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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyday is Valentines Day....loving you.

Distance be the fool as the mountains fail to restrain and the rivers flow like magic with the dreams that lovers make. The snow a bit heavy is troublesome to some but I can see in each snowflake a semblance of our love. It dares to tackle the season each and everyone one and reigns like summer sunshine shining down from up above. Glorious the feeling that has come over me, when I reach out day and night to feel you next to me. Your sweet love drenched in innocence speaks so tenderly with a kindness that has touched my soul so remarkably. Rare is the treasure, a glimpse that few have ever seen of a love so powerful it brought you to me.

This dance through life sent me in a spin
and into your arms without looking.
The dreary winter is no longer gray ,
as we dance the darkness away.

In someways I think that the problem with holidays is that people feel required to acknowledge and than also that they are required on a particular day to celebrate. If you live love everyday is Valentines Day and I believe that those emotions and actions should be celebrated each moment of each day.

I celebrate each moment
with the love you bring and
everyday a holiday that
makes my heart sing.

I celebrate living and loving
you, from the moment I fall
a sleep till I wake up next to

Living and love it's a holiday
come true. When you see
the skies have always been
the wondrous shade of blue.

I celebrate each moment
that you and I share and on
this journey I know our
love will persevere.

1 comment:

Margie said...

Living and love it's a holiday
come true ...
Love those lines, Rachel
Wonderful writing, as always!