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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fur Side Up

Smile... for we have lived to watch the sun shine 
down upon the day, we touched a heart, 
soothed a soul in the most amazing way. 

Sing... for we were given the gift of life for one
day or a thousand and no matter when we part 
this earth our love will stay to sing much louder. 

Dream... for we have sailed the heavens high,
and soared beyond tomorrow, in the hope 
that our dreams come true in replacing all
the sorrow. 
Your Love Upon My Lips

I need not be reminded of how valuable the gift, 
a treasure so immeasurable, like your love upon my lips. 
My prayers had all been spoken, my dreams a path away, 
that we would come together for eternity times a day. 

We took to the heavens, we graced the mountains and the 
sea, we soared where few would ever go, where true love 
takes the lead. My heart felt the quiver, my soul responded 
so, that love like ours is magical and through our life it flows.

How wonderful a world, 
how beautiful the sun, 
how magical this life, 
with you and I joined 
as one. 

How energized the spirit,
how comforted the heart,
how amazed the mind,
that we shall never part. 

Rose petal dreams,
are just as they seem,
a concoction of love
and desire,

The log blazing on the fire,
snowflakes will soon replace
the showers and in your arms
is where I'll be.

Fur side up,
and  making love,
feel my heart and touch
my soul, you have got that
special hold, from the moment
you reached out to me.

Rose petals dreams,
are just as they seem,
a concoction of love
and desire.

Rapid beats I can't control,
it's getting warmer as you
embrace my soul, loving
kisses and hugs so sweet,

The river is talking, it roars as it tells,
the story of love and how it cast a spell.
No roads between us, the mountains bow
and there is the beginning of when the angel fell.

I laughed from deep down inside or it was
 more like a smile that bridges the miles. I
 felt the warmth that love brings, when you
opened your arms and invited me to dream.

The sun took to shining brighter with each day
and the stars cast your name in the most
unusual of way. The roads crumbled as we
took to the sky and there is where we dance
 forever you and I.

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