Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Voice of Silence


My retreat,
to think of you,
teardrops fall,
skies are blue.

Smiles are hidden,
distance remains,
to keep a part
another day.


Break the silence,
hum a song,
dance of love
in your arms.

Heavens blanket,
stars above,
distance fades
we are one to one.


First Embrace

I accepted the moment,
when you appeared to me
and led me on this path
of sweet memories.

My heart I gave you
in that first embrace,
where dreams met reality
and eternity took its place.


The changing of a season. The weather a bit fickle, one moment snow , frozen rain and today a bit warmer than usual. I looked at the trees standing bare and found it difficult to find the beauty in the moment. As I gazed into the water and saw the reflection of the trees and sky, it all on took a different source of beauty. There in the muddy waters was a reflection of life.  I have walked this path many times through out my life and therefore I am aware that nothing stays the same. The water fall which was my favorite place to get away did not have the same impact. The flow of water slowed down by the many changes in the area. The fall itself seem to have eroded some and did seem to stand as tall as it once did. I looked at the clouds passing by and I felt as if you were beside me. I thought had my love for you changed over the years? The truth is everything is a bit different. The depth  in which my love for you reaches has deepened into the depths of my own soul. The memories comforting, bring with them a celebration of love and life.

The hills were quiet,
as if all the animals were asleep
and as I looked around I felt
a tremble in my knees.

Something has changed
and I can't say I know for sure,
but as time quickly passed
it stands still at my back door.


Your love is reflected in the heavens.
I feel its warmth shining down on me,
like a silhouette dancing on the clouds,
I find myself embracing a dream.

Where does the dream end and reality
take center stage? I asked myself that
very question, as my heart races
night and day.

The Melody

Listen to the  music,
let it flow through your soul
and gently touch your heart,
while the love unfolds.

Listen to the song bird,
in winter it sings of spring,
holding on to faith,
hope is what it brings.


Music, music oh so sweet,
unlocks the hidden memories,
brings a smile to my face
and visions of our special place.

Dance, dance, you and I,
on the clouds in the sky.
Embraced souls two to one,
reveals our forever love.

Sorrow found a way,
to hassle the morning
and cast the skies
in a deep dark gray,

Somehow I knew,
behind those close clouds,
the sun would be shining
and sending your love down.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dreams of the Heart

I feel the sand beneath my feet, the warm water a summer treat.
The picture seems perfect, but a void appears, as life is nothing
without you here to share.
I can take a dream and
make it come true,
fill the empty moments
with my love for you.
I can stroll along the shore
and gaze up at the sky
but none of it really matters
without you by my side.
I can do most anything,
as long as I am with you,
sail the ocean and soar
the heavens blue.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'll Give You A Rainbow

My heart is not heavy, no darkness or despair,
for I know you are with me and truly care.

I'll give you a rainbow,
to light up the sky
and the arch to bridge
your heart to mine.

Many colors
in different hues,
a symbol of life
and my love for you.

Look at the rainbow
and you will see,
how close and how far
you are from me.

The gateway to dreams,
has me in your arms
and you my darling
here in my heart.

I'll give you a rainbow,
to light up the sky
and the arch to bridge
your heart to mine.

I see a coconut,
a palm tree or two,
this vision of paradise
is my dream with you.

I find you are there waiting,
your arms open wide
and I am always running
to be there by your side.

Don't go pinching,
I'd rather sleep this thru,
walking in a daze
day and night with you.

This is quite amazing,
wonderful indeed,
here in our special place
we meet all our needs.

No trials to overcome
nor heartache or despair,
only true happiness is
what we have to share.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Love of My Life

I see the heavens above us,
the stars that rule the night,
guiding my heart to yours
as the flame of our love
shines bright.

Tightly woven together,
forever you will find,
is not a simple love story,
it's the embrace of all time.

One moment together,
brings a peace and calm,
as I think about you,
I know where I belong.

I see the heavens above us,
the stars that rule the night,
guiding my heart to yours
as the flame of our love
shines bright.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Started With a Hello

Soft whispers,
cast unto the wind,
melodic disguise
from deep within.

Listen to the rain,
thunder up high,
as each drop
comes with a sign.

Love is awful special,
quite magical indeed,
it started with a hello
and ended with a dream.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Simple Pleasures

I'd rather do nothing with you,
than everything with the wrong person.
Sings>Sharing each moment
a snowflake or two,
I'd rather do nothing
just to be with you.
Simple pleasures
day after day,
hand holding
is a wonderful way.
Strolling along,
singing a song,
I'd rather do nothing
just to be with you.
Season thru season
beautiful as can be
as long as you are
beside me.
Gazing at the sunshine,
a raindrop on our tongue,
I'd rather do nothing
just to be with you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I Can Dream

My sleep pattern was rather restless the last few nights. I found myself periodically falling asleep to wake up and hour later. Each time I woke up I found my self in a middle of a dream. Some dreams were rather vivid and each very different. From bad dreams boarding a nightmare to pleasant ones and one that was rather unsettling. I found my dreams were pretty much like my day thoughts, filled with scattered emotions. I was amazed how many thoughts can go through the unconscious mind. Sometimes the dreams were mundane as if I was working in my dreams. But it was the occasional pleasant interaction in my dreams that assured me, no matter where life takes us " I Can Dream."

I can dream you here next to me,
soar a mountain and cross a sea.
I can feel your lips sweet to mine
hold you in my arms for all time.

I can dream a day with you,
holding hands under skies blue.
I can feel your heart beat as if
our hearts were no longer two.


I race to the stars in the sky,
to the special cloud passing by.
Just to hold you in my dreams
and relive the sweet memories.

Dancing in a lovers embrace
the bond can't be replaced.
Forever you'll be mine,
as the dreams are a sign

I race to the stars in the sky,
to the special cloud passing by.
Just to hold you in my dream
and relive the sweet memories.

The little bird,
sang a winter song,
tweet, tweet , tweet,
all day long.

From the feeder to the tree,
from the tree to the feeder
back and forth
all day long.

The little bird
sang a winter song,
tweet, tweet, tweet
all day long.

It was a lovely song,
the other birds sang along,
tweet, tweet, tweet,
just for me.

From the hills to the stream,
caught in a winter breeze,
the little song bird sang
tweet ,tweet., tweet.

Peaceful the moment
and joyous the day,
I have your love
in my heart to stay.

Calms the night,
soothes my soul
 I have your love
it's what my heart holds.

Fairytales and a dream or two
and a story of my love for you.
Documented in the heavens above
is the script of our special love.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It wasn't a  memory
nor a dream to come true,
as I watched the snow,
I felt what love can do.

The storm amazing,
carpeting the hills in white,
reminded me of the innocence
when you held my hand tight.

There is peace in the moment
and so much joy in the day
as I lay here and visualize
how truth met fate.

In my heart your love,
which I keep under lock and key,
where only I can enter
`and watch winter turn to spring.

It is true you are my sunshine,
the warmth in my day and
for that I am so grateful
that fate led you my way.

It wasn't a memory
nor a dream come true,
as I watched the snow fall,
I felt what love can do..

No tears,
no heartache,
no sorrow or

In the darkness
love is what we share.

Lights the night,
gives meaning to the day,
a warmth and happiness
that never fades away.

In the darkness
love is what we share.

Brightens my life
in a meaningful  way,
moment by moment
hour by hour.

In the darkness
love is what we share.

stories of love,
cast by the angels
two hearts into one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Words of the Night

Once more winter is upon us
and a blanket of white now lay,
as the first snow has fallen
giving a purity to the gray.
I see the signs of a beginning
in each white fluffy flake that falls,
the temperature a bit chilling,
though snow acts like nature's shawl.
I question the seasons
as some quickly pass on by
as it seems if the darker days
linger on as if they ruled the time.
I thought winter was built of sorrow
accept for the young at heart ,
who are able to warm the moment,
and melt the flakes of ice with a
enigmatic like spark.
Some may refer to chapters,
a journey through troubled paths
but I have come to recognize
that fate sometimes has the last
There are days of weakness
and many more of strengths
for I placed my faith in God
and he led me on my way.
I'll not look into the darkness
without seeing you in the night,
for it is your energy that puts
the sunshine in my life.
The snow has indeed fallen
a reminder of passing days,
but today is a little different,
it is a celebration in its own

I speak not of words of the flesh,
for it is the meeting of souls that the heart responds.
It was in the view of the night sky
that the distance crumbled between us.
The voice of silence...
Today, this moment, this life, this love....
It is not that I question my heart
as I am aware that my heart is aligned with my soul.
Holding your hand bridges all obstacles.
I relive the positive moments
so they may over shadow the negative.
It is not enough to sow the seeds of love,
one must nurture them to see their full bounty.

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Dreams

This is rather simple,
if you just follow me,
gently close your eyes
and step into my dreams.

On the sandy shores of life,
feel the waves and sun bright.
Allow it to warm your heart
like your love has warmed mine.

Listen closely and you will hear,
from the gulls chattering and the
sea creatures splashing and the
whispers that love brings.

This is rather simple,
if you just follow me,
gently close your eyes
and step into my dreams.

In the mountains by a fire,
as the sap snaps and pops
and a chill like breeze
dances amongst the tree tops.

Warm in my arms,
close as two can be,
I slowly reach over
and kiss you tenderly.

This is rather simple,
if you just follow me,
gently close your eyes
and step into my dreams.

The only thing that changes,
are the clouds passing  by
and my love for you,
which grows stronger with

This I tell you to be true,
that you changed my life
when I met up with
you and everything felt

Two Souls Can Be

There is a magic in the air,
from the love we share,
across the sea, in a breeze,
over mountains and through
the trees.

Imagination, fantasy or the
making of a romantic dream,
from the moment our souls
tightly entwined.

Sweet images of love
embraced on the clouds above,
the treasure of  our friendship
render and excitement and calm.

In your arms you'll find,
in your heart for all time,
I'll be there with you
no matter how near or far.

Close your eyes and you will see,
the images are not of dreams
for we are as close as
two souls can be.

My body lay down to sleep and
my mind raced past the dreams,
to the heavens above and into the
arms of my love.

I'll be there night and day
and I'll never go away,
that is the power of
our love.

Listen  and you'll hear
the words of love I share,
from my heart to you,
the words I love you.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

and love you I do.

I have learned that the "right choice " even in an equation can have variables. We go about our day making choices, little in comparison to some we have to make in our life. When to wake up, what to eat, to shower, dress , work and spend our day. But there are times that we have to make choices that include more than one person. Much more serious choices life and death.  I tend to make choices in what is right for those around me and I have not been so good at putting myself in the forefront of the need list. It always seems that by doing so, would make one selfish. I choose tonight to meet you on the cloud.

Simple as walking in a dream,
close your eyes and follow me.
Soar to the heavens and dance
upon the clouds.

Listen to the angels sing,
the song for you and I,
the magic of the moment
is really no surprise.

Fade into the darkness
and see the sunshine in life,
warm as our love
that makes this life right.

I am in your arms,
like you are in my heart
embrace of happiness
and a treasure of delight.

On a positive note

" Every cloud has a silver lining " I found that under duress that the minds way to cope is to gloss over the negative and deeply search for the positive. Even if it takes going back many years to find those good moments, the mind quickly brings them to the forefront. As time progresses the reality sets in and you indeed find your emotions on the rollercoaster of life. Up, plateau and down again only to find the struggle getting back up. Only a true friend can sense another's needs, direct their attention and embrace , guide and yes , push and pull when needed. To my friend this is for you.

I didn't think I'd make it over the hills,
I was caught in the emotions I feel.
There was so much going on in this trouble life of mine,
that I forgot to hold your hand and swing on the vine of time.

The darkness approached earlier each day
and I didn't want to accept that winter founds its way.
I tried to hold on to memories , like a flower reaching for the sun,
but I was weary and the struggle wasn't much fun.

Some people are there for a little while,
they lift you for a moment and give to you a smile.
You were different and gave a new meaning to friend,
as you are always with me from the beginning to the end.

You can sense my sadness and the weakness in me and
instead of drawing attention you have a way of leading me.
The love between us stood the test of time
and in my heart I know you are always by my side.

Thank You

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Melancholy Blue

So  many questions
and the answers a few,
I asked the Lord,
" what should I do?"

Hard of hearing
that might be so,
but I heard the whisper
" hold on and don't let go."


Hold on

There are a few mountains
between you and I,
I keep on climbing and
sliding down from high.

It's only the beginning
of a winter of despair,
hold my hand and don't
let go , only if you dare.

The sun shines through my window
and yet a darkness remains,
I am in a chapter that I'd
rather toss away.

I look to the heavens and
I ask it to refrain from
sending me on this journey
that replaces blue with gray.


I am dancing with a memory
and lost inside my mind,
as I battle the moment
and the dreams of you and I.

I wake in total darkness
as I gaze into the night,
a chill races through me
and I am given sight.

I see you at a distance
and I reach to know avail,
but my heart remains broken
I don't think a heart can heal.


The sky without the stars,
a love song without words,
my life without you and
a heart a melancholy blue.

The day without sunshine,
a stream bed that lies dry
and emptiness deep in side
when you are not here with me.

Thoughts consume day and night,
haunting memories I just can't fight.
Clouds passing by and I reach to
pull you to my side.

An ocean that stands still,
is how my heart feels.
Silent and aware that
you are not here.

The sky without the stars,
 a love song without words,
my life without you and
a heart a melancholy blue.

On a positive note,
a song from my heart,
takes to the heavens
and sings with the stars.

Music, soft and sweet,
from my heart,
the chords of love
are written in a dream.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Arched Rainbows

Arched rainbows,
from you to me,
bridged our love
over a road of dreams.

Hills and mountains,
trees of every kind,
barriers in the making,
use the earth and sky.

Stars in the night,
a moon shining bright
and a cloud in passing
to save this soul of mine.

Dance in the heavens high,
I look for you each night
to partner the day and
make the darkness fade

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Always in the forefront of my thoughts...

"You can't see the forest for the trees."  or " one mans interpretation maybe a blind man's view or my favorite alone in a crowded room. There are times that everything seems so very clear and other times where we are blinded by our own denial. In reality I have felt the loneliness that comes with " being alone in a crowded room.
The weather was incredible today, truly the calm before the storm. I watched as the golden finches winged their way back and forth to the feeder. I felt the unusual warmness that a fickle November can bring.

One last rose in bud,
on this late fall day,
a surprise of color
and a fragrance sweet
that doesn't seem to fade.

The colors on the hills,
bright orange and red
leave behind an image
before the leaves are
all shed.

The season in passing,
takes with it the dreams
and leaves behind your love
the sentiment of memories.

Unlock the gates,
pass on through,
for I am truly waiting
in the heavens blue.

Forever is a long time,
but even longer is the truth,
that I will always love you
and love you I do.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Everyday Words

You could never be nearer than here in my heart,
that is where I have kept you from the very start.
You're the partner of dance each and every night,
perfection at its best, has me holding on tight.

Close your eyes and you'll pleasantly see,
the magic of love and the power of dreams.
Dancing to the song that only angels can sing,
with the embrace of love between you and me.

You could never be nearer than here in my heart,
that is where I have kept you from the very start.
You're my happiness, passion and desire,
the love of my life that blazes like a fire.


Don't go waking me from this dream,
I'm in your arms and life is as it should be,
your lips sweet to mine, our hearts beating
one to one in time.

The sun is brightly shining,
the sky is ohhhhhhhhh so blue
and the dance upon the heavens
finds me right next to you.

Don't go waking me from this dream,
I'm in your arms and life is as it should be,
your lips sweet to mine, our hearts beating
one to one in time.


I placed my life in the hands of God
and though the road was troubled
I knew we were in the heart of song
led by the heavens to your embrace.

The night filled with darkness,
no light to be seen and yet I
know that you are always
here with me.

Blinded by darkness
your love lights the way
and what I can see
changes my world to this day.

Life took anew
and the skies became so blue
and I knew this was not a story
but a love so very true.


Everyday words
for an unusual love,
no barriers in the
clouds above.

We are the warmth
of a thousand suns
as our love unites
two into one.

Everyday words
for an unusual love,
no barriers in the
clouds above.

Guides through the darkness
till the morning light,
reminding us of the
meaning of life.

Everyday words
for an unusual love,
no barriers in the
clouds above.

My heart to yours
and yours to mine,
that is how love
two souls entwine.

Everyday words
for an unusual love,
no barriers in the
clouds above.


Friday, November 07, 2014

Heavens Above

Look to the heavens above,
there are so many stars
and countless dreams
between us.

Combine your heart with mine,
united as one forever and ever.
You'll know the magic is ours,
like a flame that blazes on and on.

Look to the heavens above,
there are so many stars
and countless dreams
between us.

The world is yours and mine,
we rule the hands of time.
There is no one or nothing
that change our love.

Look to the heavens above,
there are so many stars
and countless dreams
between us.

The wind speaks of love,
races the clouds to send
my love to you.

Look to the heavens above,
there are so many stars
and countless dreams
between us.

When all is said and all is done,
the words that remain are of our special love.
Once loved ...always loved.

Outside My Window

Outside my window
the chickadees feed,
the sun is hiding
and there is still a
little green.

Beyond the hills,
where the horizon
meets the clouds,
memories of you
are all around.

Smiles and laughter,
happy ever after,
two hearts racing
with such glee.

Outside my window,
the blue bird sings
saying his goodbye
till the next spring.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Our World

Through my dreams into your arms,
to your heart from the start.
To regret is to deny the experience,
I regret nothing.
Dreams are the catalyst which allow us
the opportunity to escape the barriers of life.
Inevitably we have to answer to the
reflection of our soul.

With love there are no goodbyes,
for I am in your heart as you are in mine.

The sun has yet to rise and
yet I feel your warmth of love,
Brightens my day as I
dance on the clouds above.
Special moments,
magical and surreal,
as I reach into the darkness
your love is what I feel.
The chapters are already written ,
like a script in the great play of life,
only to be challenged by the
choices that take us to a greater height.
Flowers in the garden
the blooms of delight,
reminders of a time
when everything was right.
Stars in the heavens
shining down on us,
with a shimmer of
happiness that brings
such love.
. ~
Our world a paradise
is filled with joy and the
meaning of life.... to live,
to love and forever dream
as we leave our mark
on eternity.

There are consequences for each action. You can tear a page from a book ,
 but it inevitably the words remain written.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

In Your Arms

Tossing and turning all night,
until I imagined you holding me tight.
The stars and the moon surely are pleased
as they bowed in a gesture of the sweet dream.

La, la, la, la  sing along,
the words of love can never be wrong.
La , la, la la sing along
from the heart a love song.

Sadness went away with the wind,
even though distance is a sin.
Left behind your memory
that I race to share through my dreams.

 La, la, la, la sing along
the words of love can never be wrong
La, la, la, la sing along
from the heart a love song.

Sky blue, sky bright
you are the star of my life.
Sky blue , sky bright
keep sending your sunshine.

Brighter with the day,
melts my heart away.
That is what you do to me,
sending me off to again dream.

Sky blue, sky bright,
you are the star of my life.
Sky blue, sky bright,
keep sending your sunshine.

There is no amount of words
to truly express how I feel,
through music and song
with the heavens I deal.

I speak from my heart,
for you and you alone
as the whispers of love
now become well known.

I can't hide my feelings,
there always there for you
as they took to the sky
and made it so darn blue.


Another night
and I am on my way,
dreams like this
are all from memory.

Holding on tight
all night long,
as I listen to sweet
love songs.