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Monday, February 08, 2010

The Unfairytale

It might be the effects of being snowed in or maybe it is just an over active imagination that stimulates the mind and the heart. The toiling of emotions can be compared to that of a childhood fairytale. The fairytale always seems to have a mixture of mythological creatures, villian and foe and happily ever after endings. From childhood on we are read stories that touch on the unknown and reveal the mysteries of life, providing us with a moral . Each story stimulates the varied emotions, from excitement to fear and always appears to end with happy. It's been said that everything written including the books of fiction have a bit of truth or experience written into the creation of a story.
My mind restless and scattered reviewed my life as if it were a story. I was feeling like I was entwined within a chapter one that had touched all the emotions including that of excitement, fear and happiness. But the emotions expanded greatly through the many experiences and all that had surfaced from each one. I felt the heaviness of the present dysfunction, one that found me trapped with a solemn heart. It was as if I were floating in a flood without direction or reason. Captive by ignorance and victim of choice, I knew that the road was created and the decision to follow my own.
My stomach a bit in knots as I tried to listen to my inner thoughts and where these emotions were directing me. It reminded me of my previous resolution " to thine own self be true" and I realized that truth is all around us and my needs were really quite simple. As if this was a summary of life and happiness, love and desire were carefully indexed. There is something uniquely special when hearts come together and more amazing is when souls see the reflection of one within the other.
It is obvious that in this story, I have met with tragedy, looked eye to eye with the villain, struggled through various scenes and surfaced with the ability to see and understand all that which exist and can be seen through my own heart. I felt the hunger to be loved, found the bridge that closes the gap of miles as I overcome the obstacles written in way before I acknowledged the presence of true love all around. I now am more certain and obviously it is clear that love never sits in judgement as it was bequeathed from the heavens to bring your warmth so near. Perfect is the moment each and everyone one we share, because love is simply amazing when you realize how much the heart can care. The words were written and no fairytale will you see, for here is my emotions, beyond that of dreams and I know that I have met with love and love now resides in me.
Love is wonderful and that comes with a guarantee,
that no matter what the obstacles, all you have to do is believe.


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Mark said...

Very well done. Yes we must first believe. True each of our life is but a story of our own creation. The key is to know that we are the author and editor of our story.

Margie said...

Love what you wrote here, Rachel.