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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Bear and Me

 I had this little picture frame, conductor bear and train, with a reminder of " I think I can" to see me through the day. Somehow it was tossed aside, dusty and hidden well, and I almost forgot the energy from the little train like spell . It never set boundaries, it was powerful indeed, reminding me of every footstep taken beyond the hollow and the trees. There was never any sorrow, no heartache to blame, for on these tracks I traveled knowledge is what I gained. At first I thought I must be a fool for time has slipped away and then I soon came to realize all the people that were set to come my way. Sometimes it was just a smile, a handshake or a hug and other times it was more meaningful in a everlasting love. I dusted off the picture frame, I placed it where I could see, the silly bear conductor and the train that set me free.

Autumn is quickly approaching,
the trees bend and begin to sway
and with the wind they crackle,
as their branches are tested to this day.

Some birds will winter at the feeder
from day to day and others will have
taken flight to soar to climates like
a warm Northern day in May.

Sometimes we want the joy and
so we brush the darkness away,
until we open up our eyes and realize
the past has the paved the way.

It gives to us a few lessons, to
get us through the sorrow and grief,
for if it were not for experience,
we would lose our gift to dream.
The Sum of Life

I looked once more into the mirror
a reflection did I see, It was not
just one staring back, I saw you
there standing next to me.

Frightened and filled with sorrow,
for tomorrow may never come,
but then I realized the sum of life,
is adding hope with love.

I kept you close, I held you near,
for you live within my heart and
when the darkness comes to visit,
I feel the life of love within my heart.

Your presence is overwhelming,
through the darkest days of gray,
you give the brightest of light, like
 sunshine on a summer day.
The Souls View

The characters and places,
the times and minutes of a day,
all were sifted through my heart,
where only the gems of life remain.

At first there was confusion,
I didn't know my way and
then sunshine and laughter,
which I allowed to guide me
through the day.

I wanted time to stand still, ,
I prayed it wouldn't fade,
I wanted love and laughter
every moment of the day.

I thought I recognized it,
like magic it appeared
and as a storm in passing,
the rain washed away the fear.

My heart felt a loss, my soul
knew much to well, that we
are here upon this earth to
experience both heaven and



I asked the Lord why? Why am I here today?
if only but to whither like a flower and fade away.
Despite our days of sorrow and the trials of
our yesterdays, we are here to journey and
experience the colors the heavens made.

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