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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Key components of love

There are many components in creating an atmosphere to perfect the conditions in which love will grow. The nurturing is an on going experience that reveals the true reward of giving totally of heart and soul. I believe these are a few of the necessary ingredients necessary to provide this nourishment.

Compassion- a deep awareness. when one can sense the needs, the emotions and desire of another without voice nor action, this is compassion.

Honesty-freedom of deceit, don't tell me what I want to hear, tell me the truth, in a way that I can better myself

Communication, not only in revealing the wrongs of a day, but rejoining in all that is right with the day.

Understanding- comprehending, accepting all that we are, and all that we are not and doing so in a way that is positive, which lays the foundation for which change is effective in a supportive way.

Respect- esteem for a sense of worth. We have all heard the Rodney Dangerfield comment " I get no respect" you give what you want to receive in return, you sow positive thoughts you nurture growth will ignite a measure of self esteem within

Interaction- the direct effect one can have upon another. Standing stagnant in a stagnant pool one will find without interaction, a relationship cease to exist, it is engaging in life that spurs new thoughts, dreams and desires

Independence- freedom from control, no where in a relationship is their room for control. Allowing each person to grow at their own rate provides adequate nutrients, which in turn provides stability. As many have heard of the butterfly story" Let a butterfly free, if it comes back to you it is yours forever and if it doesn't it never was."

Loyalty-faithful to commit, my favorite quote " to thine own self be true" but more important to be truthful to all that we confront in life.

To the above necessary comments I cannot deny the physical plays apart in attraction, but my all means is only beneficial when all the other qualities have been found.


To that we add our desire to please and be pleased, to live and to let live, to dream and let dream. When you can wake each morning to a smile upon your face,gaze on out the window and know that every things in place. When you can feel the beats of love within your heart and know that your as close as the rays sun pierce the dark. I can feel your love, when distance plays it game, I can feel your love every day.

Sunshine knows my secret and keeps them so well, as it shines through my windows, oh the stories it can tell. It's been there when I danced and when I sang our song and when I opened up my eyes I knew your arms were where I belonged.

Dances with your love, morning and night,
breathless am I at the very sight.

Prematurely a flower pushes through the partially frozen and cold soil. Weeks ahead of it's normal growth, I was amazed at its ablitity to fight the conditions or was it that it took what nutrients to provide the growth and flourish where others have not.


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