Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet kisses

Nature tells a story, she speaks of impatience and despair, for she knows spring is coming and again the flowers in bloom will again appear. Though weary the spirit, downhearted and filled with gloom, listen to mother nature, as she tells us what to do. "Trust in your heart, it leads you down a path, where the arms of love are waiting beyond the days long past. " My eyes now seem opened and the day no longer bleak, because I know no matter the season, each day with love is like that of spring.
I think we are who we become way
before we ever give it much thought.

My feet began dancing,
my heart can't deny,
the love that I feel,
with you by myside.

I don't know how,
I don't know the why,
but your love caught
me totally by surprise.

The dreams reveal how
love should be, you
complimented it and
now I believe.

Sweet passionate kisses
from deep in my soul
and tender embraces
to forever hold.

My feet began dancing,
my heart can't deny,
the love that I feel
with you by myside.


He who weaves the moment, he who stops the pain, he who sends the kisses, loves for another day. He who holds my heart, he who unlocks the dreams, he who believes in happiness has everything to gain.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breath Taking Moments

Softly plays the music,
the strings within the heart,
one of dreams and happiness,
both of daylight and the dark.

The soul an enables to
my heart a song, a verse
of love and one of life, both
which make us strong.
The brave little Carolina Wren,
she so braved the storm and
when I opened up the door,
she fluttered to the floor.

She tried to make the window,
the glass a barrier made and
in the sink she began to swim,
as her chances of freedom fade.

I dried her little feathers and I
warmed them by the light and
as she gained her strength I set
her free and she took flight.

The little Carolina Wren upon
the feeder now and as I watched
her eat the seed, I looked unto
the heavens and I smiled.

This a glance at freedom,the
little wings spread wide and
as I tried to move in closer,
she waved here wings for
a goodbye.


Everyone is acquainted with the story of Aladdin and most would say they have thought at least once about what they would do if they had three wishes. First thing that came to my mind was "be careful what you wish for." We have a tendency to see an object or a subject from one side, when all of life has varied dimensions. Laughing as I thought hmm, I am complicating the "three wishes."
In my visions for the world, you might say that the reality of it makes it improbable that people will come together and unite as one in both concept and thought. Peace is really nothing other than respect for differences. I thought about the simplicity of the thought or wish, the wish for peace. It is really rather simple if like mines walked the earth. This is the complication of man, for he beds in his heart, greed, selfishness and hatred.
I glanced out the window at the mountain of snow and watched as newly fallen snow compounds before my very eyes. I once again laughed in December we were wishing for a white Christmas and in February we are wishing for an early spring. You might say we are getting a little to much of a good thing, as the trees arch to the ground weighted down by the heaviness of snow. Even the healthiest and strongest of trees find their branches snapping under the weight of the snow. The positive side is we will have plenty of firewood stock piled for the following winter.
You might say that we have been granted paradise but with mans imperfect way, we deny our self the pleasure of the moment. Nature naturally creates an environment that makes all creatures of the earth vulnerable and as flowers grow and bloom so do we and as it been so eloquently written " there is a time to live and a time to die, a time for peace and a time for war."
Reacquainting myself with the thought of " three wishes" I thought a safe bet would be to wish to awaken each day in health and to continue to share the love of life.

Three Wishes

I wish upon the moment,
the sweetness of your embrace,
the kiss of life which we can
jointly taste.

I wish the love of the angels,
to whisper down from the sky,
and keep you safe on the
journey of your life.

I wish for happiness, infused in
desire, the mixture of excitement,
and a calm that ignites your heart
on fire.

The candle lit reflects on the wall, the images of love and the memory of it all. The rose petals create the scene, where I lay my head upon the pillow and I begin to dream. Simple little pleasures that many overlook, the warming of oils and your hands that flow like a summer time brook. My eyes closed and a smile surfaced from me, for we are as close as love meant us to be.

The flame of love aggregates the mind,teasing my soul, stopped the hands of time. I gasped as the darkness unveiled the dream and the magic of love which brought you to me. My heart fluttered, the moment sublime, elevated my soul and to this moment a sign. You are with me in all that I do and in all that I am your love radiates through.

Breath taking moments, the dream surreal, like clouds to the heavens, your love I feel. Passion has surfaced and devotion you'll find, empowers the spirit to reach out and find. I found you waiting with your arms opened wide and from the first moment I stepped on inside. The heart so inviting, gentle and kind, opened the doorway to this love of mine.

I don't know what others see,
all I know is that you are part of me.

I don't know what others hear,
I hear angels songs of love near.

I don't know what others dream,
all I know is that you are all I see.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictorial Prose

The warmth of a thousands suns fuses with
the soul in a display of love within your heart.
From the mountains to the blue sky,
from the clouds to your heart,
I'm sending all my love, to
embrace you from afar.

From the ocean to the shore,
from my memories through the day,
I'm holding my forever in the
most amazing way.

From the dreams a story,
from the snow a chill,
the moment you said hello
and my heart stood still.

Friday, February 12, 2010

When I Love, I Love Completely...

The trees stand to battle each and every winter storm and though they remain dormant their roots shallow upon the earth are torn. Vulnerable every creature upon the sullen earth, as mother nature takes away as well as she gives birth. I shall not take for granted a moment in a day, nor will I wish for spring or the sun filled month of May.For today is awfully special, I know you feel it to, like the snow flakes that are falling and my dreams of loving you. The beauty equates with happiness, the memories so surreal as if I could reach through the darkness and over the highest hills. I sense it in the morning, I want to pull you close and somehow it just all happens and this my heart knows. That dreams are but a gateway, the clouds a way to feel and the world filled with magic reminds me that today I made a deal. That I'd be ever grateful, for sunlit skies and starry nights, stormy weather and the calm that is not yet in sight. The gift is awfully obvious like snow brushed against a tree, from the moment I met you , I felt your love embrace so tenderly.

The book a bit tattered, the pages faded and old, but the story remains the same, the journey a treasure to behold. One by one I turned each page, as if walking through a dream, the words just seem to disappear and were replaced by memories. The pages aged and yellow crumbled to the floor and as I try to gather them , I found myself with my knees and my soul a bit shaken upon the floor. I thought I must save them, the days of love record and so that when I am gone the future will know the day that love was born. My heart, I felt it tremble, it shook to let know, that I am one with love and loves not letting go. No longer is there silence, no rivers deeps and cold, for knowledge built the bridges and love unlocked the gates and when you dare to pass through them, you are eye to eye with fate.
So great a love,
so warm a heart,
gives sun to winter
and light to dark.
Infused with passion,
drenched in desire,
took my spirit and
set it a fire.
This is my heart, my soul and my dreams,
and to you my love I give the seas. Senses
wonderful and fine, listen and feel and
taste the sweetness of seasonal salts and
summers wine.
If I stop recording the hearts plea, who will know what lives in me? Each day a pen to paper I write and the words of love in a world of delight. I can't explain it and I can't let go of the magic of love that in me grows.
I have loved and this is true,
that the love in me just
grew and grew.
I didn't know, I wasn't sure,
but when abscence came
I begged for more.
Beg to hold you, to kiss
you good night and hold
you close till the morning
I have loved and this is true,
that the love in me just
grew and grew.
Confused and altered, my
soul explains how love
drives the mind insane.
My wants were obvious,
my needs appeared, your
love to my heart a spear.
Rise sun rise and shine on through
and let my love to his soul infuse.

When I love, I love completely,
when I dream it's always of you,
when I pray, I pray to the heavens
to thank them for making all
of my dreams come true.

When I think of all the time
we're apart and I think of a
life without you, that's when
my heart, when my heart, cries
out, cries out for you.

When I love, I love completely,
when I dream, it's always of you,
when I pray, I pray to the heavens
to thank them for making all of
my dreams come true.

When tears no longer fall and the
sun always shines through, that's
the moment of our forever, where
you'll find I fell in love with you.

When I love, I love completely,
when I dream, it's always of you,
when I pray, I pray to the heavens,
to thank them for making all of
my dreams come true.

When darkness is all consuming
and I again wish you were here,
that is the moment, when the magic
of love, to my pillow makes your
image appear.

When I love, I love completely,
when I dream, it's always of you,
when I pray, I pray to the heavens,
to thank them for making all of my
dreams come true.

When sorrow makes a move and
your flesh is all I desire, I close my
eyes and I drift, to the place where
the dreams to my heart empower.

When I love, I love completely,
when I dream, it's always of you,
when I pray, I pray to the heavens,
to thank them for making all of my
dreams come true.

When days of question arise and
I ask myself why now? The answer
appears, like the star dust from
the heavens, "because the time of
now is here. "

When I love, I love completely,
when I dream, it's always of you,
when I pray, I pray to the heavens,
thank them for making all of my
dreams come true.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyday is Valentines Day....loving you.

Distance be the fool as the mountains fail to restrain and the rivers flow like magic with the dreams that lovers make. The snow a bit heavy is troublesome to some but I can see in each snowflake a semblance of our love. It dares to tackle the season each and everyone one and reigns like summer sunshine shining down from up above. Glorious the feeling that has come over me, when I reach out day and night to feel you next to me. Your sweet love drenched in innocence speaks so tenderly with a kindness that has touched my soul so remarkably. Rare is the treasure, a glimpse that few have ever seen of a love so powerful it brought you to me.

This dance through life sent me in a spin
and into your arms without looking.
The dreary winter is no longer gray ,
as we dance the darkness away.

In someways I think that the problem with holidays is that people feel required to acknowledge and than also that they are required on a particular day to celebrate. If you live love everyday is Valentines Day and I believe that those emotions and actions should be celebrated each moment of each day.

I celebrate each moment
with the love you bring and
everyday a holiday that
makes my heart sing.

I celebrate living and loving
you, from the moment I fall
a sleep till I wake up next to

Living and love it's a holiday
come true. When you see
the skies have always been
the wondrous shade of blue.

I celebrate each moment
that you and I share and on
this journey I know our
love will persevere.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

As Valentines Day approaches, I found myself examining the passionate dreams of desire, the magic of emotions and the celebration of hearts. I thought about love and what it represents and it was obvious that love, unconditional and unselfish is the ultimate and most empowering source of energy granted to one human being to share with another. It is not about wrong or right, mistakes or faults as love represents the strength not of one soul but of two souls entwined magically upon earths carpet.
Finishing okay maybe the fourth phone call with my sister, we spoke of everything under the sun, including love. Caution to the wind when love first appears, for there is no mistaken when true love is in the air. What is true love ? It has been said that true love endures and ventures through everything life has in store. Embraces the sorrow, wipes each tear from the cheek and kisses with laughter beyond each days dream. What is true love? This I can tell you as it easily done, love is when your heart and mine become one. What is true love? Trusting, unwaivering, a touch of the divine, the magic of the heaven, a treasure to fine. What is true love? It is something you know from deep in your soul, that you would do anything for just once to hold. What is true love? The most precious of gifts not meant for one but to share, it's the gift of the heart that shows that you care.
What is true love? It the unspoken words, the warmth of a day when you step out of the dream and into my arms to lay. What is true love? True love sees beauty in gray skies, sun in a storm and has the abililty through life to endure.

To kiss you each morning and hold you so tight,
and whisper I love you both morning and night.
To sense when you need me and with a joy of
delight,know that there is no wrong when
love is in sight.

To dance on the clouds and soar in the blue
when its all done to whisper I love you.
To laugh and to smile, to dream as one
and when I open my eyes, I'm in the arms
of my love.

I know that void,
I have felt it so
and there is doubt
that I'm sure you

Love is wonderful,
magical and kind,
the sweetness of
heaven bathed in
the souls brine.

How is that you know when I need you?

I love you... Happy Valentines Day!!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Unfairytale

It might be the effects of being snowed in or maybe it is just an over active imagination that stimulates the mind and the heart. The toiling of emotions can be compared to that of a childhood fairytale. The fairytale always seems to have a mixture of mythological creatures, villian and foe and happily ever after endings. From childhood on we are read stories that touch on the unknown and reveal the mysteries of life, providing us with a moral . Each story stimulates the varied emotions, from excitement to fear and always appears to end with happy. It's been said that everything written including the books of fiction have a bit of truth or experience written into the creation of a story.
My mind restless and scattered reviewed my life as if it were a story. I was feeling like I was entwined within a chapter one that had touched all the emotions including that of excitement, fear and happiness. But the emotions expanded greatly through the many experiences and all that had surfaced from each one. I felt the heaviness of the present dysfunction, one that found me trapped with a solemn heart. It was as if I were floating in a flood without direction or reason. Captive by ignorance and victim of choice, I knew that the road was created and the decision to follow my own.
My stomach a bit in knots as I tried to listen to my inner thoughts and where these emotions were directing me. It reminded me of my previous resolution " to thine own self be true" and I realized that truth is all around us and my needs were really quite simple. As if this was a summary of life and happiness, love and desire were carefully indexed. There is something uniquely special when hearts come together and more amazing is when souls see the reflection of one within the other.
It is obvious that in this story, I have met with tragedy, looked eye to eye with the villain, struggled through various scenes and surfaced with the ability to see and understand all that which exist and can be seen through my own heart. I felt the hunger to be loved, found the bridge that closes the gap of miles as I overcome the obstacles written in way before I acknowledged the presence of true love all around. I now am more certain and obviously it is clear that love never sits in judgement as it was bequeathed from the heavens to bring your warmth so near. Perfect is the moment each and everyone one we share, because love is simply amazing when you realize how much the heart can care. The words were written and no fairytale will you see, for here is my emotions, beyond that of dreams and I know that I have met with love and love now resides in me.
Love is wonderful and that comes with a guarantee,
that no matter what the obstacles, all you have to do is believe.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Everything in life has to do with balance and sometimes it feels like you walking on that tight rope high above the clouds. Lean to far in one direction and you find yourself falling. The seasons have the ultimate power when it comes to catching us off guard, as we are never really quite sure what they are going to bring and when. Nature really does have away of teaching us all that we need to know about life. How crucial respect is, how important it is to nurture and to blanket it all with love, as love makes everything possible even in the most negative of situations.

Life really is about the ABC's of love,

the more we give, the more love we get.


Absolute is the moment, a perfection that only heaven can claim. My heart in rhythmic beats of sweet love, my soul repitively exclaims, " nothing could be more wonderful, than this love that need not be explained. The dreams but a gateway thats leads you to me and all that you need to do is just simply believe.

Close your eyes and you will find me, open them up and you'll see, I never left you my dear and our love is certainly no dream. . Loving like love would have it, singing the song of my soul, living the life as it was meant to be, each moment where you are here with me.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Simplicity of Love

I long to feel your love,
to share in your embrace,
to fill the emptiness of spirit
and place your head upon
my shoulder and let fall
the silk and lace.

The simplicity of love,
sent from up above,
to bring you here to me.

When the shines bright or
the stars take over the night,
all I see is you and I.

Love is found, from heavens
falling down, like the magic
of a dream.

The simplicity of love,
sent from up above,
to bring you here to me.

A smile is on my face,
a warmth that can be
traced to the love of
you and I.

I know that this is true,
the love I hold for you,
there is nothing my
heart wouldn't do.

To hold you in my arms,
and even though we are
a far, to kiss your sweet

The simplicity of love,
sent from up above,
to bring you here to me.

Sweet tenderness,
I dream of your kiss,
the truth from your lips
speaks unselfishly.

You are patient and kind,
your friendship blows my
mind, as you have taught
me what love should be.

Blessed are we that the
road directed you to me
and I can live with all
the love you give.

Sweet tenderness,
I dream of your kiss,
the truth from your lips,
speaks unselfishly.

You have my admiration,
and my respect that's true,
you have all my love and it's
my heart that's holding on to you.

You have all my devotion, someday
you will see, when our hands are
locked together and our love is
released from the dreams to soar free.

The snow is heavily falling and all I can
think of is you and wonder where you
are and what you're doing and wondering
if you are thinking of me too.

The flakes likes big puffs of white cotton,
intricate I explore and as they blanket
the earth, I find I my soul begs to feel
you more.

To keep warm my spirit and embrace
this moment in time, so that no matter
the distance our hearts will be securely

I realized one thing life and one thing I know for sure to be true,

that my heart is filled with love and this love I give to you.
I wanted to place in order of importance all that you mean to me
but it was rather incomprehensible because you are my everything.

Just believe in love,
go on and dream my love,
I'm waiting there for you,
in the heavens of blue.

I'll hold you tight, rock
you to sleep at night,
I'll love so, I just want
you to know.

Just believe in love,
go on and dream my love,
I'm waiting there for you,
in the heavens of blue.

I thought how many poems can one write of such a wonderous love and how many combinations are yet to be unlocked from the heavens above? The answer was relatively easy and my heart responded with a sigh, "it never stops from feeling and the dreams never leave my mind . "Quickly and with out hesitation the heart again replied, "for every second in a minute and every minute in an hour that times eternity thats how many poems your love inspires. "


The winter storm is but a reminder of the love that

gives us strength and this is utmost gift of glory

that the Lord gave us to embrace.


If I thought about the distance I would surely just sit here and cry,

instead I close that gap with bridges that love built with the mind.


It doesn't really matter when how the wind blows,

the importance is in its direction that to

to you my love it goes.


The saddest of moments is knowing that love waits

and the mountains separate.


I exist as you exist,

to love and to be loved.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I had not given you my heart,
it was obvious it was yours from the start.
You make me laugh, you caused the smiles
and when I sleep, you close the miles.
I could dream of shared moments,
or the fusing of our souls, but as I
felt your love within me, I knew
the dreams were minute to your
The day is like a treasure, your
friendship a gift so fine and as I
hold you in my heart, I feel
the kiss of love make you mine.
Let me tell you how much I miss you,
I miss you so much that my heart
screams in silence and my soul feels
despair, as both are eager to hold
your love here.
Incredible the feeling, so magical indeed and as I gazed into the moonlight, I trembled as a silhouette appeared to me. Heaven cast the image, our hearts complimented it so and as I watched the miracle, the moment took on a special glow. I felt it lift my spirit, it kissed my soul with delight, the spell of love was cast and your arms were holding tight. This must be the gift of passion infused in that of desire and as I reached to hold you closer I felt my spirit lift even higher. Some sort of blessing, inseperable were we, as we embraced upon the clouds and joined one to one in the magic of a gentle breeze.

This Love...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sweet Memory

I have many times requested some sort of normalcy to my life and then I thought am I worthy of such a life of calm and peace? Out of the blue I felt your love swoop down and pick me up and hold me in the most safest of embraces. At that very moment, in my mind and in my heart a inner whisper said" this is love as love would have it." Magical, safe,wonderful, warm and caring,the giving of heart, the embracing of souls and at that moment everything seemed as it should be... but it was far from normal, because there is nothing average or common about this love. This love is the most spectular, amazing gift of life, that I so cherish.
I have looked my life over from beginning to end
and nothing more powerful than what I share with
you my friend.

It really is rather simple and no rules does love define,
as long as your wants combine with your desires,
you'll find in return a love that's truly ours.

It is the thrill of anticipation early in the morn when
I awake to the images of love and the dreams of
what is in store.

Precious the images as two souls sweetly entwine and
cast a sense of peace that soothes the troubled mind.

It really is rather simple and no rules does love define,
because the road was long and twisted doesn't make
you any less more mine.

Your love has reached deep within me,
infused your love into my soul. Enriched
am I with each moment through every
hour with each day that we share.

The happiness has empowered and your
dreams have become mine, to live each
day, in love, hand in hand, in a way that
makes each day like a sun filled day in May.

My heart quickly embraces, my spirit
hungers to explore, all that awaits us,
in the morning, in the evening as we
step through eternities doors.

Love is never weary, it strengthens
each time your here. The joy that
you bring, makes my heart and my
soul celebrate with your sweet

Come on over darling, sit here by my side
and I'll whisper of love as we watch the
sun rise.

You're my morning kiss, I feel it in the air,
as love brings your soul down through the

Rain to snowflakes, moon dust to sunlight
beams and your dreams to my heart
create the most magical of scene.
I Declare

I declare this day to be ours and the
dreams I dreamt to my soul inspire.

Turning the page and this I see the
chapters that love is writing.

Everything that soon will be, is written
for tomorrow with no editing.

The heart reviewed, the soul approved
and all that is between us is the rivers so
Love is eternal and though the flame may die,
you can still see the fire in your lovers eyes.
The sun has done what it always does about this same time everyday, it fell behind the mountains as the daylight faded away. My mind is always traveling to a place I have never been or is it that I am in your heart where at last I now fit in. No miracle in the making, no splendor of fire or rain. the visions of love has cast a glow that only the soul can explain.
Twilight Dreams
My head a bit heavy and the pillow
summons me and the only thing now
missing is your body lying here
next to me.
I close my eyes and there I am,
it is as simple as can be, as if
your arms a magnet that draws,
the love from me.
Passionate the soul which intensifies
by the hour to be with the one who loves
me so and to which my heart aspires.
Dreams but the gateway, memories but
a tool and your love the magic that
warms my heart and ignites me with
heavens fuel.
Hotter by moment, blazing with desire,
for there is no greater love than that
which sets my heart on fire.
If I were the creator and earth the canvas that I paint,
I would have placed you in my arms long ago and
made sure that is where you stayed.
There would be kisses every morning and kisses
every night and when you felt a little sad, I
would have doubled them just for the delight.
If I were the creator and heaven the canvas that I paint,
I would have designed a path much shorter than the
one we originally had to take.
The rainbow a connection, the wind a story blows
and again I'd direct the sun to warm you like you
have warmed me so.
If I were the creator you wouldn't have been in my
mind, from the day we started this journey you
would have been right here by my side.
Your love is like apple blossoms of spring,
a powerful reminder which relates to all my dreams.
I shall love you beyond the sea powered winds
and high above the heavens where the dreams of love begin.
Inspired by love, guided by the soul...