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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

and love you I do.

I have learned that the "right choice " even in an equation can have variables. We go about our day making choices, little in comparison to some we have to make in our life. When to wake up, what to eat, to shower, dress , work and spend our day. But there are times that we have to make choices that include more than one person. Much more serious choices life and death.  I tend to make choices in what is right for those around me and I have not been so good at putting myself in the forefront of the need list. It always seems that by doing so, would make one selfish. I choose tonight to meet you on the cloud.

Simple as walking in a dream,
close your eyes and follow me.
Soar to the heavens and dance
upon the clouds.

Listen to the angels sing,
the song for you and I,
the magic of the moment
is really no surprise.

Fade into the darkness
and see the sunshine in life,
warm as our love
that makes this life right.

I am in your arms,
like you are in my heart
embrace of happiness
and a treasure of delight.

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