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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 09, 2009

Forever Love

Laying here with a late case of the flu, I thought of time and I had wondered why everything happens when it does. I remembered all that led like stepping stones to the sweetness of your embrace. Had I known sooner, that like a well stacked set of Dominoes, one moment had to lean upon the next, so that we would follow life in a particular sequence.
The stream still flowed, though we could not see where the water under ground would lead. Joining with the larger creek, to the river, to the sea, to the heart, of love cast in dreams. Rainbows across the mountains, sunshine memories, placed a path before us, so that the soul could lead.
I asked why should we wander through thicket and brush, does not the thorns pierce sharply to remind us of times kiss upon our lips? Daggers wager for all that forever brings, a layout placed a pattern, to lead us through the dreams.

If but one word survives eternity,
than forever shall we live,
cast upon the midnight sky,
with all our love to give.

Few will know such great a love,
nor feel the pleasure of embrace,
for blinded are they by loneliness,
where mountains they have yet to crest.

The time is now, the moment free, hold my hand and walk with me.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Wonderful! Very vivid, full of love, full of that which we know, yet cannot see with the naked eye.