Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

I had not given you my heart,
it was obvious it was yours from the start.
You make me laugh, you caused the smiles
and when I sleep, you close the miles.
I could dream of shared moments,
or the fusing of our souls, but as I
felt your love within me, I knew
the dreams were minute to your
The day is like a treasure, your
friendship a gift so fine and as I
hold you in my heart, I feel
the kiss of love make you mine.
Let me tell you how much I miss you,
I miss you so much that my heart
screams in silence and my soul feels
despair, as both are eager to hold
your love here.
Incredible the feeling, so magical indeed and as I gazed into the moonlight, I trembled as a silhouette appeared to me. Heaven cast the image, our hearts complimented it so and as I watched the miracle, the moment took on a special glow. I felt it lift my spirit, it kissed my soul with delight, the spell of love was cast and your arms were holding tight. This must be the gift of passion infused in that of desire and as I reached to hold you closer I felt my spirit lift even higher. Some sort of blessing, inseperable were we, as we embraced upon the clouds and joined one to one in the magic of a gentle breeze.

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