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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breath Taking Moments

Softly plays the music,
the strings within the heart,
one of dreams and happiness,
both of daylight and the dark.

The soul an enables to
my heart a song, a verse
of love and one of life, both
which make us strong.
The brave little Carolina Wren,
she so braved the storm and
when I opened up the door,
she fluttered to the floor.

She tried to make the window,
the glass a barrier made and
in the sink she began to swim,
as her chances of freedom fade.

I dried her little feathers and I
warmed them by the light and
as she gained her strength I set
her free and she took flight.

The little Carolina Wren upon
the feeder now and as I watched
her eat the seed, I looked unto
the heavens and I smiled.

This a glance at freedom,the
little wings spread wide and
as I tried to move in closer,
she waved here wings for
a goodbye.


Everyone is acquainted with the story of Aladdin and most would say they have thought at least once about what they would do if they had three wishes. First thing that came to my mind was "be careful what you wish for." We have a tendency to see an object or a subject from one side, when all of life has varied dimensions. Laughing as I thought hmm, I am complicating the "three wishes."
In my visions for the world, you might say that the reality of it makes it improbable that people will come together and unite as one in both concept and thought. Peace is really nothing other than respect for differences. I thought about the simplicity of the thought or wish, the wish for peace. It is really rather simple if like mines walked the earth. This is the complication of man, for he beds in his heart, greed, selfishness and hatred.
I glanced out the window at the mountain of snow and watched as newly fallen snow compounds before my very eyes. I once again laughed in December we were wishing for a white Christmas and in February we are wishing for an early spring. You might say we are getting a little to much of a good thing, as the trees arch to the ground weighted down by the heaviness of snow. Even the healthiest and strongest of trees find their branches snapping under the weight of the snow. The positive side is we will have plenty of firewood stock piled for the following winter.
You might say that we have been granted paradise but with mans imperfect way, we deny our self the pleasure of the moment. Nature naturally creates an environment that makes all creatures of the earth vulnerable and as flowers grow and bloom so do we and as it been so eloquently written " there is a time to live and a time to die, a time for peace and a time for war."
Reacquainting myself with the thought of " three wishes" I thought a safe bet would be to wish to awaken each day in health and to continue to share the love of life.

Three Wishes

I wish upon the moment,
the sweetness of your embrace,
the kiss of life which we can
jointly taste.

I wish the love of the angels,
to whisper down from the sky,
and keep you safe on the
journey of your life.

I wish for happiness, infused in
desire, the mixture of excitement,
and a calm that ignites your heart
on fire.

The candle lit reflects on the wall, the images of love and the memory of it all. The rose petals create the scene, where I lay my head upon the pillow and I begin to dream. Simple little pleasures that many overlook, the warming of oils and your hands that flow like a summer time brook. My eyes closed and a smile surfaced from me, for we are as close as love meant us to be.

The flame of love aggregates the mind,teasing my soul, stopped the hands of time. I gasped as the darkness unveiled the dream and the magic of love which brought you to me. My heart fluttered, the moment sublime, elevated my soul and to this moment a sign. You are with me in all that I do and in all that I am your love radiates through.

Breath taking moments, the dream surreal, like clouds to the heavens, your love I feel. Passion has surfaced and devotion you'll find, empowers the spirit to reach out and find. I found you waiting with your arms opened wide and from the first moment I stepped on inside. The heart so inviting, gentle and kind, opened the doorway to this love of mine.

I don't know what others see,
all I know is that you are part of me.

I don't know what others hear,
I hear angels songs of love near.

I don't know what others dream,
all I know is that you are all I see.

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Mark said...

You have done an excellent job with the three wishes. I have often thought about the three wishes. You are correct, one must be very careful what they wish for and be very specific. It is important to note that we have the power to create with our wishes. As you said, when it is snowing we wish for spring, when it is August and blistering hot we wish for he cool air of the fall. We don't live in the moment very well as we are often wishing this moment away.