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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 02, 2011


The rose in bloom,
a pumpkin growing,
ducks squawking,
the sun shining,
and the joy of life
and then there is
your love.

Fond Memories

A friend once said that as time goes on the past softens and becomes a fond memory. In reality, I never thought that was possible. But time indeed mellows the experience and removes the harsh edges. September is a unique month, almost as if it is a gateway month. Closing the door to one season and preparing to open it for another. Major changes have already taken place, the trees have stopped growing. The shorter days and darkness does not provide enough light for photosynthesis and the trees begin to prepare for their fall colors. I find it to be a sad season, a season full of hello and goodbyes.
Somehow this September is different in many ways, though it marks a time of great pain for our country , it also documented a personal time of change. The road we travel gives us a glimpse of the world from different views. Call it maturity or the trials of our time, but somehow  we are able to understand and put to rest that which can be troubling.

Today I might not be ten years old ...I have accepted that what is, is.

I woke up and there was a silence surrounding me and I rejoiced,
 for the treasure is in the functioning of our spirit on a gray day.

I never realized there were so many hurdles.
Our soul seeks sanctuary in our earthly world,
but the place of peace is through the heart. 
Each breath I take reminds me there is no distance between us.

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