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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Souls Can Be

There is a magic in the air,
from the love we share,
across the sea, in a breeze,
over mountains and through
the trees.

Imagination, fantasy or the
making of a romantic dream,
from the moment our souls
tightly entwined.

Sweet images of love
embraced on the clouds above,
the treasure of  our friendship
render and excitement and calm.

In your arms you'll find,
in your heart for all time,
I'll be there with you
no matter how near or far.

Close your eyes and you will see,
the images are not of dreams
for we are as close as
two souls can be.

My body lay down to sleep and
my mind raced past the dreams,
to the heavens above and into the
arms of my love.

I'll be there night and day
and I'll never go away,
that is the power of
our love.

Listen  and you'll hear
the words of love I share,
from my heart to you,
the words I love you.

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