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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Words of the Night

Once more winter is upon us
and a blanket of white now lay,
as the first snow has fallen
giving a purity to the gray.
I see the signs of a beginning
in each white fluffy flake that falls,
the temperature a bit chilling,
though snow acts like nature's shawl.
I question the seasons
as some quickly pass on by
as it seems if the darker days
linger on as if they ruled the time.
I thought winter was built of sorrow
accept for the young at heart ,
who are able to warm the moment,
and melt the flakes of ice with a
enigmatic like spark.
Some may refer to chapters,
a journey through troubled paths
but I have come to recognize
that fate sometimes has the last
There are days of weakness
and many more of strengths
for I placed my faith in God
and he led me on my way.
I'll not look into the darkness
without seeing you in the night,
for it is your energy that puts
the sunshine in my life.
The snow has indeed fallen
a reminder of passing days,
but today is a little different,
it is a celebration in its own

I speak not of words of the flesh,
for it is the meeting of souls that the heart responds.
It was in the view of the night sky
that the distance crumbled between us.
The voice of silence...
Today, this moment, this life, this love....
It is not that I question my heart
as I am aware that my heart is aligned with my soul.
Holding your hand bridges all obstacles.
I relive the positive moments
so they may over shadow the negative.
It is not enough to sow the seeds of love,
one must nurture them to see their full bounty.

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