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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Melancholy Blue

So  many questions
and the answers a few,
I asked the Lord,
" what should I do?"

Hard of hearing
that might be so,
but I heard the whisper
" hold on and don't let go."


Hold on

There are a few mountains
between you and I,
I keep on climbing and
sliding down from high.

It's only the beginning
of a winter of despair,
hold my hand and don't
let go , only if you dare.

The sun shines through my window
and yet a darkness remains,
I am in a chapter that I'd
rather toss away.

I look to the heavens and
I ask it to refrain from
sending me on this journey
that replaces blue with gray.


I am dancing with a memory
and lost inside my mind,
as I battle the moment
and the dreams of you and I.

I wake in total darkness
as I gaze into the night,
a chill races through me
and I am given sight.

I see you at a distance
and I reach to know avail,
but my heart remains broken
I don't think a heart can heal.


The sky without the stars,
a love song without words,
my life without you and
a heart a melancholy blue.

The day without sunshine,
a stream bed that lies dry
and emptiness deep in side
when you are not here with me.

Thoughts consume day and night,
haunting memories I just can't fight.
Clouds passing by and I reach to
pull you to my side.

An ocean that stands still,
is how my heart feels.
Silent and aware that
you are not here.

The sky without the stars,
 a love song without words,
my life without you and
a heart a melancholy blue.

On a positive note,
a song from my heart,
takes to the heavens
and sings with the stars.

Music, soft and sweet,
from my heart,
the chords of love
are written in a dream.


Anonymous said...

Always hold on tight!!

Anonymous said...

Hold on tight!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't make me cry.