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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Will

I'll be there waiting,
I'll never be far,
next to your soul,
right there in your heart.

I'll give you all my love,
I'll never give you less,
first in the morning,
and there when you rest.

I'll sing with the magic,
I'll dance with desire,
under the moonlight,
every minute of an hour.

I'll hold you forever,
I'll never let go,
this tender embrace,
is the gift I bestow.


That which separates the flesh,
does nothing to the soul, and
as I close my eyes tonight,
your love I shall hold.

The ache evoked an image,
where distance becomes cold
and pleasure surfaces to warm
the union of our souls.

It has been said " absence makes the heart grow fonder", but I believe absence is the great reminder, of passion, hunger, desire, faith, strength, happiness, trust and respect on a foundation of respect.

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