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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

A breath of life

Looking at the various artist since the beginning of time,, there was a very distinguished look with which each artist became known for. Some of the most well known from J.M.W. Turner's love of the water to the basking in the sun of a Monet. Though like many artist who found comfort with one medium they also branched out to try others styles , textures and lighting, separating themselves from their well known classics. The deviation from their usual form of art could not hide the bit of their soul that was instilled in each work of art. The reflection of such compassion and desire was the signature of each artist in which their souls still shine.
Stepping back and looking at the the canvas of life which is transformed regularly into a masterpiece, I saw the power of love which is capable of moving mountains and restructuring a moment in a day.
Sleeping in this morning, I felt myself semi awake, half in and half out of a dream. It was realistic in the sense that it took in actual facts, stirred in some off the wall amount of fantasy and created a dream like chapter, surreal yet clear. It was a blend of the past and a bit of the present in a glance at the future. I laid there caught up in the moment as I reexamined my reactions to that which toyed with my mind.
The day advanced quickly as if time was spinning twice as fast as it normally does. Scattered in thought I tried to focus and keep my mind from drifting. There were many happenings to the day, not necessarily good or bad, but more like they tripped the trigger of awareness. As if in sharing apart of my day I was given a step away from my surroundings and closed the door of darkness to only feel the light of your love warm my heart.


I give thee my love cast upon the night sky
and in the rays of the first morning light.
Pull close my love and with your fingers trace
the words of love in my heart's embrace.
It is the unique balance of want, need and desire
which binds my heart and soul to that of this everlasting love.
A breath of life from my soul to yours
...or is that you have blown a breath of love into mine?

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