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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 07, 2010


Everything in life has to do with balance and sometimes it feels like you walking on that tight rope high above the clouds. Lean to far in one direction and you find yourself falling. The seasons have the ultimate power when it comes to catching us off guard, as we are never really quite sure what they are going to bring and when. Nature really does have away of teaching us all that we need to know about life. How crucial respect is, how important it is to nurture and to blanket it all with love, as love makes everything possible even in the most negative of situations.

Life really is about the ABC's of love,

the more we give, the more love we get.


Absolute is the moment, a perfection that only heaven can claim. My heart in rhythmic beats of sweet love, my soul repitively exclaims, " nothing could be more wonderful, than this love that need not be explained. The dreams but a gateway thats leads you to me and all that you need to do is just simply believe.

Close your eyes and you will find me, open them up and you'll see, I never left you my dear and our love is certainly no dream. . Loving like love would have it, singing the song of my soul, living the life as it was meant to be, each moment where you are here with me.

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