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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 21, 2014

I Can Dream

My sleep pattern was rather restless the last few nights. I found myself periodically falling asleep to wake up and hour later. Each time I woke up I found my self in a middle of a dream. Some dreams were rather vivid and each very different. From bad dreams boarding a nightmare to pleasant ones and one that was rather unsettling. I found my dreams were pretty much like my day thoughts, filled with scattered emotions. I was amazed how many thoughts can go through the unconscious mind. Sometimes the dreams were mundane as if I was working in my dreams. But it was the occasional pleasant interaction in my dreams that assured me, no matter where life takes us " I Can Dream."

I can dream you here next to me,
soar a mountain and cross a sea.
I can feel your lips sweet to mine
hold you in my arms for all time.

I can dream a day with you,
holding hands under skies blue.
I can feel your heart beat as if
our hearts were no longer two.


I race to the stars in the sky,
to the special cloud passing by.
Just to hold you in my dreams
and relive the sweet memories.

Dancing in a lovers embrace
the bond can't be replaced.
Forever you'll be mine,
as the dreams are a sign

I race to the stars in the sky,
to the special cloud passing by.
Just to hold you in my dream
and relive the sweet memories.

The little bird,
sang a winter song,
tweet, tweet , tweet,
all day long.

From the feeder to the tree,
from the tree to the feeder
back and forth
all day long.

The little bird
sang a winter song,
tweet, tweet, tweet
all day long.

It was a lovely song,
the other birds sang along,
tweet, tweet, tweet,
just for me.

From the hills to the stream,
caught in a winter breeze,
the little song bird sang
tweet ,tweet., tweet.

Peaceful the moment
and joyous the day,
I have your love
in my heart to stay.

Calms the night,
soothes my soul
 I have your love
it's what my heart holds.

Fairytales and a dream or two
and a story of my love for you.
Documented in the heavens above
is the script of our special love.

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