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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Our World

Through my dreams into your arms,
to your heart from the start.
To regret is to deny the experience,
I regret nothing.
Dreams are the catalyst which allow us
the opportunity to escape the barriers of life.
Inevitably we have to answer to the
reflection of our soul.

With love there are no goodbyes,
for I am in your heart as you are in mine.

The sun has yet to rise and
yet I feel your warmth of love,
Brightens my day as I
dance on the clouds above.
Special moments,
magical and surreal,
as I reach into the darkness
your love is what I feel.
The chapters are already written ,
like a script in the great play of life,
only to be challenged by the
choices that take us to a greater height.
Flowers in the garden
the blooms of delight,
reminders of a time
when everything was right.
Stars in the heavens
shining down on us,
with a shimmer of
happiness that brings
such love.
. ~
Our world a paradise
is filled with joy and the
meaning of life.... to live,
to love and forever dream
as we leave our mark
on eternity.

There are consequences for each action. You can tear a page from a book ,
 but it inevitably the words remain written.

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