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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

As Valentines Day approaches, I found myself examining the passionate dreams of desire, the magic of emotions and the celebration of hearts. I thought about love and what it represents and it was obvious that love, unconditional and unselfish is the ultimate and most empowering source of energy granted to one human being to share with another. It is not about wrong or right, mistakes or faults as love represents the strength not of one soul but of two souls entwined magically upon earths carpet.
Finishing okay maybe the fourth phone call with my sister, we spoke of everything under the sun, including love. Caution to the wind when love first appears, for there is no mistaken when true love is in the air. What is true love ? It has been said that true love endures and ventures through everything life has in store. Embraces the sorrow, wipes each tear from the cheek and kisses with laughter beyond each days dream. What is true love? This I can tell you as it easily done, love is when your heart and mine become one. What is true love? Trusting, unwaivering, a touch of the divine, the magic of the heaven, a treasure to fine. What is true love? It is something you know from deep in your soul, that you would do anything for just once to hold. What is true love? The most precious of gifts not meant for one but to share, it's the gift of the heart that shows that you care.
What is true love? It the unspoken words, the warmth of a day when you step out of the dream and into my arms to lay. What is true love? True love sees beauty in gray skies, sun in a storm and has the abililty through life to endure.

To kiss you each morning and hold you so tight,
and whisper I love you both morning and night.
To sense when you need me and with a joy of
delight,know that there is no wrong when
love is in sight.

To dance on the clouds and soar in the blue
when its all done to whisper I love you.
To laugh and to smile, to dream as one
and when I open my eyes, I'm in the arms
of my love.

I know that void,
I have felt it so
and there is doubt
that I'm sure you

Love is wonderful,
magical and kind,
the sweetness of
heaven bathed in
the souls brine.

How is that you know when I need you?

I love you... Happy Valentines Day!!!


Mark said...

Very nice. As one I am a thready however interwoven with other threads I become a beautiful tapestry.

Margie said...

Prefect for Valentine's Day!
I do love how you write, Rachel.