Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Celebration of Love!

a season of extremes,

one with renewal,

as the curtain is dropped,

the canvas reveals,

with hope and time,
the heart will heal.

In the kaleidoscope of change, is the reality of what is,
as it toys with the possibilities of tomorrow.
My imagination gone wild or my dreams set free,
the images of love, is what the heart can see.
I sometimes fall victim to my own desire...

Friday, February 27, 2009

... where ever you maybe!

Anywhere you go,
anything you do,
I'll be there with you,
always loving you.

In the skies of blue,
in a crowd there's only two.
Amazing what love can do,
just me and you.

Dreams were made,
to extend the day,
and bring you close to me,
through memory.

When I was a young child, I had moved so many times, I use to have focal points, that had really little to do with my life other than giving me a sense of security. One of my earliest memories was of a building that sat high on a hill and could be seen from all directions within the city limits. I thought it was beautiful, It had almost a fairytale like tower with this huge ball that was built on the roof. I found it to be fascinating and I knew if I could see it, I was okay and I was home, wherever home took me.
The other place that came to mind was the big clock on the corner of the now gone Kaufmans department store. When you needed to meet someone, all you had to say was" I'll meet ya under the clock" every one knew exactly where under the clock was.
Many times we say, I'll see ya in the clouds. Imaginery or not there a sense of comfort and warmth that comes with having a special place of your very own. Dancing on clouds, has always been my way of describing the euphoria I was feeling, the excitement for life that you gives a natural high.
I find that I still need that focal point in my life, that place that is home, where ever home maybe. I close my eyes and I see your arms outstretched waiting for me. I am home, I am home! right there in your arms, where ever we maybe, whatever we maybe doing, I feel the love and I accept it and I look to the celestial heavens and my heart races and I say yes, I am home.

365 days ...

If you didn't think it possible, thought time had won, believed the distance was hardened in the rays of the sun. . The words indelible are written from the soul, scripted upon the heavens a legacy treasured more than gold. The mountains kept the secrets, the wind let it all blow free, the story of love and how wonderful it can be. I smiled inside and everyone could see, cause no one can hide the magic of life's most beautiful dream.
Love so sweet

Oh my love, feel the magic of me, it moves the spirit to the sea as my feet sink in the sand and the waves rush to kiss the land. The stars never shined so bright, more and more as darkness blankets the night. Gathering all that's meant to be, it placed your arms gently around me. Love is wonderful indeed, in a song, or a dance of make believe. The world can stare in disbelief but you and I have tasted love so sweet.

Breathe, breathe deep and infuse your soul with love.

he darkness mesmerized was I. Gazing to the heavens high, I could

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sings>Over the hills of Pennsylvania, Greene, driving without a destination, just following the stream. The road just circled back and I'm where I first began, looking for the pieces to fill the emptiness. I searched in every pasture, I looked on mountain high, I even checked the clouds in the blue of the sky. My love I gave, with you my friend resides, as you hold my heart till all rivers run dry.

The road a bit hazy as my mind drifts away, I could feel my own body, though my soul is with you to stay. Torn between the open highway and the little back roads, just traveling without direction, wondering which way to go. The sun was setting, its rays now barely seen, and the sky gray, blankets over everything. The stream meets the river and a few boats a float I see,as their motors broke the silence of my daydream.

Slow Dance

Just a little closer, pull me near
and I'll dance with you anywhere.
High up in the clouds, on a busy street,
we'll dance to the rhythm of our own
heart beat.

A little to the left and a little to the right,
a little closer as we're bonded for life.
The rooster out back, ducks down by
the stream all began to fade,
as you danced with me.

A dance floor provided not of marble
is it made, but we dance upon it all night
and day. The Pussy willow budded
documents the day as I sing of love
in a special way.

I am exhausted from all the dancing,
I now rest in your arms.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Story

So torrent a love it rages wildly through my heart and soul,
devouring with passion the spirit of life.

..you let the sun shine through.

Music softly playing and shadows of a dancing flame, titillate my spirit, as my heart for you begs. Pleasure the moment, accept the desire, the impact felt explosion is our souls on fire.
Dance my love dance,
the day awaits you and I.
Our life long embrace,
put a smile on my face
as I dance the day with you.

Sing my love sing,
I can hear you from afar.
The melody so fine it breaks
the barriers of time,
to bring your love to me.

Rejoice my love rejoice,
the celebration of hearts
is heaven's choice.
From the skies of blue,
I was sent the love of you
, rejoice my love rejoice.



Mariah Carey - My All (official video)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One soul to another...

We are given a name to identify our earthly form, though no outward description need be placed upon our soul. My eyes need not be open for my heart to clearly see, the beauty of our spirits as they collide with destiny. I'll not define a moment in a day, as each was sent to guide us on our way. I hadn't truly questioned all that I had felt, but I knew the difference, when my heart first began to melt.
It was the dagger of the devil which made it all so very clear,
because I know how good it feels to have your love appear.
No sniffles,
no sneezes,
no aches allowed,
you have been invited
to be on my cloud.

Monday, February 23, 2009

... as the silk disappears so begins a new dream.

So great a love..

Life's little treasures are revealed in the most magnificent away.

So great a love,
it built a bridge,
sheared a mountain,
drained a sea,
so great a love!

So great a love.
it warms the heart,
embraces the spirit,
shares in desire,
So great a love.

...another day in love.

I sit here a bit reluctant to finish some of my on going projects. The room chilled down a bit as I contemplate placing a few logs on the fire. Gazing out the window, the winter season makes an appearance as the formation of icicles display the beauty of nature in its harsh environment. Fern leaves drape over the rock as they peak out from under the newly fallen snow, revealing though dormant, they are alive waiting for the proper nourishment, warmth and light to encourage and promote healthy growth.
I again glanced out the window, but this time, I didn't see the cold, bitter scenes of winter. I saw the reflection of the winter sun as it cast bright rays, so strong they pierced the glass and entered my soul. A warmth of memory surfaced and in my mind I paged through, stopping at the moments that most nourished my spirit. Tears fell, but I could not decipher, if they were of happiness or sorrow. They must be happiness, for how could that which nourishes bring anything but happiness. I gently wiped away the slow moving tear from my cheek and felt as a smile, a smile that you gave to me, warm my heart.
The journey has but one destination,with many ways of exploring it. I knew that the road already traveled placed like cobblestones, each lay in a manner, so one may support the other. I could see the picture enlarging and all falling into place, as if until each emotion is played out, none can truly be felt.
We are the puzzle, each a little different, with something to accomplish in the end. As we move forward, the pieces are selectively and gingerly placed, as to fill the gaps within us. That which we complete becomes our heaven or our hell. Like horses at the gate of a race, all running to the finish line, without stopping or slowing to appreciate the world around us.
The wind eager to cause chaos to the ever so calm scenery, whipped the trees of the hollow, removing the non to sturdy branches. Vulnerable is the moment, unsure the day, to where the journey leads and how much time we have to play.
I felt an energy, it caught me by surprise, lifting me to the heavens, and placed me on a high. I gathered my emotions, I turned them over to the wind, and I aim in the direction from where our love begin. Sweep down to the earth, brush my love against his face and infuse with all your power so on his travels he make take, my happiness, desire, passion and my dreams and place them in his heart for safe keeping.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sweet Love

Sings to you good night >To you my darling, whispers sweet, in soft song, to each heart beat. Listen closely and you'll hear, the rhythm of love, fill the air. No moment can compare, to the love we share. Like a song bird just set free, your love soars with me. Through all the seasons of life, you paint each one with sunshine bright.

To you my darling, whispers sweet, in soft song, to each heart beat. Close your eyes and I'll be there, to comfort and hold you near. My Sweet love, don't let go, just let your happiness into me flow. Snowflakes falling from the sky, puffs of crystal snow white, let it melt upon your cheek as a reminder of what you mean to me.

To you my darling, whispers sweet, in soft song, to each heart beat. Take my hand and follow me, for tonight my love we'll dream. When the stars govern the night and our love still outshines, than you will see, just how beautiful life can truly be. The heavens celebrate and our souls now partake, with the warmth from you My Sweet Love.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

When Love Perseveres

Hush my darling, our lips need not speak, no words of comfort, no song to sing, the music of hearts chatter of spring. Primrose budded prepares to bloom and the sun races to replace the moon. Here I wait my arms open wide to comfort and hold till the ends of time. Crazed by hunger, filled with desire, feeding the heart, fueling the fire.

Hush my darling, our lips need not speak, no words of comfort, no song to sing, the music of hearts chatter of spring. Feel the rapture as spirits entwine, embracing the seasons, satisfying the mind. Seize the moment, pleasure it well, to the blue of the heavens, where happiness dwells. Extend your reach, from heavens high and pull me close with your mind. Dance, dance, my darling, breathe and feel the warmth from you to me.

Allow me to place the breath of love from my soul to yours. Feel it as it enters your being and flows with the passion of all my desire. This is our heaven, paradise of high, where hearts can meet and our love is refined.
I love you, I love you, it was as beautiful as can be, I placed my head upon the pillow and I closed my eyes to dream. I love you , I love you, and something happened from inside, I was lifted to the heavens and you never left my side. I love you, I love you, and the echo could be heard, as the words reflected from my heart and to my soul was burned.

... only in that the world might know.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Night

...reaches out to pull you near!

ooooooh so tight

Perwinkle blue and violets in bloom, dreaming of spring time and a day with you.The sun shining gotta little more bright, just at the thought of holding you, Oh! so tight.

Toe Tapping

Dancing under starry skies, it is clear what is truly happening. Magic is everywhere with sounds of love and my feet toe tapping.

In my arms is where you'll be, no room for dreams or fantasy. It is no surprise to me, heart and soul embracing.

Dancing under starry skies, it is clear, what is truly happening . Magic is everywhere with sounds of love and my feet toe tapping.

No surprise to me, you were sent and I am happy. Love was always meant to be, warm and sweet like golden honey.

Dancing under starry skies, it is clear, what is truly happening. Magic is everywhere, with sounds of love and my feet toe tapping.

Stay here with me, in my heart it's everlasting. Summer rays in winter time, confused the season, but we're still laughing.

Dancing under starry skies, it is clear, what is truly happening. Magic is everywhere, with sounds of love and feet toe tapping.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

What a wonderful world, where there is hope, there is love.

reaches out to feel...

The sun rising and through the window I could see, the snow laced over the mountains and the wind dancing trees. The moment familiar, I have seen it many times before, I am caught in the hollow and I'm begging for more. I tried to move, though still my body lay,as my mind drifted, the days dreams replayed. I could see the moment you first took my hand, and led me to the distant place where hearts and souls command. Warmly I smiled as the images infused and left inside of me a love that I could never lose. I rolled on my side, the pillow it was bare, dreaming and wishing I felt your body here. Explosive the memories, that flow through the mind, teasing my spirit as it waits for the perfect time. When mountains dissipate and rivers all run dry and we are together walking side by side.

Was is to be? and time replied "a measurement of life where love resides". Than what of the emptiness as darkness unfolds? The mountains retained all secrets within whispered softly" the journey starts from within " " no thy self, no all well and soon the direction will be revealed. " I am tired and restless and there is so far to go, what on this journey must I know? The wind spiked down, it spoke with a roar, " when your tired, I'll lift you high over, the mountains, to the blue of the sky, when restless, in the heavens you'll find, that love is all of heart,soul and mind. "
I am weak I can't feel you, where do you hide, why don't I see you here by myside. Racing quickly was memories with pride, warm with happiness and smiles from inside, the memories responded" Hold tight, don't let go, I am here to remind you, I am here to say, that love so wonderfull never shall fade."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Incredible moments

Your heart, your love,
your song to me,
the river, an ocean
in a winter time breeze.
My heart a beat, my feet a step,
to the place in the heavens , where
our love first met.

... feel the dream.

Sunshine and raindrops, mountains and seas,
hold me close through memory, the love you've given,
all can see, but only I can feel the dream.

Sand on the shore, and there we sit, watching the
waves and sharing a kiss. The visions, vivid and
clear, placed me in your arms and your love

Sunshine and raindrops, mountains and seas,
hold me close through memory, the love you've given,
all can see, but only I can feel the dream.

A field of poppy brings spring to the air, the stars
in the sky a reminder you're here. Day and night
I walk in a dream, to the words of love that makes
an ordinary heart sing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Will

I'll be there waiting,
I'll never be far,
next to your soul,
right there in your heart.

I'll give you all my love,
I'll never give you less,
first in the morning,
and there when you rest.

I'll sing with the magic,
I'll dance with desire,
under the moonlight,
every minute of an hour.

I'll hold you forever,
I'll never let go,
this tender embrace,
is the gift I bestow.


That which separates the flesh,
does nothing to the soul, and
as I close my eyes tonight,
your love I shall hold.

The ache evoked an image,
where distance becomes cold
and pleasure surfaces to warm
the union of our souls.

It has been said " absence makes the heart grow fonder", but I believe absence is the great reminder, of passion, hunger, desire, faith, strength, happiness, trust and respect on a foundation of respect.


Oh! I know not where the day begins or if the dreams now end, as your love has captured each heart felt moment and infused it with desire, like fields of yarrow in summer time, with golden flames of fire.

Ice forms atop the mountains, the sun deceptive, shines and still a warmth like fever, meddles with the mind. I bartered with the heavens, my soul with his entwine, allow this moment to be forever, his love one with mine.

The pleasure mixed with passion placed to my love, a kiss, and there is where forever starts, with my desire upon his lips. My heart I felt it racing, I thought it left my chest, as my heart
beat ever faster, at the images in silhouette.

Rambling wild brier, no passage do they make, covered thick in thorns, deep they penetrate. To the flesh a reminder, a nip at my soul as I soon awaken to feel your loving hold.

No rhythm to my breathing, loud it fills the room, as it becomes so ever clear that my heart is here with you. The day met with night and united in a dream and there is where reality meshed my love to the love of you.

Spun of stardust, it was not only possible but true, the heavens responded to my desire to be in my forever embrace with you. No longer need I rush to my pillow and my spirit lay, for the heavens were so gracious in the love they gave, they made it everlasting, twenty four hours a day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Night My Love

These tears a little different not of sadness do they fall,
from cheek to heart and heart to soul, with your love I have it all.


Here is my heart, I give to you my all

as a reminder of your love as it seen

in the reflection within my soul.

Here is my passion, I share with you the

excitement of the rise of the sun and dance

upon the stars, as they reveal the ongoing

beauty of our love eternal.

Here is my quest, I walk along side you

unknowing and unwise awaiting the

response to this day and time.

Here are the flames, I share in the fire,

warmth with desire, heart felt and true,

the blaze continues with my love for you.


... like an escalator the first step fades as another appears.


If I should leave but one word cast for all the world to see, I would inscribe the word of " believe" for it has the ability to empower every dream. It takes on all the mountains, it swims the river of desire and when doubt sheds its ugliness and sorrow drapes around, I believe surfaces to the heart inspire. I believe in happiness, respect and desire and that to everyone a mountain, and to everyone an hour, where love infuses the spirt and sets each soul a fire.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starry night, Sun lit Mornings

To feel your love is to walk in your light.
Separate from the darkness, one with the mind, I imagined the river, the bench along the shore, the gulls circling over head and a small unopened door. The water rising, two nestled lovers battle against the wind and one gull separates from all the others as it dives down to get a piece of bread. Days were filled with loneliness on a road without and end as it seem to take me forward, to only lead me back again. The tracks began to rattle, a rumbling sound is made, as the train soon passes to document the day. I saw it in the distance and again it was very near, the door which remained locked was heavily bolted by fear. I wanted to get away, my heart I felt it race and as I looked down at my feet, I saw that I had never moved from my starting place. Questions were remaining, though no answers were in sight, as any plant in darkness knows without proper nurture you get blight.
Slowly take your hands and run your fingers through my hair,
as I whisper words of love allow your soul to hear.
Filing according, no sequence or rhyme,
I placed all of your love, my wants and desire,
and the dreams created in each twenty four hours.
Even through mesh, it is clear to see,
that today is tomorrows history.
Run with me and hold my hand, the stars are lit, the moon is bright and the clouds of happiness are now in sight. One, two, three, and we'll be there, where hearts embrace with love and joy and nothing need happen but that we enjoy. Head to shoulder, heart to heart, as souls devour both day and night.
What can I tell thee, that thou has not already heard?
Repeats in silence, echos like a quake ,
the words I love you,
the darkness breaks.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am Happy!

The wind mastered the moment and the trees bowed with ease, as the seasons began a battle, displaying the hands of winter and the light of spring. Dormant the hollow, branches from shades of brown to grey, secretly planning to celebrate the day. The sun was so decieving, it's warmth I could not feel and yet my eyes need adjust to the rays above the hills. Winter's reminders, many still abound, to let us know that ice and snow over the hills can still can be found. Premature my thinking that spring will soon appear and the flowers will again bloom to blanket the valley and dress again the hills. Nature is relentless, no wincing of the eye, she strips the canvas naked, refinishing in her style, reminding us of our limitations and not always with a smile. Revealing to all, how vulnerable are we, as she controls the mountains and can send snowflakes in spring.
I remember the moment, I remember it well,
like the sun melts a snowflake, you cast the spell.

Cascading roses of wood gather dust,
flowing memories of love bring desire.
Because we can, we will.

Inside out

From deep within my heart,
a depth beyond all dreams,
love finds a way to make
special each day.
Inside out and my heart reveals the truth of my love and how I feel. Like the brightest of stars in the evening sky and as warm as the fire burning deep on the inside. The flames tell of the day we met, when the spell was cast and the view a duel silhouette. My heart and yours were destined to be, like a river that soon meets up with the sea.

Inside out and my heart reveals the truth of my love and how I feel. I can't deny the changes in me, when first my soul was released and than set free. The mountains no longer a wall high, reduced to a mere speck to the eye. The journey weary and winding long, brings many a dance, to many a song.

Inside out and my heart reveals the truth of my love and how I feel. Stronger by hour, more wonderful by day, our love keeps growing like flowers in may. Bloom upon blooms of happines and joy,filled with surprises my spirit employed, to feel your love both night and day and rejoice in the path that placed you in my way.

I say a little prayer for you - traduzido

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forever and a ...

The silence subsided as the music filled the air and I began to dance to the magic that appeared. I placed my arms towards the heavens and I slowly spun around, as the visions of love fused with the sounds. Your arms a breath away, as I motioned for you to stay and hold me in your heart, for forever and a day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Night My Love

Silk and lace are at my feet as I stand before you bare
and I await your presence to hold me here.

Whispers from my heart were calling out to you, for
tonight my darling I'm in desperate need of you.

Lightening at my window, thunder rolling in and the
rain dances on the roof, as my spirit joins on in.

Opening the window, the wind took me by surprise,
just like the very moment when you first said hi.

No longer do I need to close my eyes. no longer
to dream under blue skies.

For you my darling are with every breath I breathe,
and every beat of my heart that for you sings.

The night sky was clouded,no stars to be seen,
but through the power of love it brought you to me.

I smiled and felt the warmth, I giggled nervously with
desire, as I lay upon my pillow and thank the Lord
for each moment of the hour.

The day has ended and the dreams will now begin,
so hold me close my darling and let my love on in.

Once again

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream once again,
a dance upon the heaven, where our story lives.

To feel your love so tender and kind, trace the
magic that bonds your heart to mine.

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream once again,
a dance upon the heavens ,where our story lives.

To feel your breath against my cheek and rejoice
in our love which has always been free.

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream once again,
a dance upon the heavens, where our story lives.

Always but a thought away, full of desire, mystical
and magical places the soul a fire.

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream once again,
if only to feel your love sent from heaven above.

I can't wait to close my eyes and dream once again, I can't wait to close my eyes,
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, whispers... to feel your love
once again.


Key components of love

There are many components in creating an atmosphere to perfect the conditions in which love will grow. The nurturing is an on going experience that reveals the true reward of giving totally of heart and soul. I believe these are a few of the necessary ingredients necessary to provide this nourishment.

Compassion- a deep awareness. when one can sense the needs, the emotions and desire of another without voice nor action, this is compassion.

Honesty-freedom of deceit, don't tell me what I want to hear, tell me the truth, in a way that I can better myself

Communication, not only in revealing the wrongs of a day, but rejoining in all that is right with the day.

Understanding- comprehending, accepting all that we are, and all that we are not and doing so in a way that is positive, which lays the foundation for which change is effective in a supportive way.

Respect- esteem for a sense of worth. We have all heard the Rodney Dangerfield comment " I get no respect" you give what you want to receive in return, you sow positive thoughts you nurture growth will ignite a measure of self esteem within

Interaction- the direct effect one can have upon another. Standing stagnant in a stagnant pool one will find without interaction, a relationship cease to exist, it is engaging in life that spurs new thoughts, dreams and desires

Independence- freedom from control, no where in a relationship is their room for control. Allowing each person to grow at their own rate provides adequate nutrients, which in turn provides stability. As many have heard of the butterfly story" Let a butterfly free, if it comes back to you it is yours forever and if it doesn't it never was."

Loyalty-faithful to commit, my favorite quote " to thine own self be true" but more important to be truthful to all that we confront in life.

To the above necessary comments I cannot deny the physical plays apart in attraction, but my all means is only beneficial when all the other qualities have been found.


To that we add our desire to please and be pleased, to live and to let live, to dream and let dream. When you can wake each morning to a smile upon your face,gaze on out the window and know that every things in place. When you can feel the beats of love within your heart and know that your as close as the rays sun pierce the dark. I can feel your love, when distance plays it game, I can feel your love every day.

Sunshine knows my secret and keeps them so well, as it shines through my windows, oh the stories it can tell. It's been there when I danced and when I sang our song and when I opened up my eyes I knew your arms were where I belonged.

Dances with your love, morning and night,
breathless am I at the very sight.

Prematurely a flower pushes through the partially frozen and cold soil. Weeks ahead of it's normal growth, I was amazed at its ablitity to fight the conditions or was it that it took what nutrients to provide the growth and flourish where others have not.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Forever Love

Laying here with a late case of the flu, I thought of time and I had wondered why everything happens when it does. I remembered all that led like stepping stones to the sweetness of your embrace. Had I known sooner, that like a well stacked set of Dominoes, one moment had to lean upon the next, so that we would follow life in a particular sequence.
The stream still flowed, though we could not see where the water under ground would lead. Joining with the larger creek, to the river, to the sea, to the heart, of love cast in dreams. Rainbows across the mountains, sunshine memories, placed a path before us, so that the soul could lead.
I asked why should we wander through thicket and brush, does not the thorns pierce sharply to remind us of times kiss upon our lips? Daggers wager for all that forever brings, a layout placed a pattern, to lead us through the dreams.

If but one word survives eternity,
than forever shall we live,
cast upon the midnight sky,
with all our love to give.

Few will know such great a love,
nor feel the pleasure of embrace,
for blinded are they by loneliness,
where mountains they have yet to crest.

The time is now, the moment free, hold my hand and walk with me.

Midnight Star-Slow Jam

Corinthinans 13

It is amazing through out time that some things never change. Love, true love in its most glorious state is wonderful and beautiful and uncomplicated. It is intriguing how words can retain their value and stimulate as a reminder of our all that we are truly capable of . The Corinthinian " Love is patient , love is kind and is not jealous, does not brag and is not arrogant, why is it that we needed reminded of the very gift of life? The gift which is concieved in love.

1 Corinthians 13

" If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing. Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part; but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love."
In my gratitude I rejoice not in what I don't have,but I bask in the glory of what I do. When all that surrounds drapes in darkness, I reach out to feel your love holding me tight. The only gift which one needs to see the beauty in the world is love .

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A breath of life

Looking at the various artist since the beginning of time,, there was a very distinguished look with which each artist became known for. Some of the most well known from J.M.W. Turner's love of the water to the basking in the sun of a Monet. Though like many artist who found comfort with one medium they also branched out to try others styles , textures and lighting, separating themselves from their well known classics. The deviation from their usual form of art could not hide the bit of their soul that was instilled in each work of art. The reflection of such compassion and desire was the signature of each artist in which their souls still shine.
Stepping back and looking at the the canvas of life which is transformed regularly into a masterpiece, I saw the power of love which is capable of moving mountains and restructuring a moment in a day.
Sleeping in this morning, I felt myself semi awake, half in and half out of a dream. It was realistic in the sense that it took in actual facts, stirred in some off the wall amount of fantasy and created a dream like chapter, surreal yet clear. It was a blend of the past and a bit of the present in a glance at the future. I laid there caught up in the moment as I reexamined my reactions to that which toyed with my mind.
The day advanced quickly as if time was spinning twice as fast as it normally does. Scattered in thought I tried to focus and keep my mind from drifting. There were many happenings to the day, not necessarily good or bad, but more like they tripped the trigger of awareness. As if in sharing apart of my day I was given a step away from my surroundings and closed the door of darkness to only feel the light of your love warm my heart.


I give thee my love cast upon the night sky
and in the rays of the first morning light.
Pull close my love and with your fingers trace
the words of love in my heart's embrace.
It is the unique balance of want, need and desire
which binds my heart and soul to that of this everlasting love.
A breath of life from my soul to yours
...or is that you have blown a breath of love into mine?

Friday, February 06, 2009

...under the blue of the sky

Breaking through the darkness, the hollow disappeared, as music from the mountains played softly to my ears. Spinning round in circles on the dance floor of life, I felt your warmth infuse like the kiss of the first morning light. I raced to the window, to see if you were there, as silence was befuddled of what my heart could hear. Reaching to the heavens, up to the heavens high, I dance with you my darling under the blue of the sky.

Every beat of my heart - Gladys Knight and the Pips

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Forevers Embrace

The collision upon which our souls first fused,

was destiny in motion,empowered by love.
Recognizing the moment is as important as
exploring the dream.
Forever's Embrace... it holds still the moment as it devours the day,
creating a stronger hold for tomorrow.


There is no true way to define love, as it takes on the form of many a action, reaches out beyond our earthly destination and continuously morphs as it grows within us.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Everyone has an opinion on what a treasure chest is filled with, what is truly priceless. Material things if lost can be replaced, but than there is the loss of hearing or sight and even life, many place a price tag on the basis of existence. The more you look at what makes us separate from other creatures of the earth the more it all changes, the ability to gain more knowledge, to retain memories, and to share in our extisence, this is indeed priceless. I believe that we all have a treasure chest filled with glorious gifts, the secret is in recognizing, appreciating them and being ever so grateful for that which is granted to us from the moment we are born.
My memory filled snow globe sits on the top shelf of my desk and every now and than I dust it off, shake it up and watch as the snowflakes waft gently down. The snow globe never changes but the ability to gather more of life and love, makes the gift ever more precious. What is the drape of darkness that blinds us from the beauty? Each day has a semblance of the next, but how we think, how we live through, how we devour or not each day morphs. Could it be that our sight is some how blocked and we are blinded, our hearing some how closed that we don't listen and our life sometimes so stagnant that we only exist and do not live.
In examing my own treasure chest, I found it overflowing with memories, brim filled with love and magically packed with life. The sun's rays penetrated through the window giving and extra glow to the winter day. I was fascinated as I again looked out the window at the varied array of birds who focus their energy on feeding till the arrival of spring. They have become dependent of the fact that the feeders will be filled as they return each day to show off their plumes and grant us the chance to hear the magic of their song. Something so small as a simple song bird was filled with enlightment of sort that made me ever so grateful for the day.
I glanced back at the road already traveled, I smiled as I felt the warmth of memory and the joy of love in motion. I then looked ahead and I had a very unique view of the a day in waiting.

I turned on over and I looked at the clock,
five more minutes I begged,
I don't want the moment to stop.

Focused on the visions created by the mind, where you and I are dancing and there is no sense of time. My breath began to slow, I thought it nearly stopped, until your love infused energy ignited with a spark. Shaken for the moment, I was awakened to find, no dreams, nor fantasy could replace a love so fine. Self created visuals began to dissipate but your sweet memories could never fade. You are in my heart, my thoughts and my desires, you are the one who gives life to the hour.


Monday, February 02, 2009

God Given Gift..

This was in the archives and I think it's worth the reminder.
I’ll never betray a God given gift,
for my heaven is this stroll through life.
Hand in hand, heart to heart,
soul to soul .


We painted the sky and gave it a royal color blue,
took on all the challenges and signed them the love of two.
We climbed the mountains,we rode the waves to shore and
when its all said done we did it some more.
We battled what those can see and again what they cannot,
making season 's disappear but the memories had not.
We laughed and giggled, we did it day by day and through
all shades of darkness, made the gloom fade.
We left for all time, words indelible to the soul, and written
of the love we share and the days we spooled.
... you reached out and wiped away my tears, and loaned
your inner strength so that in the valley I could hear, music
by the song birds, fish jumpin in the brook and frogs
courting in the ponds where once the eyes had vision
now the heart begins to look.