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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Everyone has an opinion on what a treasure chest is filled with, what is truly priceless. Material things if lost can be replaced, but than there is the loss of hearing or sight and even life, many place a price tag on the basis of existence. The more you look at what makes us separate from other creatures of the earth the more it all changes, the ability to gain more knowledge, to retain memories, and to share in our extisence, this is indeed priceless. I believe that we all have a treasure chest filled with glorious gifts, the secret is in recognizing, appreciating them and being ever so grateful for that which is granted to us from the moment we are born.
My memory filled snow globe sits on the top shelf of my desk and every now and than I dust it off, shake it up and watch as the snowflakes waft gently down. The snow globe never changes but the ability to gather more of life and love, makes the gift ever more precious. What is the drape of darkness that blinds us from the beauty? Each day has a semblance of the next, but how we think, how we live through, how we devour or not each day morphs. Could it be that our sight is some how blocked and we are blinded, our hearing some how closed that we don't listen and our life sometimes so stagnant that we only exist and do not live.
In examing my own treasure chest, I found it overflowing with memories, brim filled with love and magically packed with life. The sun's rays penetrated through the window giving and extra glow to the winter day. I was fascinated as I again looked out the window at the varied array of birds who focus their energy on feeding till the arrival of spring. They have become dependent of the fact that the feeders will be filled as they return each day to show off their plumes and grant us the chance to hear the magic of their song. Something so small as a simple song bird was filled with enlightment of sort that made me ever so grateful for the day.
I glanced back at the road already traveled, I smiled as I felt the warmth of memory and the joy of love in motion. I then looked ahead and I had a very unique view of the a day in waiting.

I turned on over and I looked at the clock,
five more minutes I begged,
I don't want the moment to stop.

Focused on the visions created by the mind, where you and I are dancing and there is no sense of time. My breath began to slow, I thought it nearly stopped, until your love infused energy ignited with a spark. Shaken for the moment, I was awakened to find, no dreams, nor fantasy could replace a love so fine. Self created visuals began to dissipate but your sweet memories could never fade. You are in my heart, my thoughts and my desires, you are the one who gives life to the hour.


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