Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Pray Day and Night

I pray day and night, the Lord keeps a watch over you. Healthy and safe and guides you my way, to rest gently in my arms.

I kiss you goodnight to seal my love in remembrance of how much I care. Passion and desire are packed for the hours I’m prepared to spend with you.
I sing under the stars, words of love to you where ever you are. Sweet melodies mean nothing to me until they fall on your ears.
I pray day and night; the angels of love dust my love over you, tickle your heart and awaken your soul to the whispers of I love you.
I dream day and night my arms are filled with love from you, never alone I know, I somehow
I'll always find my way back to you.

My First and Last Dream

Sings> My love, you must know,
I need you so and I’m not planning
to ever let a love like ours go
The magic is in the sharing a walk
along the bay, skipping stones and
watching the sun fade away.
Holding you close, my fingers through
your hair and making of a memory to
last through all of our years.
When days of sadness settle at my
backdoor, I think of you my love
and our forevermore.
A smile on my face explains what you
mean to me, my darling, my happiness
my first and last dream.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I shall never take forgranted he who embraces all of life while holding my hand. Nor do I need to be reminded of the beauty that comes with sharing each new day. The magic was the day our souls collided, from then on it became a wonderous blend of emotion. Love took root deep within and grew outward to reflect the passion of our union.
You and me or me and you,
no matter how it equals two,
two hearts, two souls, two in love.
Snow, snow fall on down,
magical crystals carpet the ground.
Winter seems here to stay,
but we know spring will soon melt the day.
The embers are little reminders of the love that waits to rekindled.
Deep seeded passion reignites the fire creating a flame of desire.
The combination of love and respect unlocked my heart.

Let Me Entertain You - Natalie Wood (by request)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Snowflakes on a Summer Day

As vulnerable as snowflakes on a summer day and as magical as dreams that never fade away. The love grows deep within my very soul and extends outward to caress your heart of gold. I couldn't imagine a day without you by myside or the dark of night without you in my mind. I reach out to find you are reaching back, if only but to give a smile and cause me to have an inside laugh. Stepping outside the realm of yesterday, I found you held the key to the land of faraway. Anxiously I run to feel your warm embrace, to kiss you goodnight in our special place.

I held you in my dreams, kissed you good night,
whispered songs of love of which you cannot fight.
I danced upon the clouds, I bowed to take your hand,
I placed you in my heart and reviewed the Lord's plan.
Swept up in a breeze, the wind danced with the trees,
branches arched down to lift us up from the ground.
If you dare to see beyond all clouds and dreams, you
will find it's not a game of the mind.
Love is true, each day is better with you, creating
a new hue in the skies of blue.
Better then before, I don't need to beg for more,
for what you bring to me is as powerful as a mountain
Up against the rock you can hear the waters talk,
over sand and stone, like my heart that moans.
I, I , I love you...I, I, I love you...I, I, I love you
and there we are found dancing underneath the
It's not the place or the hour of the day, the only thing that mattered is what the heart had to say. Sing it from the heavens, dance star to star, whispers of love lit the hills a spark. Felt it the first day, felt it in my soul, I knew I was free and your hand I'd hold.

Your still loving me..

Sings> Each Day With you

Each day I wake up, It’s a morning shake up,
hearts embraced and your still loving me.
Dreams of two, creates a wonderful view,
a precious silhouette of me loving you.
Kisses of sweetness fulfills with such
completeness, your soul to mine, entwined
for all time.
I thank the Lord for arranging this meeting

of the hearts and playing the song of love
upon heavens harp.
Each day I wake up, it's a morning shake up,
hearts embraced and your still loving me.

Don't Pinch....if it's a dream I want dance in your arms forever
and if it's not I want wake up kissing you like it is.
I am inspired by knowing you, my heart on fire from loving you.
Passionately on the cloud of dreams.

I love you


...it was a very good year.

La la la

How wonderful and beautiful is this life that put you in my path and placed your hand in mind, each year better then the last. How magical and warm is such an embrace, each and every morning such glee, it put a smile on my face and gave to me new memories.


Sings>I can hardly wait until the morning, to share with you the day’s first hello. I can’t wait to tell you that I need you, and how much I love you so.
I can hardly wait until your holding, my body close to yours. I can’t wait until I feel your heart beating and I can’t wait to hear your whispers, as you beg for more.
I can hardly wait until the moment; I place the kiss of love upon your lips. I can’t wait till the dream is over and the taste of sweetness sends me into a world of bliss.
I can hardly wait until I see your smile in conjunction with mine. I can’t wait for those simple pleasures of feeling your hand locked in mine.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm fallen, I'm fallen, I'm fallen dear

As long as your beside me, there's nothing we can't do. The journey would be meaningless if not for the love of you. It's the smile in the morning, the dance in the night, the embrace of a lifetime that constantly excites.

I felt myself lose my grip and through the stars of the night I began to slip. Scary as it was I knew I'd be fine as the chill of the night ran down my spine. Standing tall with an invitational embrace, your arms stretching from outer space. I'm fallen, I'm fallen, I'm fallen dear and in the echo a whisper repeated "fall right here. "
I felt your arms generous embrace and the last thing I knew you were removing the lace. There I stood with nothing to hide, with our love between us as the only guide. I'm fallen, I'm fallen, I'm fallen dear, and a whisper echoed a love sweet prayer.
In the darkness I soon could see, the past directed a change in the journey, and lessons needed to be taught, to appreciate every soul born thought. I'm fallen, I'm fallen, I'm fallen dear and I heard you shout out, " just fall without fear. "
Entwined heart and soul, I knew at that moment my life would unfold and there you'd be for all time, my lover, my best friend, my partner in crime. I'm fallen, I'm fallen, I'm fallen dear and a song bounced off the mountains, " I'll always be here. "
Dancing soul to soul, I couldn't begin to control, the beat of my heart, the time and place, this magical moment could never be replaced. I'm fallen, I'm fallen, I'm fallen dear and I heard your sweet voice sing, " allow your love to fall right here."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Song for You!

Sung softly >I found the gate to the dreams open wide, I found your love hidden inside. Step by step, closer to you, in your arms ,in your heart, in the skies of blue.
Traveling beyond the stars of night, I chose a cloud of soft puffs of white. My soul mate waiting for me to dance, I closed my eyes and opened my heart and I took a chance.
Could it be you have been here along, in the background of life till I was strong. Willing to hold my hand and journey the distance from mountains to sand.
If wishes could really come true, I'd wish that park bench and a hot dog or two, I'd wish one moment next to you, I 'd wish my forever growing young with you.


Slaying Dragons

We are always slaying dragons and not behind armor do we hide, for your heart is 10,000 times the strength of a shield of brass or steel and still it weathered beautifully through the many years and has a softness that time could never kill. One by one we tackle and we watch the walls crumble and fall and head on face the dragons both giant beast and small. Then the the day comes closing and the darkness soon appears and in the sky I see only stars of happiness and clouds of love to share. Proudly I lay beside you my head upon your chest and celebrate the slaying of another dragon as in this heaven we both are blessed.

You can be my honey bee

You can be my honey bee and I'll be your sweet and
we'll create magic that will lift us off our feet.

Honey Bees

It doesn't take mountains or a river to a sea,
the love through my veins is from you to me.
It is not a canvas that is set on display, but the
vision of love performs each moment of the day.
It is not the honey bee or the flowers of spring,
it is what is created from the smallest of dreams.
I am torn between happiness and sadness today. You ask how can this be, how can sorrow's shadow cast darkness and gray? The response was in the tear that rolled down my cheek, of sunshine and laughter and yet disbelief. Gentle your love that brushed it away, my heart held close and a whisper you made. My darling, my darling I have recited a prayer for the angels of kindness to dust from the air, kisses so warm, so love filled and free that you'll know that I am with you for all eternity.
I love you too!

...and my heart

Sings> The love you give, over and over again, is an infusion of life to my heart. Encouraging dreams and songs from memory, I dance with you my love. Take my hand and my heart for my soul has long been waiting for my partner of life. Take my hand and my heart for my soul has long been waiting and nothing will separate the bonding of soul and heart.
I smile, you smile,
you laugh, I laugh,
you dream, I dream... we live!

Your love

Imagine a butterfly devouring the nectar of the wild flowers in a sun lit summer field, then you will know how close you have become to me, as my heart absorbs your love.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Must be Love

There is the place in the mountains where I go to share, my heart and soul with you my dear. I whispered darling, I love you so and the hills echoed back real loud and slow. I feel you daily in this magical place, where dreams are made in a lifetime embrace.

Febuary snowflakes

Love, can overcome all obstacles.
True love cannot end it can only grow stronger,
as long as your willing to go for the ride.
Gazing out the window at the snowflakes blowing around, each one a little different falling to the ground. A blanket of white covers the hills, pure magic made it all for a moment stand still. I began to dance and then I started to sing and staring through the woodlands I started to dream. I dreamt you here with me, catching snowflakes on a memory.
I Y u

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Magic of Loving You

Candle flames shadow a dance on the wall, rhythmic music fills the air with a soft melodic call. The stage set and the invitation sent, for the embrace of a lifetime with you my friend. Hearts collide and souls transcend, further then the starry sky to a paradise where dreams extend. Caught up in my forevermore, I saddle up to explore, the magic of loving you.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Michael Bublé - You and I

Candle light, soft music and there I am in your arms... don't pinch!

Think Spring...

Little reminders of spring on its way, as the days a little longer and the mornings a bit lighter and you can sense it in the air the days a little nicer..The willow budded and the daffodils reaching up from the ground and joyous sounds as the birds return for another round. The stream moving quickly hits up against the rocks and the water dances like nymphs of the forest flittering in fear of the hawk. Every morning he perches high In the tree, until he senses my presence and his wings open wide and fly free. My world extended and yet distant as can be, as I am enclosed in the hollow in the hills surrounded by the trees.

Cloud dancing

Sings>No tears or sadness, no heartbreak for me,
I danced with love and love danced with me.

Courted in the heavens sent down in a dream,
you were sent to stand by me.

No tear or sadness, no heartbreak for me,
I danced with love and love danced with me.

Every morning and all through the day,
I feel your embrace from miles away.

Whispers>No tears or sadness, no heartbreak for me,
I danced with love and love danced with me.

Friday, February 15, 2008


It is not what he said, but what he failed to say.
I didnt expect more of him, I interpreted poorly.


The more intense the love,
the bigger flame.


Love can embrace both the spiritual and physical,
bonded together unbreakable.


Happiness is best felt
when the mind is at peace.


It's not difficult to live with you in the clouds,
it's difficult to come back to earth.


An infusion of your love warms my heart,

as it sets my soul a fire.


I am committed to living,
loving and dancing each
day on our cloud.
Your love does not feel a need,
it celebrates the joy of life.
Living life through your eyes
as you look into my heart.
Love endures at the hands of romance,
everyday is a first, my first forever.
A comfort zone is a breeding ground for neglect,
a loud beating heart is acceptable, listen closely.


It is ok to occassionally stumble and fall,
location is ever so important,
preferably your arms to
a rose garden.
Truth builds a strong foundation
to support the walls of love.
To nurture the heart,
one must feed the soul.

The Games People Play

Games were created to entertain,
but sooner or later they all end.
Denial built a baracade to keep the truth at bay,
but in your heart you know my love is with
you till time all fades away.
I have learned many lessons on my journey and
anothers weakness shall not be my guide.
Was it my failure to see or
his failure to believe?
The grains of truth built a mountain,
I had to find the courage to climb it.
It was because of the words of those who cared,
that it became more clearer who didn't.
Lust without love is half of an equation.


Time speaks the truth; I cannot deny who traveled with me both day and night. A fond memory is what I recall, you told me it would fade but that was some long haul. I tried to hold him to force my embrace but his life had no room, as the decision was long ago set in place. You can’t make a person look in your eyes, you can’t give your heart if his shield is set on high. Call it a chapter, call it a day, or maybe a memory that won’t fade away.

James Taylor - You've Got a Friend (Beacon Theatre 1998)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

When I fall in love

with you...

Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole - When I Fall In Love

Why Do fools fall in Love

In Love

There are those who will never reach or access the journey down the path of being " in love. " Never finding the person who compliments life with the passion and excitement that sets the heart a fire. "In love" an intense emotion that has no boundaries is seeded with a deep desire and lust that combine to create a complex state of confusion to a rather rational mind. I find that the necessary ingredients start on a platform built on common ground, from there it expands with an uncontained energy to develop and ultimate experience in both a physical and spiritual magic.An uncontrollable obsession of desire to share more and more of every moment. To believe, encourage and fuel the spirit of our intended companion and also feel that same fuel flame from deep inside.

We have a pretty good concept of what love and in love feels like, from early on we are coded with thoughts of expectation.Love should be kind, exciting , warm, trusting, faithful, etc. It is an exploding social event heightened by music, literature, as they are all advertisements for love.

Never the less it is our basic instinct to find a partner, some would say it based on the animal in us. Yet so many are misled on the trail of romance, some falling for the night in shining armor, the doctor syndrome, where patient looks to the person who helps in the healing, the physical attributes and the list goes on.

My definetion of in love... a beautiful balance that know no boundaries.

my funny valentine-frank sinatra

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everyday is Valentines Day!

When your love reaches out and pulls me near and the mountains bow to love dancing on air. In celebration my heart beats a loud and the holiday celebrated is when you are around.
I don't need a holiday to say how much I care,
I celebrate to memory from the first day you
You took my heart and taught it how to dance
and sing and everywhere I go, now feels like
a dream.
I don't need a holiday to say that I love you,
I say it first thing in the morning and again
when the the day is through.
You taught me to celebrate the birth of a
new day and I rejoice each moment, twenty
four hours a day.
I don't need a holiday to guide my love, I send it
to you when the wind touches down from

The Dance Floor of Life

Surrounded by the hollow in its snow winter white, the fire is steadily burning and toasty am I. Alone for the moment, till I closed my eyes and a dance floor from the heavens fell from the sky.

Sings>Take my hand, take my heart, my love all yours, smile and laugh like never before. Take my hand, take my heart, my love all yours, soul dancing on life's dance floor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sam Cooke - Cupid

Happy Valentines Day!!

Beyond the mountains of ice and the hollows hold,
a world awaits with summer times gold.
A window new so I could see past the winter days
of gray, to places I have never been, to sing and
dance and play.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Browns run

There was ice on the waters of Browns run stream and the closer I stepped the more I believed. Your love beside me warmed so my heart, even the mountains couldn't keep us apart.
Bubbling over the bed of rock the water shouted out your name. Caught off guard I listened again as the hills my heart trained. Explore the sounds and feel the joy over an over again, I love you on the canvas of life beautifully displayed.

Sycamore Tree


Singing>Sometimes we have to bypass the mountains rocky stream, settle by the waters near the sycamore tree. Sitting here alone I began to daydream, that you were here with me creating memories.The hills became alive and I could here it sing through the movements of the water and the whistling of the trees. The sun began to shine and the ice began to melt and my heart began to beat as your love I felt. Oh, Sometimes we have to bypass the mountains rocky stream, settle by the waters near the sycamore tree...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The wind halted as the sun quickly set and the moon was blocked by a simple eclipse. I looked into the starry sky and somehow I knew, wherever you were you saw it shining too.


Gazing at the largest star in the northern sky, bold and bright it reflected both heart and mind. A silhoutte of two in a loving embrace, closed the gap of distance bringing us face to face.


Joss Stone

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Platters - Only You (1955)

Baby I love you..

Sings> I could feel your breath as you whispered words of love. Surreal, I confused reality with the dreams sent on the wings of a dove. My heart began to tremble at the thought of your touch, so much so I held my pillow tight and shouted out loud. Baby, I need you, Baby, I want you, Baby, I love you ... Baby, I need you, Baby, I want you, Baby, I love you.

Soon the stars controlled the evening sky, sparkling in the heavens led your soul to mine. Silence fell and a little frightened was I,until I listened closely and it was no surprise, I heard.Baby, I need you, Baby, I want you, Baby, I love you...Baby I need you, Baby, I want you, Baby, I love you.

Engaged in the beauty of your magical embrace, I felt the bonding of our souls raptured in outer space. Colossal the moment as amazing as can be and when I looked up in the sky the words of love could be seen. Baby, I need you, Baby I want you, Baby, I love you… Baby I want you, Baby I need you, Baby, I love you

Doing the Dishes...

Doing the dishes and singing a song,
caught in a dream I brought you along
with me, dancing by memory.
Candles lit and the music plays, step
by step in your arms all day, a comfort
that I can't explain.
Doing the dishes and singing a song,
and the strangest thing happen and
I felt your arms, take a hold of me.
Kitchen carpet began to fade
as the clouds swept me away,
to my favorite place.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Newly Fallen Snow

A dusting of snow along the winding
stream, evokes sweet thoughts
and warm memories.
The water reflects a border of trees,
but if you view with your heart,
my love you will see.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A poem a day...

Sings> A poem a day...

A poem a day for the rest of my life,
I’ll write for you and in the heavens recite.
All of my love and all of my dreams,
combined with your memory.
A poem a day for the rest of my life,
I’ll write for you and in the heaven recite.
The words of joy you have given to me, the
way you taught my heart to sing.
A poem a day for the rest of my life,
I’ll write for you and in the heaven recite.

... and the grayness of the hills became bright with color.

When the snow falls to dust the hills of the hollow,
a scene of winter to many appears. But deep in
my heart you gave it such color and I know
spring is near.
When the robins in great numbers took flight,
I was amazed as they settled on the crabapple
trees for one night.Magical is every sight when
I share with you each day of my life.
When winter reminds us with little storms, and
awakens the heart as it begs for more. Nothing
in life we can't handle, as you lit the flame on
a non burning candle.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feel...listen and dream

Take my hand and one, two, three, jump into my world, where we become one with the mountains. Feel the power of the water as it brushes up against your soul, the freedom of the blue sky as it invites to you dream. Listen to the sounds of the hollow as they echo and the laughter and joy of love as it lulls you into a state of peace.

A Glimpse of the Hollow

The hills reflect a season of change,
like your love ever growing..


Muddy waters and gray skies darken the day,

but your love brings clarity and in

its reflection peace and happiness.

I fell

I placed your kerchief on my pillow
,to embrace my every dream, a foundation
of love built on joyous memories.
I tightly closed my eyes to allow my heart to see,
your love always with me, from sun lit mornings
through all my nightly dreams.
Obssessed with the fragrance, it brought a little
more of you to me. I savored the scent as
it placed a trance on me.
Powerful passion broke the spell and dazed
and filled with rapture, it was in your arms I fell.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I love you

I smiled, you smiled,I laughed, you laughed,
I dreamed, you dreamed... we embrace.
The smell of your cologne still lingers,
the sound of your voice still haunts,
the warmth of your heart still
brings comfort.

Races you to the pillow and kisses you goodnight.
I counted more then 27 reasons...
but only one mattered most, I love you
The temperature is seventy two and rising,
I thought I'd remove the over coat...smiles.

Amy Winehouse - To Know Him Is To Love Him

and I do!

Amy Winehouse - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I wanna hold your hand

Clark and Chloe - For Once in My Life

Hold Me Kiss Me Thrill Me

I have your memory, gentle and sweet,
to kiss me each morning and make
my day feel complete.
I have your love, like a spring day in

bloom, to pick me up and dance under
the daylight moon.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The music

The music heard loudest, when your head is on my heart. The song of the soul gives the melody its start, the words simply sung consist of only three, the one that says how much you mean to me. ... I love you!


As invasive as a wisteria vining wildly along the road,
is your love inside of me that continuosly grows.

The Cranberries - (They Long to Be) Close to You

Ground Hog

I don’t care what the ground hog said springs not far behind,
the mallard made his great return and his mate is by his side.
Winter might have a few more storms to throw our way,
but we know they won’t last, they’ll quickly melt away.
Look out stubborn gray sky! We’re shooing your darkness aside,
kept a little loving from summer time.You can review through
my reserves, I kept your warm love in a dream like blurb.
A little laughter to they day, touches me in the most
fascinating way, deep in my heart where you took a hold,
anchored your love and embraced my soul.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tender Embrace

Tonight I have few words, but a greater depth of exploration. In the dark of the night I can sense your being. I am running and running as fast I can, open your arms and you will see, that the race through the stars is the very next dream.

I felt a cloud heavy and gray, surround my soul for most of the day. Then suddenly the sky parted in a way, clearing the distance that kept you at bay. The wind it roared it controlled the sea and so I thought it could work for me. Whispers of love in a winter time breeze, direct to your heart to remind you of me. Softly feel it brush against your face and leave with you my tender embrace.
Shhhhh...close your eyes, kisses you goodnight.
My mind has been bouncing around,

but somehow I always end up in your arms.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

When I ask for you to hold me,
it's not for this moment in time........ don't let go!

I'll soon be there.....

Perception, a blend of awareness and interpetation creates a sense of understanding. There are times the path is cleared of any rubble and debris and the journey appears to have direction and a sense of reasoning . Troubling emotions and a unsatiated desire create feelings of an imeasurable loss. Trapped between two worlds and laboring to unpuzzle the complexity created by the perplex divisions of the mind. Complication of a simplistic view redirects the visions or heightens the spiritual of what is. A craving that needs to be met reaches out to hold you close in the dark of night. Floating in my own tears, it leads to your arms. Wait for me, I'll soon be there.

To love and to be loved brings unity.