Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Set a Fire

Love has a way of dancing in the air,
tickling from inside each moment
as if you’re here.

Obsessive the emotion creates wonderful
the notion. Images of love and desire,

in an uncontrollable passion… set a fire.

la la la la ......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Faraway Land

Sun glazed the ceiling and a image appeared, in the coal dust I saw you and I standing there.Rafters to castles and dust to sand, I'm surrounded by love in this faraway land.

Silence bowed to the songs of life, passion filled words that make everything right. Your in my arms and happy am I, in the world we created in the clouds in the sky.

Surrounded by the hollow, the hills draped in silence lend a surreal image, dream like in quality. Inching closer to a panoramic view, I felt no distance as truly " silence begins to chatter through memories of the mind."
Laughing and dancing, happy as can be!
Smiles you left are felt warmly with a view
of the magic of my midnight dreams.

Stroll the hills, birds chant,hold the
moment, hand and hand. Something
special happened to me, the moment
you opened your heart and sent your
love to me.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Mighty Deep

I never quite heard the clock tick as loudly as today, the hands moving quickly as if time was slipping away. I raced into the garden to embrace the memories of old and found the flowers fading as another season takes a hold. I looked to the willow, I looked to the oak and then I looked to myself to see past the heavy clouds of smoke." Listen said the Willow" down in the valley deep "all you need to do is in yourself believe." Tall was the Oak reaching to the sky and softly spoken I listened to his reply, " Don't stumble up the mountain, don't slide down valleys deep, the leaves they fall with the season but my roots are mighty deep."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Enter the circle with me.......


There are many kinds of love, love in its completeness is filled with dreams, desire, reality and passion. When all are combined there is no emptiness, as the circle has no definition of a beginning or end. To wake and feel your body and devour each moment of the day, and to be happy like a child to dance, laugh and play. The day simply progresses and no longer do I dream, I have entered the circle to feel you next to me.

Years back I had this conversation, it was about love and what and how much we need and want. I responded with "I want whatever part of you that you can give me, for expectation kills" The reply was you are lying to yourself, you will want and need more. I then reviewed love in its full context, to find that it does vary from individual to individual and what they can offer and what you can give in return. Then I looked deeper into myself, into my soul and I questioned all that I believe love is. Like being programmed we respond to life with ideals set by parent, teachers, friends and the media.

I looked back at the young girl who believed we could live on love and part of that young girl still does believe. I know that choices should be reviewed, because it is easier to stay on a clear path then it is to cut through a jungle.
I do believe there can be an equality in love, a love that is filled with warmth and magic and strong enough to see us through the most difficult of times. Though we can absorb love in many forms from various people, sharing of self completely , heart and soul places us in a vulnerable state.

The opposite of to live is to ...

Every where you go.....

I'll be sitting beside you.

Join me

Come on and join me, it's ok you can sit down here beside me. Let’s set the stage, we are sitting in front of the piano, you smile, I smile , hearts pitter patter. We can add a little ambiance, some candle light, fresh, rose petals tossed gently through out the room.Fingers move across the keys, your hands gently supporting mine and the words just flow. At this very moment dreams become reality and song fills the air.

Singing > I keep calling out your name. Do you know the voice haunting?
In the hollow it’s a game, bouncing words, back to me come chasing.

I keep calling out your name, with of words love, so inviting.
Dreaming all alone, wishing you were holding tightly.

I keeping calling out your name, the barrier of silence fighting.
Child like, I run and play, skipping stones, my heart is sighing.

I keep calling out your name, just to let you know I'm waiting.
Always I’ll be here arms extended and heart embracing.

I keep calling out your name, waiting for you to answer. Do
you love me so? I need to know, I'll be here waiting... la la la

I keep calling out your name.....
People are like crystals many facets that present many a hue!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Atop The Highest Mountain.

Atop the highest mountain, I called out to wind,
to send all my love from whence my life begin.

The moment that I woke up to a smile upon my
face and the jitters in my heart that time could
not replace.

Stars upon the heavens, a sparkle in my eye
both shining brightly for which I can’t deny.

Listen to the whisper, it comes from within
your heart, a melody of love to brace us
through the dark.

Singing in the shower

I have heard it said that the acoustics in the bathroom as the water is running makes everyone a singer.Sounds reflect from the smoothness of the shower walls intensifying the echo of waves. The sounds of your voice reverberate creating a wonderful robust sound that echos.The shower stall is our own amplifier. No imperfections, the water becomes a backround and the words come from the soul and there you are a rock singer, a country bumkin playing the banjo or a singer of love songs.
Meet ya in the shower and our next duet team is............
Sings> Here I am sitting around, just thinking of how much I love you. I just want to let you to know, I’ll be here... dreaming of you.

Anytime you feel alone, just close you eyes and you’ll see me. It’s my idea of a surprise, to paint the skies with all our memories.

Smiles I can’t hide, are displayed for all to see. Happiness is when I feel your love deep inside me. I just want let you know, I’ll be here when ever
you need me.

I’ll never let you go, I’ll be here... always for you. I just want to let you know, nothing can break this bond from me to you.

Kisses under the midnight sky, sparkle bright continuously. Glittery in my eyes, shadows of love and how it should be.

Here I am sitting around , just thinking of how much you mean to me. I just want to let you know I’ll be here forever.

I just want to love you so, to feel your touch while singing and dancing. I just want to love you so today and all eternity.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Night

I’m sitting here all alone, wondering where you are. Gazing out the window at the stars afar.Wondering if your thinking of me, if you still love me and do you want to hold me, like I want to hold on to you. I’m sitting here alone, while my mind roams.

I felt the darkness drape the chill of night, keeping close the distance, my heart tried to fight.I listened as the silence chilling, seem to have a way of willing. The sound of your voice to me,and a love gone free. I felt the darkness drape the chill of night, as I challenge the distance to hold you tight.

I won’t allow the tears to fall, nor the madness to make a call. I’m sending all my love to you , to greet you in the midnight moon, and I’ll be waiting here for you, through the early morn till the afternoon. I won’t allow the tears to fall, without your love to catch them all.

Sing with Me

Stars fallen from the sky, twinkles love a blaze in your eyes. This much is true from the moment I met you. A fire began to rage and I never felt the same, something from the heart ignited love with a spark.

You can’t ever go back, the love with you is based on fact. I know what I feel, you taught my heart how to heal. Set my soul free and bent the world on its knee, laughed and smile and danced for quite awhile.

Follow, follow me, I’m chasing moon lit beams, high above the clouds, where we both can be found. It’s not any kind of love, this magic sent from above, wisped me off my feet and kissed me sweet.

La la la whispers the wind, la la la to you my friend. Simple melody, but a unique part of you and me. For we are the fire, the wind, the mountains and the hour, the souls that met, the love that placed a bet.

Directly Over You....

A flutter of monarch passing in flight, drifts through the air in a gentle downward spiral to bring to you a glimpse of the power of love. In their display of nature's beauty, may they reflect the vision of my love for you as the simplicity brings clarity of the warmth I feel..... sends kisses on their wings. Love never questions the movement, teetering on reality and fantasy, for the passion that rules the moment, freely takes flight high above the mountains,entwining the stability of earth with the magic of the clouds.

As the seasons change and the nip of the cool mornings remind us of what is ahead, I shiver at the thought. The changing of the seasons not only document periods of time, but stir in us the hope that a new season brings. My hands frozen at the keyboard the thought crossed my mind that winter was for children and lovers ,as neither seems to feel the harsh bite of a the chilly morn as their hearts flow with the warm of a s thousand sun's.

Sing>; I've got my love to keep me warm.... I doubt there is neither a song nor words that have not been written on love or heartbreak. The combination varies and as I tell people all the time. Life is but a story different titles, many chapters but all come with the same human emotions, love, hate, happiness , sadness and these are the threads that tie up all together as one.

The temperature slightly rising and now just at the fifty degree mark. I feel my body slowing adjusting or is that my mind is now traveling places that dreams are made of ? I no longer hesitate to feel the warmth of emotion that flows from the memories that continue to reoccur. Each magical moment of life brings with it a ride on the carpet of clouds. A smile surfaces and I cannot hide the treasure that sparkles with the gems of friendship.

The last three days left an impact that had me reviewing the choices I have made and the why to the timing. I found that the paths we travel not only redirect our lives, occasionally they interweave, and there we find ourselves again making choices.

As I sat here typing and still shivering with the early chill, I began to ponder on how anyone could complicate the beauty of love. Simplistic an emotion, yet weighed down with the complications that only humans can bring to such a joyous feeling. It is the ultimate ride on the magic carpet until grounded by deceit.

Closing my eyes and gently placing my hand upon my face I felt my own physical touch embrace the spiritual warmth that exudes from the soul. Graphic like a scrapbook in motion, snapshots of people and places flashed before me. Lovers hand and hand , those sitting down by the fountain, a couple on a bench and the visions just kept coming. I thought of how those who seek power and try to obtain worldly possessions, miss the most natural gifts that which only the love of life can give,as we share our being with another.

The sun speckled on the trees that now embrace the hollow, creating a false warmth, a vision of natures own deceitful ways. Yet as I take another look, I almost feel mesmerized by the emotions within me that flow outward grasping to hold your love.

Billie Holiday - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Dance

Dancing between lovers can be an incredible form of artistically displayed emotion. The calm of the music only heightens the bodies awareness of the pleasure of heart to heart and soul to soul, in a most gentle display of touch. The comfort of the embrace blocks the world keeping the harshness of yesterday distant. One bodies trust in the movement of another out performs any thought that could enter the mind. The flowing movement of the body captures in detail every breathless moment of desire. The external rythmic sounds join our outer existence with the internal breath, creating a sensual, magical energy that lifts the spirit into a haze of romance.

Music playing, hand reaches out and souls embrace, for at this moment I dance in your arms....

A Pinch of An Awakening

There is something melancholy about another season in passing, I feel as if I’m chasing time. The garden spoke without words as I looked at the changes taking effect. Cool, yet a full sun still cast rays upon the flowers final blooms. Stung by the prickly stem of the stinging nettle, I felt a pinch of awakening, like the first time you brought laughter into my life........ The hum of the Cicadas document the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Put your head on my shoulder - Paul Anka

Closing eyes and resting my head on your shoulder.....whisper in ear baby.. words I want to hear..tell me, tell me that you love me to.

But I won't last a day wihtout you....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Love You......

The hollow staged with a rain filled mist surrounds me with the eeriness of the season. The silence tightening its grip on my soul,as I struggle to envision your force of energy embracing with a warmth that exudes from the deepest part of my being. Overflowing with emotion I quiver from the surrealistic images that appear in the murky shadows of the gloomy fog. Torn between the tears of yesterday and the dreams of tommorrow, I teeter on an unbalanced appetite that craves to feel your arms hold gentle my body. Questioning my own reaction to a moment in time, I stopped to gaze inward at the love that supersedes the flesh. The reflection in the flames of desire mirrors our souls in a bond riveted with passsion and beauty that holds us in the magical wonders of life.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Build me up Buttercup

Rainbows and teardrops magical indeed and when the both have fallen I’m awakened from the dream. In the garden and a top the mountain high, everywhere I look I see you and I. Kisses from afar, trading beats of heart , the season a reminder of the life we both embarked.

Dreams on Clouds Passing

Melancholy hills draped in a late summer rain, tears of sadness fall, as life plays an awful game. I’m missing you so badly, the distance makes me so unhappy. Dreams on clouds passing with memories when we were laughing. I’m caught up in a melancholy blue, gazing at the sky as I look for you. .... as I’m looking for you.

This Love

Sings>This love
Listen in the silence and you’ll hear, a whisper of love to you my dear. Choreographed in my heart, I arranged for you to feel the spark.
Listen to the wind and you’ll know, no matter where you travel I will go.
Morning through the dark of night, the touch of love will hold you tight.
Listen to the rain as it falls and you'll hear, the sound of magic when it calls to you my dear.The world is so alive and I know it's you I’m dancing with each night.
Listen to your heart and you’ll know, love likes ours will continue to grow. Vines like a Mandeville in the sun, entwining the heart and soul of our love.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Soothing Sunrises on the Shores of Tasmania

You Make Me So Very Happy

You make me so very happy , I'm so glad you came into my life.

You can't lose love and you can't take it back

Singing> You can’t lose love and you can’t take it back,
the reality is based on fact.
My legs quivered and my heart wildly chased,
a pleasant touch of fate.
Entwined like Ivy on a picket fence, attached
to my soul and it’s so intense.
You can’t lose love and you can’t take it back,
the reality is based on fact.
Chivalry showed its face, as I felt your arms
in a gentle embrace
Yesterday and tomorrow bond to create our
very own love song.
You can’t lose love and you can’t take it back,
the reality is based on fact.
Magical indeed, is the rhythm of love picking
up speed.
Tampered with the heart and the soul responded
from the very start.
You can’t lose love and you can’t take it back,
the reality is based on fact.

I want to be Happy - World's Greatest JB

I want to be happy, but I can't be happy till I've made you happy too...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Love story - Andy Williams

It is amazing how one song can take you back in time, it seems like yesterday and it was the 1970's. Each season brings with it a certain amount of awareness. Our thoughts on love are formed by varied images. Romance, passion and the desire that is heard and seen through the music and movies. Especially moving at a time of maturing, as we grasp to grow and understand our own emotion. The view of our reality and dreams brings various images and expectations of what love is..

When two souls feel the explosion of love and a outer display of sparkling brilliance is impossible to hide, then the magic of love has indeed united two spirits in crossing.

Love is the ultimate puzzle.... for when each piece is found and put in place, the picture completed becomes the ultimate creation, one filled with all the emotions of love , passion and desire.