a concoction of love
and desire.

Rapid beats I can't control,
it's getting warmer as you
embrace my soul, loving
kisses and hugs so sweet,

The river is talking, it roars as it tells,
the story of love and how it cast a spell.
No roads between us, the mountains bow
and there is the beginning of when the angel fell.

I laughed from deep down inside or it was
 more like a smile that bridges the miles. I
 felt the warmth that love brings, when you
opened your arms and invited me to dream.

The sun took to shining brighter with each day
and the stars cast your name in the most
unusual of way. The roads crumbled as we
took to the sky and there is where we dance
 forever you and I.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

..to love and be loved.

What exist and doesn't exist depends on our perception.


How different might the path look paved with honesty.

It seems as if we are not getting a reprieve from the rain. From spring through fall we have had our share of storms. In all reality you try to keep moving ahead, so that you don't slip back into a time long gone. But today's rain has away of draping the moment in melancholy. I fluff the pillow, pull the blanket a little closer, wipe a tear as I battle the curtain of darkness. The turmoil within is empowered by the motivators love and fear as I struggle to see the sun behind the clouds.

Sometimes the chill is so deep 
that my whole being shivers.

The rain is falling, the skies are dark and gray as each raindrop touches my heart a memory is replayed.  The child laughs, splashing with a sense of glee. Suddenly it all disappears and there she is standing all of sixteen.Making decisions in life a new path she now creates, one she would follow to this very day. Silly and foolish, she believes you can live on love, as she struggles through life just needing the warmth of being loved. . The water puddles and in it her reflection can be seen, the restless soul and a weary mind with scattered memories.

Wipe a tear acknowledge the love within your heart.


Life is like a  childs top, better to keep spinning or you'll fall down .

Today is yesterdays future... so I guess we do see the future.

Indelible are the words written on the heart and carried by the soul.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All I need to do is close my eyes and you are there,
I can almost feel your arms around me as your
image appears.

Your lips to mine are as sweet as honey from
the tree and the love you give means everything
 to me.

I don't need approval, I don't care what others
think, the love I have with you is better than
a dream.

I can feel your breath as if you were standing
next to me, your heart beating and the love
that set free.

The mountains stand to fade away and the
blue skies take us on a journey each day.

All I need to do is close my eyes and you
are there, like the angel of my life you just
instantly appear.
What is the sum of a life?

Reaches out and pulls you near and leaves upon you my sweet kiss.

As long as we are moving forward 
and not lully-gagging in the past, 
we will journey through our troubles, 
and enjoy the happiness at last. 

My heart is filled with memories, 
a ray of hope and desire, but 
I know that time rules all and 
starts or ends all the fires. 
In many ways I remain alone...

I took your love,
I held it tight, 
I refused to let it go, 
for it lives within my 
heart and grows and
grows and grows. 

I took the dreams,
I lived them well,
I replayed them each
and everyday, as I 
travel the weary roads 
of life, I know I have 
found my way. 

Wipe away the sorrow, 
remove all traits of fear,
for we have entered another
season and each day we 
will share. 


I have had the opportunity and as 
rare as it can be, I chanced to see 
another soul reflecting its love on me. 

The magic was indelible, like a spell
that cannot fade, written like a story, 
within my soul it shall remain. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Through My Heart


It matters little the season,
the weather that blows our way,
for it all takes on a different view,
when we share the joy in each day.

I felt the wind touch my cheek and
to my heart it awoke, like the spirit
of  sweet love that to my soul gently

Followed by summer, where listlessly
I laid, thinking of tomorrow and the
excitement that to this day remains.

But autumn comes with many colors,
she is hello and goodbye. Dousing
us with memories and creating a path
to winters surprise.

The final season is quickly approaching
and she is beautiful indeed, a reminder
of all that we have conquered,
through the trials of disbelief.

So be it the windy days of spring, humid moments of summer, the chill of autumn or the plummeting temperatures of winter. All comes with a lesson, that time does slip away, but all that really matters
is who holds your hand each day.

Sweet Memories

I am met with many challenges,
few which are to be seen,
but grateful am I of this journey,
that gave to me sweet memories.

My head was quickly spinning,
my heart soaked in brine,
as my soul gasped at the moment,
that nothing could divide.
I saw the smiles upon their face
and I knew what I must do, for
life is but a fleeting moment and
I must see it through.

Remove all darkness and despair
and a new path create, as we
journey through life as both
friends and soul mates.
I wanted something special,
mine and mine alone and
it wasn't until I felt your
love that hell was quickly

It takes someone quite special,
wonderful indeed, to see in
side a heart and to hold to
every dream.

I don't care about tomorrow,
today you walked with me,
held my hand, touched my
heart and danced right
through the dream.

I laughed and I giggled,
and the smiles I could not
hide, as merrily thinking of
your love brings joy from
heart to mind.


Troubled was my being,
I knew not where to go,
and suddenly I realized,
that your love through me

Serenity was waiting,
throughout life it reared
and all that was necessary
was to unveil what we had



I shall walk this earth but once,
as frightening as that may be,
I'll not complain of heartache,
for I have lived a dream.

I held a child, I wiped her tears,
I watched her sleep and breathe,
and as she grew, I questioned not
where the new day would lead.

Life comes day by day and to
that no guarantee, so I take
each moment seriously as
I hold to each memory.

My wants a bit intrepid,
anxious and bold indeed,
restless as a birthing lamb,
I recite the days decree.

Happiness is something
that lives within each heart,
and makes an appearance,
when shared from the start.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Angel, My Darling , My Sweet Love

I thought it was pure magic to care for someone and that was until I knew what it was like to be genuinely   loved. Created on the platform of unconditional trust, it gets even better as love is more beautiful than lust. It strokes the heart in a way that comforts the soul, with the whispers of sweet happiness that each day unfolds. I thought it was pure magic to care for someone and that was until I knew what it was like to be genuinely loved. Views only the beauty, there is nothing to hide, gazes at the heart through the eyes. The days are awfully special , they mean so much to me as I walk through life grateful that you said hello to me.

You chased the sadness,
 made the darkness fade,
replaced with gladness,gave
 new meaning to the day.

You dared to love me ,
forever and a day and
cast your magic in the
most beautiful  of way.

You taught me the
meaning of love,
warm and caring
sent from above.

My angel, my darling , my sweet love, 
I give to you heart and soul in the heavens above.
Look to the stars in a clear midnight sky and know
 that I am with you today and for all time.

My angel , my darling , my sweet love,
I feel the energy that makes us one.
Empowered by hope and desire,
created a blaze of love uncontrolled fire.

The gift of a smile,
the touch of love,
in a world where
we came together
and became one.

The magic of dreams,
the beauty of a day,
sharing from the heart
as it makes gray skies fade.

Woke up in the morning before the sun had yet to rise, a silly smile surfaced on my face from
the thoughts of you and I .Love like ours comes from the heart, sharing our days is a really good start. Happiness is when you are here with me. Standing on the clouds in our very own dreams. Infused with the magic of desire, the blaze set our hearts on fire.

I am grateful for the sun that shines each and every day,
for the magic of friendships that brings laughter our way
I held your love within me as I closed my eyes to sleep
and I woke with it in the morning as I stepped out of a dream.

Sings >La , la la laaaaaa no words do we need,
our hearts speak louder, our souls dance in every dream.

I celebrate each moment, I rejoice through memory as
I count  all my blessing and thank the lord for the love
he sent to me.

La, la la laaaaaaaa no words do we need,
our hearts speak louder, our souls dance in every dream.

I feel the love within my heart,, the gift of dreams from the start. You took my hand and walked with me through all the darkness that heartache brings. You sent the sun to warm my day, you gave a smile that has yet to fade.

Truth is when your heart speaks and your soul agrees

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Bear and Me

 I had this little picture frame, conductor bear and train, with a reminder of " I think I can" to see me through the day. Somehow it was tossed aside, dusty and hidden well, and I almost forgot the energy from the little train like spell . It never set boundaries, it was powerful indeed, reminding me of every footstep taken beyond the hollow and the trees. There was never any sorrow, no heartache to blame, for on these tracks I traveled knowledge is what I gained. At first I thought I must be a fool for time has slipped away and then I soon came to realize all the people that were set to come my way. Sometimes it was just a smile, a handshake or a hug and other times it was more meaningful in a everlasting love. I dusted off the picture frame, I placed it where I could see, the silly bear conductor and the train that set me free.

Autumn is quickly approaching,
the trees bend and begin to sway
and with the wind they crackle,
as their branches are tested to this day.

Some birds will winter at the feeder
from day to day and others will have
taken flight to soar to climates like
a warm Northern day in May.

Sometimes we want the joy and
so we brush the darkness away,
until we open up our eyes and realize
the past has the paved the way.

It gives to us a few lessons, to
get us through the sorrow and grief,
for if it were not for experience,
we would lose our gift to dream.
The Sum of Life

I looked once more into the mirror
a reflection did I see, It was not
just one staring back, I saw you
there standing next to me.

Frightened and filled with sorrow,
for tomorrow may never come,
but then I realized the sum of life,
is adding hope with love.

I kept you close, I held you near,
for you live within my heart and
when the darkness comes to visit,
I feel the life of love within my heart.

Your presence is overwhelming,
through the darkest days of gray,
you give the brightest of light, like
 sunshine on a summer day.
The Souls View

The characters and places,
the times and minutes of a day,
all were sifted through my heart,
where only the gems of life remain.

At first there was confusion,
I didn't know my way and
then sunshine and laughter,
which I allowed to guide me
through the day.

I wanted time to stand still, ,
I prayed it wouldn't fade,
I wanted love and laughter
every moment of the day.

I thought I recognized it,
like magic it appeared
and as a storm in passing,
the rain washed away the fear.

My heart felt a loss, my soul
knew much to well, that we
are here upon this earth to
experience both heaven and



I asked the Lord why? Why am I here today?
if only but to whither like a flower and fade away.
Despite our days of sorrow and the trials of
our yesterdays, we are here to journey and
experience the colors the heavens made.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you know I love you?

I feel as If I were a child of the age of five,
teetering between heaven and earth, as
I look at the world with such surprise.

Goldenrod like paint splashed through
out the fields and asters dressed in shades
of purple appear to dance upon the hills.

I think about tomorrow and again at yesterday
a quick goodbye as I stumble through
each memory that lives on within my mind.

Sometimes there was sorrow, heavy it lingers
still, but like climbing every mountain, there
is a weeee! going over hill and dale.

My heart danced with gaiety with a void
still left inside, as I embraced happiness
and felt something inside me die.
I didn't seek to find it,
I didn't know if it exist,
but like a gate flung open,
I entered as I couldn't resist.

At first I didn't recognize it,
but to my heart it did appear,
a love so kind and wonderful,
that forever we would share.

I didn't see you reaching, but
never the less I felt it so, as
you took my hand that day
and have yet to let it go.

The sun took to shining,
the stars a forever glow
as our love came together
and continued to grow.

Love Is Such a Simple Thing

Some want gifts and treasures,
but few will realize, the greatest
gift and treasure in your heart lies.

Like a dance in the moonlight,
a kiss in the rain and a touch
gentle to the soul , that can be
felt from day to day.


The song of love,
hearts embraced,
souls dancing on
heavens high.

The gust of wind,
warm summer rays
and to all we say

Melodious the sounds
so sweet as the birds
prepare for flight.

Migration begins,
and one by one
they gather in the

Autumn is approaching,
I feel it in the air and it
seems our love is
documented for
 everyone to share.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Sky

Feel my love, 
see my love,
know I am there 
with you, no matter
 the distance or 
whatever we do

Feel my love, 
see my love, 
know I am there
with you, in the 
dark of the night,
 under the heavens blue. 

Sings>Blue sky blue, it's what happens when I am with you. Blue sky, blue sky blue. 

It wasn't just the river swelled outside its banks nor the train traveling as it clanged upon the tracks. The image haunting frozen within my mind was on the canvas of my heart inscribed for all time. The sun was shining behind the clouds of gray and the darkness hovered, blocking all the rays. I stepped beyond all my troubles and  a few of my woes and into your arms where only dreams dare to go. Peaceful, calming, wonderful indeed, was the magic of life revealed from you to me. 

There are simple pleasures we have yet to define, when I close my eyes and you're  lying in these arms of mine. Under the star lit heavens on a cool crisp autumn night and there till the morning sheds a new light. You're with me my darling each moment of the day and I can feel your love in many away . There are simple pleasures we have yet to define, the feeling of love bursting out from inside.Like the very first moment when you took my hand and we started on a journey to a fantasia like land.

The night is filled with darkness, loneliness and despair,as I open my eyes to find you aren't here. My heart knows the void left from inside, when I opened up my eyes to find there was no one by my side. I couldn't shake the chill, couldn't wipe the tears, couldn't erase the memories or delete the fears. Silence seem to rule the night, until I gave to it a song of the love you left inside.

Reaching without touching, singing without words, ruled by the darkness and it all seems absurd. Utterly disturbing, empowered by loneliness and fear, I close my eyes and imagined you were already here. Your love within me , your heart so near, the dreams of love that brought you close enough to share.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

la lalalala

Sings>;Next to you, to wake up loving
you, to feel you in my heart and know
ours dream have come true.

From deep inside a chill surfaces and I
can't hide, the way I feel about you.

Next to you, to wake up loving you,
to feel you in my heart and know our
dreams have come true.

Sweet Happiness, the pleasure of touching and being touched. The sharing of our heart, the embracing of a soul, companions on a journey.

I teeter between the light and darkness...

Friday, September 09, 2011


Sings>I dream the dreams that place you in my arms,
where we dance from star to star.

The loneliness fades away, as I hold you close
and whisper the words that bring a joy to the day.

There is something magical that's for sure, like a
road that has yet to be explored.

My heart feels a sudden warmth as I imagine
what the dreams have in store.

I dream the dreams that place you in my arms, where we dance from star to star.
I shall not whisper words of love, for all the world shall know, that when I shout to the heavens high, it is from my heart that they will flow.
I thought to cry of loneliness as a tear from life would fall, until I looked into the heavens and knew I had it all.
you will be as close as my every thought...I love you so.

Hold My Hand

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Love True

 It Is So Easy To Love You

Sings>You wiped away my tears,
you kissed away the blues,
you held me in the night,
and shared a love true.

My heart is always open,
and there for us to dream,
from the morning we wake up,
 till we are again fast asleep.

You wiped away my tears,
you kissed away the blues,
you held me in the night ,
and shared a love true.

Took my hand and held it,
as we danced in the heavens high,
turned the darkness into light,
as we gazed into the nightly sky.

You wiped away my tears,
you kissed away the blues,
you held me in the night ,
and shared a love true.

The season's might be changing,
as the hills prepare to sleep,
but with you my darling it
will always feel like spring.

You wiped away my tears,
you kissed away the blues,
you held me in the night ,
and shared a love true.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My heart, My Soul ... Our Love

From my lips an infusion of our most precious love,
from my heart to yours the dreams that makes us one.
Rainbows forming bring  various colors to the day,
just like the memories that remove all clouds of gray.

From my soul a whisper that fills the air with song,
from my view a silhouette of the arms where I belong.
Sunshine and blue skies to chase away the rain and
cast a ray of happiness like a sun filled day in May.
There are many kinds of love,
but it wasn't until I experienced the unselfish love,
that I understood that which bridges the heavens and the earth.

There is a certain joy that fills my heart when someone relates to a poem and chooses it to hang in their home. I felt like I achieved an eternal presence upon the earth.  My heart and soul in a forever place.

Friday, September 02, 2011

I say a little prayer for you

This is my favorite movie that I love to hate... which proves the girl doesn't always get the guy.

Ed Townsend - For Your Love (Original)

I thought all the songs of love were sung,
and the words had all been written and then
I looked into my heart and saw that
a few were stilling missing.

There were those that held me in the night,
wiped away my tears and when I thought the
day was done, the words of love appeared.

Gave me strength when I was weak, encouraged
me when surrounded by despair and steadied me
upon my feet with the words I love you dear.

Contentment with the moment, a sharing of the
heart, from the day you took my hand and
we soared like lovers under the stars.

The birds took to singing, the sun brighter
everyday and through our external existence,
our souls set off to play.

I learned there was no wanting, we had the
gift which delights and it was through experience
thatI felt the joy of life.


The rose in bloom,
a pumpkin growing,
ducks squawking,
the sun shining,
and the joy of life
and then there is
your love.

Fond Memories

A friend once said that as time goes on the past softens and becomes a fond memory. In reality, I never thought that was possible. But time indeed mellows the experience and removes the harsh edges. September is a unique month, almost as if it is a gateway month. Closing the door to one season and preparing to open it for another. Major changes have already taken place, the trees have stopped growing. The shorter days and darkness does not provide enough light for photosynthesis and the trees begin to prepare for their fall colors. I find it to be a sad season, a season full of hello and goodbyes.
Somehow this September is different in many ways, though it marks a time of great pain for our country , it also documented a personal time of change. The road we travel gives us a glimpse of the world from different views. Call it maturity or the trials of our time, but somehow  we are able to understand and put to rest that which can be troubling.

Today I might not be ten years old ...I have accepted that what is, is.

I woke up and there was a silence surrounding me and I rejoiced,
 for the treasure is in the functioning of our spirit on a gray day.

I never realized there were so many hurdles.
Our soul seeks sanctuary in our earthly world,
but the place of peace is through the heart. 
Each breath I take reminds me there is no distance between us.