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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 02, 2014

In Your Arms

Tossing and turning all night,
until I imagined you holding me tight.
The stars and the moon surely are pleased
as they bowed in a gesture of the sweet dream.

La, la, la, la  sing along,
the words of love can never be wrong.
La , la, la la sing along
from the heart a love song.

Sadness went away with the wind,
even though distance is a sin.
Left behind your memory
that I race to share through my dreams.

 La, la, la, la sing along
the words of love can never be wrong
La, la, la, la sing along
from the heart a love song.

Sky blue, sky bright
you are the star of my life.
Sky blue , sky bright
keep sending your sunshine.

Brighter with the day,
melts my heart away.
That is what you do to me,
sending me off to again dream.

Sky blue, sky bright,
you are the star of my life.
Sky blue, sky bright,
keep sending your sunshine.

There is no amount of words
to truly express how I feel,
through music and song
with the heavens I deal.

I speak from my heart,
for you and you alone
as the whispers of love
now become well known.

I can't hide my feelings,
there always there for you
as they took to the sky
and made it so darn blue.


Another night
and I am on my way,
dreams like this
are all from memory.

Holding on tight
all night long,
as I listen to sweet
love songs.

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Anonymous said...

Love it when you sing!!!