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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 23, 2009

...another day in love.

I sit here a bit reluctant to finish some of my on going projects. The room chilled down a bit as I contemplate placing a few logs on the fire. Gazing out the window, the winter season makes an appearance as the formation of icicles display the beauty of nature in its harsh environment. Fern leaves drape over the rock as they peak out from under the newly fallen snow, revealing though dormant, they are alive waiting for the proper nourishment, warmth and light to encourage and promote healthy growth.
I again glanced out the window, but this time, I didn't see the cold, bitter scenes of winter. I saw the reflection of the winter sun as it cast bright rays, so strong they pierced the glass and entered my soul. A warmth of memory surfaced and in my mind I paged through, stopping at the moments that most nourished my spirit. Tears fell, but I could not decipher, if they were of happiness or sorrow. They must be happiness, for how could that which nourishes bring anything but happiness. I gently wiped away the slow moving tear from my cheek and felt as a smile, a smile that you gave to me, warm my heart.
The journey has but one destination,with many ways of exploring it. I knew that the road already traveled placed like cobblestones, each lay in a manner, so one may support the other. I could see the picture enlarging and all falling into place, as if until each emotion is played out, none can truly be felt.
We are the puzzle, each a little different, with something to accomplish in the end. As we move forward, the pieces are selectively and gingerly placed, as to fill the gaps within us. That which we complete becomes our heaven or our hell. Like horses at the gate of a race, all running to the finish line, without stopping or slowing to appreciate the world around us.
The wind eager to cause chaos to the ever so calm scenery, whipped the trees of the hollow, removing the non to sturdy branches. Vulnerable is the moment, unsure the day, to where the journey leads and how much time we have to play.
I felt an energy, it caught me by surprise, lifting me to the heavens, and placed me on a high. I gathered my emotions, I turned them over to the wind, and I aim in the direction from where our love begin. Sweep down to the earth, brush my love against his face and infuse with all your power so on his travels he make take, my happiness, desire, passion and my dreams and place them in his heart for safe keeping.


Mark said...

Wonderful! There is much that comes in on the wind of what appears to be a storm! May we always be open to all that blows are way.

Rachel C Miller said...

It is the changes in the wind, that sometimes catches us off guard. I have also heard it said viewing a storm takes on a different look when shared with a companion of heart and soul.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. can't wait to see the storm roll in.