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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sweet Memory

I have many times requested some sort of normalcy to my life and then I thought am I worthy of such a life of calm and peace? Out of the blue I felt your love swoop down and pick me up and hold me in the most safest of embraces. At that very moment, in my mind and in my heart a inner whisper said" this is love as love would have it." Magical, safe,wonderful, warm and caring,the giving of heart, the embracing of souls and at that moment everything seemed as it should be... but it was far from normal, because there is nothing average or common about this love. This love is the most spectular, amazing gift of life, that I so cherish.
I have looked my life over from beginning to end
and nothing more powerful than what I share with
you my friend.

It really is rather simple and no rules does love define,
as long as your wants combine with your desires,
you'll find in return a love that's truly ours.

It is the thrill of anticipation early in the morn when
I awake to the images of love and the dreams of
what is in store.

Precious the images as two souls sweetly entwine and
cast a sense of peace that soothes the troubled mind.

It really is rather simple and no rules does love define,
because the road was long and twisted doesn't make
you any less more mine.

Your love has reached deep within me,
infused your love into my soul. Enriched
am I with each moment through every
hour with each day that we share.

The happiness has empowered and your
dreams have become mine, to live each
day, in love, hand in hand, in a way that
makes each day like a sun filled day in May.

My heart quickly embraces, my spirit
hungers to explore, all that awaits us,
in the morning, in the evening as we
step through eternities doors.

Love is never weary, it strengthens
each time your here. The joy that
you bring, makes my heart and my
soul celebrate with your sweet

Come on over darling, sit here by my side
and I'll whisper of love as we watch the
sun rise.

You're my morning kiss, I feel it in the air,
as love brings your soul down through the

Rain to snowflakes, moon dust to sunlight
beams and your dreams to my heart
create the most magical of scene.
I Declare

I declare this day to be ours and the
dreams I dreamt to my soul inspire.

Turning the page and this I see the
chapters that love is writing.

Everything that soon will be, is written
for tomorrow with no editing.

The heart reviewed, the soul approved
and all that is between us is the rivers so
Love is eternal and though the flame may die,
you can still see the fire in your lovers eyes.
The sun has done what it always does about this same time everyday, it fell behind the mountains as the daylight faded away. My mind is always traveling to a place I have never been or is it that I am in your heart where at last I now fit in. No miracle in the making, no splendor of fire or rain. the visions of love has cast a glow that only the soul can explain.
Twilight Dreams
My head a bit heavy and the pillow
summons me and the only thing now
missing is your body lying here
next to me.
I close my eyes and there I am,
it is as simple as can be, as if
your arms a magnet that draws,
the love from me.
Passionate the soul which intensifies
by the hour to be with the one who loves
me so and to which my heart aspires.
Dreams but the gateway, memories but
a tool and your love the magic that
warms my heart and ignites me with
heavens fuel.
Hotter by moment, blazing with desire,
for there is no greater love than that
which sets my heart on fire.
If I were the creator and earth the canvas that I paint,
I would have placed you in my arms long ago and
made sure that is where you stayed.
There would be kisses every morning and kisses
every night and when you felt a little sad, I
would have doubled them just for the delight.
If I were the creator and heaven the canvas that I paint,
I would have designed a path much shorter than the
one we originally had to take.
The rainbow a connection, the wind a story blows
and again I'd direct the sun to warm you like you
have warmed me so.
If I were the creator you wouldn't have been in my
mind, from the day we started this journey you
would have been right here by my side.
Your love is like apple blossoms of spring,
a powerful reminder which relates to all my dreams.
I shall love you beyond the sea powered winds
and high above the heavens where the dreams of love begin.
Inspired by love, guided by the soul...

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