Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, May 31, 2007

All I need is to hold your love in my heart.....
for we have touched what only the spirit can.


No two souls are identical,though similar they maybe and therefore no words can be expressed exactly the same. We touch on the handful of emotion,but we paint the world around us in alternate shades,that vary with the inside of our hearts....painting orangutan orange, for the flame that is just starting to grow, the excitement that encourages life to go on and the wamrth that sharing my heart with yours brings.


Reaching out beyond the chestnut trees,
to touch your love and bring you to me.
Caught in the wind, my soul in the breeze,
lifting me high, beyond the leaves of the trees.

I stopped to dance, to fill in the dreams,
the warmth and magic through memory.
Passion the lead, my heart follows near,
embrace the moment and hold you my

Come on aboard

I'm the captain, come on aboard,
the ship sailing and we're ready to explore.
I took the muddy green river and turned it blue
and now I'm sailing the sea with you.
Ship strong is built on love, directed to glide,
over the rocks and through the rough.
Riding the waves, heading to the shore, your soul
the direction that I intend to port.
I'm the captain, welcome aboard, each day is
more exiting then the one before.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Arms of Love


As the moon light replaces the long over anticipated sun lit day of a soon to be hot summer. I find the blanket of darkness inviting, as it brings you so ever near in spirit. Your hands a comfort reaching out to pull me ever so close. I welcome the magic of the stars and the vast beauty that cradles us in one with the moment. Embracing the vision, a warmth exudes from my soul to dance at heaven's gate . A bright glow from the deepest part of my being spotlights the reality of what is, there amongst the galaxies reflects the energy that brings us together and seals our souls forever as one.
It's not the walk that follows or leads, it is of reaching your destiny and finding your place in my heart. I am not alone for the arms of love are

Could Have Been

Could have been the first song you sung,
or maybe it was the smile on my face you
hung.Taking my heart for a ride on every
cloud floating on by.
Could have been that first ping, pulling on
those love strings or maybe you turned the
switch, sending chills to make my heart
Could have been the warmth I felt, when you
sent your love to make me melt. So hot I can’t
deny, every moment is magic with you and I.

Could have been the dreams all day and night,
the ones that built a castle on the highest high.
A place we can call our own, built of love and
passion and we're not alone.
Could have been the moment you took my
hand and walked with me to fantasy land.
Secure and peaceful and oh so calm, I
might have been taken by your charm.
Could have been the goodnight in the dark,
where I rolled on over and I felt your arms.
An embrace all night long, naturally it’s
where I belong.
Could have been the way you looked at me,
took all the seasons and turned them into spring.
Touched the stars and make the sky blue and
made every day a wonderful stroll with you.
Could have been it was just meant to be and
our souls colliding were scripted from the
beginning. Long road and here it leads,
heart to heart across the deep blue sea.
Could have been from day one the power
of laughter that can't be outdone. Tickles
from deep inside, so hard that I can't hide.
Could have been I no longer had to run,
I could see you waiting for me in the rays
of the sun. Arms to hold so tenderly,
a new beginning to a dream.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I can't Live If living is without you

I can't live if living is without you....

Dreams of Life

You can't stop the memories from flooding, nor stop the dreams of life. The visions that appear are of the extraordinaire, as the beauty that you'll see, is love wonderful and free.
You can't stop the memories from flooding,nor stop the dreams of life. I won't let go of what we both know, as I hold your hand and stumble through the days.
You can't stop the memories from flooding, nor stop the dreams of life. Looking ahead I'm strolling with my best friend and we're gonna see
each challenge through. That's what real love can do......

The Invitation....

I invite you to sit beside me, close your eyes and dream. Let's create the colors and build new memories. So vivid is the blue, so lush the green, so warm the vision that brings you to me.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Every Drop of Rain...

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>Singing> Every drop of rain under moonlit skies, enclosed with my kisses, is sent to collide.Packed with all my love, sailing on desire, the ship of life is bringing you a shower. Allow your mind to absorb, your heart to feel, enter my love and dance the dance of dreams.

Everydrop of rain, my love, sent to you... my love. Every drop of rain,my love, to remind you... of my love. Every drop of rain,my love,sings of joy...my love. Every drop of rain, my love to show you how much I care.
I cannot let go of that which has become a extension of my being. Like mallow to the marsh lands your love is a natural progression, as it continues to grow in the most adverse conditions.

I believe

I believe there is a time when
intended souls will meet.

To be loved....

To be Loved as I love
To feel that same amount of admiration that I have for you. The walk upon the clouds of love, where the magic can imbue. The command from that of the heavens to exclusively devote to you...my faith, my trust,my desire, through the attached souls of two.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

I imagined time would soften the sharpness of the view, but as crisp and clear as a mountain stream the memories just flooded threw.

I thought it possible the heart would no longer feel the ache, but day by day the reminders agitate like the highest on the scale of a quake.

I dreamt our vision amongst the stars of night and still could feel the kiss of happiness that brought me back to life.

Frankly I thought it impossible to freeze a frame in time, but with the spell of love it froze the pictures in my mind.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Welcome to my heaven and hell!

The Tapestry

A wind blown weave of many colors, a performance on display, natures cast of players danced beautifully upon the stage. Shy the sun, hidden behind the clouds, sent little rays of sunlit warmth to light up the skies of grey. Flowers blooming from shades of gold to periwinkle blue, made the casting call and gave the curtain around the hollow a iridescent hue. Sadness took center stage for a dragged out moment or two, and I felt the
loneliness pounding it's way through. Beauty in the mountains and in the trickling of the stream and yet my heart still ached at what was taking place in the dream.

The most beautiful of moments feel incomplete when denied your love.


Nothing warms the spirit more then the touch of love to the heart.The wild flame spreads like magic in the wind, only to settle deep in your soul.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

As Love Reaches Back

Numb ...I lay as still as the night is long, unable to move in the physical, my mind explored regions at a great distance to bring you close in spirit.The hunger deep within created a uncontrollable craving to taste the sweetness of your body next to mine. One with the stars, a explosion of love shattered in a display of energy,vast in beauty. Astonished was I at the power to create a passage through the darkness, direct to the arms of desire. No longer treading on the tail of loneliness, as I embrace the dance of devotion. Your soul to my soul, your heart to my heart, your love to my love.
Floating on the tears that flood the night,I reach out for your love.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Right here Inside

The seasons race tomorrow, in a trail that appears shallow.Until you take a look to see, the treasures of love surface from inside, exudes deeply from you and I. Overlooked by the average, but you and I have more leverage, as we gaze beyond to touch reality. The embrace that holds you in the night, is the beauty of our memories. A little bit closer let your soul rest next to mine, allow your mind freely to soar the seas. When the darkness drapes the star lit night, release your heart and ride those waves with me.
Love from the inside has a very different view, compassionate and understanding it knows just what to do. Take my hand into the moonlit sky ,we'll stroll the whole night through. We are passing planet Venus and there's a reflection of two. The soul lit love flames in your eyes, spell like magic dusted over you and I. Love from the inside has a very different view, there's no letting go, like ivy it grew. Love from the
inside has a very different .......


It started with one!
One day,
one hour,
one moment,
one hope and
one dream.
One hi,
One laugh,
one smile,
one love and
one life of you
and me.
One stroll,
one talk,
one daydream.
One cloud,
one star,
one dance
and there's
our memory.
One flame,
one fire,
and passionately.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kiss You

It's not something found in a ordinary dream,
the warmth that beds our love is the best
of you and me.

I’d walk the mountains over, I’d swim the
rivers deep, I’d do just about anything, as
long as you’re here with me.

Take your place in my heart,it's been
reserved for you, take my hand
and race the clouds, we're
dancing on the blue.

Everyday is so surreal, the magic
makes it all so real.Close your eyes
and you will view, a kaleidoscope
of the love of two.

Reflection through the heaven's
sphere, sheds hope and love
and tendercare.

It's not something found in a dream,
the warmth that beds our love, is the
best of you and me.It's the best of
you and me..........


Good Night! The sweetest of dreams are created by the sweetest of thoughts, leans over to kiss you......

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The ultimate reconnection!

Soul mates are not one of choice,
they are the inner connection of being.
To find what was ultimately there,
but lost in time and place!
To Touch With My Mind

I started to cry, I thought I would die,
I reached with my heart, to touch with
my mind.

The image I’ll tell, is of our unearthly
embrace, bond of two souls and
a heavenly trace.

I’ll try to explain, the emotions I
feel, I dance on clouds like the
turn of a wagon wheel.

I close my eyes to envision your
scent, excited am I like the day
we met.

I don’t wanna move, I don’t wanna
see beyond the mountains of
our day dreams.

I want your love and need you
to know, in the dark of night,
I’ll be holding you so.

The pillow lay, your head to
sleep and I’ll be kissing you
in each dream.

Remember the how, and you’ll
know the why, we were connected
in this here time.

I am for you and you are for me,
I’ll see that walk on white sandy

I don’t give up, I never give in,
I’m taking a ride on the northern

To your arms, to you my love,
I’ll be sleeping from tonight
till sunrises.

Snuggling close, my head on
your chest, I am so happy and
I'm so blessed.

One small view of a much larger world!

The true optimist or the dreamer!

My Love

Reflected in the canvas created by love,
is the magic of life and the words
inscribed....... my love

Savor a morning kiss....

Nothing stands still, nothing stays the same,
we keep on growing, we welcome the change.
The challenges are many and with you I accept,
to travel through the journey and ace every test.
I wanted to freeze the moments and savor like
a morning kiss, a little bit of passion and little
bit obssessed.
The secrets of the garden, whisper if you will,
the love and happiness that inside I feel.
Nothing stands still, nothing stays the same,
we keep on growing,we welcome the change.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Love, My Love For You..

It’s not a game of pick and choose,
nor a plan out of the blue, my love,
my love for you.

Not something I can hide, it’s
burning deep inside, my love,
my love for you.

Felt in every breeze and dancing
atop the trees, my love, my love
for you.

Woven the bond is tight and
feels so right, my love, my love
for you
Racing like the waters, to get as close as to you,
to hold your love and make dreams come true.
In the hills and valleys, In the pond and on the streams, look close and you will see that you are viewing life with me.

Exile.. step on that puffy white cloud

When I miss the laughter and smiles,
I hold on tight through memories filed.

The stroll through life, much in disguise,
teases the heart, then I close my eyes.

In the dream you're here, your breath
so close, your vision so clear.

I won't let go, or is it I can't? Your in
my heart and I'm in a trance.

Day and night will see us through, packed
with love for those troubling few.

When I need and want you here, I dig
deep into my survival gear.

A tear drop that makes its way, leaves
behind the love you gave.

Loneliness is not to fear, for we have found
our place here, close your eyes and hold on
tight, are we traveling day and night.


If you've been exiled, I'm there with you,
the island of love was made for two.

Only prisoners on this here isle, is a
prisoner of love and I say it with a smile.

White clouds sent from above, to welcome
you on the cloud of love.

Our souls free to embrace, our love
has found a safe place.

Step up on the puffy white cloud, and
feel the love go round and round.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Wind

The wind tussling atop the trees, sending down the raindrops that had laid upon the leaves.Encapsulated in every warm water splash , a wake up to your memory like a summertime bath. I stood still for a period of time and yet my heart raced to feel yours next to mine .Silence challenged as I sing from memory and from deep inside I set the words free. The wind tussling atop the trees, sending down the raindrops that had laid upon the leaves.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Can’t stop on yesterday, no heavy sorrow on our soul weigh. The spirit of love by our side and the adventures of life taking us for a ride. I am not blinded and I won’t deny that there’s this sparkle beaming from my eyes. Resting peaceful in your arms and whispering sweet nothing sets off passions alarm. Hearts beating in unison, melding close can’t be undone. Wandering through tomorrows door, it’s gonna be better and more wonderful then the day before. We are on a odyssey of love, magical and beautiful and lots of fun. No tears on this trip, no sadness are we gonna let get a grip, I’ve got you and you must know, like a lucky penny I’m not letting go. Everyday we make it anew, traveling on a white cloud with you, up above the skies so high, oh my they're so blue.

You are the love that lifts me up when the darkness wants nothing but to hold me down, the laughter that keeps me alive, when the sadness tries to kill my spirit. The key that unlocks the soul, when the chains threaten to bind it to the gates of hell. You are my friend, my heaven, my love.

Here in my hideaway, where dreams welcome you, I await your presence and my time of loving you. Special are the moments, beautiful the day, nothing could be more wonderful, then the embrace of life shared in the most mystical kind of way.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hold my Hand....

There is no where we can't travel, and nothing we can't do, the road a little rocky, always leads me to you. Love has paved a way,few would understand,it connects our love
from a faraway land.

You taught my heart to sing ... to believe in dreams, a view of the world, as love meant it to be seen.

To Dance high up on the clouds, my feet far from the ground, I am still spinning with your love as I dance round and round.

You taught my heart to sing... to believe in dreams, a view of the world as love meant it to be seen.

Embrace the morning, noon and night ,we’re on a stroll through life and we're stepping side by side.

You taught my heart to sing.. to believe in dreams, a view of the world as love meant it to be seen.

I’m in the arms of love and I know that this is true, the dance in the heavens painting the sky a different blue.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Here in my heart your love found carved,
etched like the words deep in the bark.

Ingrained beauty mirrors the soul, your
reflection the most wonderful of jewel.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Love so grand it can be seen through the smallest of flowers and the tallest of trees. Inside out and inside me the magical moments of a daydream.

Are Just a Little Greener

Late spring trees are just a little greener,
life with you is just a little sweeter.
Lay on down beside me.
Close your eyes and stop to dream,
hold my hand and create memories.
Release your love into me.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'll try to describe it the best I know how, a place of pure happiness beyond the white clouds. An explosion of energy that penetrates deep, releasing the passion that centers around dreams. Inspiration of heart to touch with the mind, infinite pleasure on the soul a design. A bonding of spirit, a partner of souls, a companion in love to cherish and hold.

Ten Mile Stream

Just before the sunset,early eve, I listen to the train down by the ten mile stream. Fish are jumping,skies are getting a little grey and there you can catch me dreaming, in a not so ordinary way. I can feel your presence, as you touch my heart and softly sung whispers that bring a joy to the dark.

I can see forever in the distance, the tomorrows that await, the dreams we built like castles in the sand and the world bowing to our command.

Listen to the train humming, the sound as it clangs upon the tracks, a journey repeated over like the dreams of yesterday as they keep coming back.

Love isn't just a word, it's not hello or goodbye friend,the emotion clearly written in my heart and in my soul is simply my beginning and my end.

Embrace your arms surround me, like the hollow and the greens in the hills, the world is simply just a screen to conceal until I open up my eyes to see what love reveals.

You are right here with me, every moment of every day.I felt your love this morning, the joy that traveled to kiss me awake.

I won't let the distance bleed, my heart of your memory,
Forever is eternity with your soul next to me.

I won't let the music stop, listen as the seagulls talk,
the world with you and I on top and love soaring free.

I won't let the dreams fade, I keep them close for those
rainy days,the taste of desire, set my life on fire and changed
the world for me.

I wont let go what the seasons bring, your love from fall to
spring.Here we go round and round again chasing that
summer breeze.

I won't let a day go by,with out letting your love inside,
no tear, no cry, only blue skies.

Saturday Morning

Slowly feel the warmth of movement as your hands touch what only the spirit dare. Allow the dreams like a ocean wave to mystically cleanse the soul leaving behind the sediments of love, hope and desire. The fragments of life weather many a storm to build grain upon grain a foundation that explores unimaginable depths and soars the highest of heights, beyond the limitations of ones own mind.

Thursday, May 10, 2007



The museum vast in appearance, a widening in search, surrounds with a measure of the world and its worth.

Visible loneliness seem to reside, but one with the moment, you emerged from inside.

No mystical magic or memory of sort, the touch of reality displayed like the exhibit of art.

I felt it in each step I took along the staircase wide and knew at that very moment that we were walking side by side.

Nonessential matter quickly disappeared and people all so distant faded leaving little in the dimly lit glare.

The fusion took but little time and hand and hand a stroll to another place and time where the spirit takes a hold.

As fast as the wind in the center of a storm and more powerful then a locomotive whose engine is getting a tad bit warm.

Completion took effect and finalized were we, the gap in distance closed and the soul took on the sea.

Look to the rise of the early morning sun and listen to the movement of the earth as it beats to the sounds of my heart like a drum.

There amid the seconds of the breath of life, consummate the journey, In a celebration of delight.

Today and tomorrow, shall never betray, I have found the greatest love... and share it in a most wonderful of way.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

What a wonderful world.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Magical of Way

It’s not your memory that walks along my soul, the touch of love has the greater hold. I felt it in the morning sun, amongst the tree lit greens, sweet embrace of life brought your love to me. The scripts have all been written and our part we play, your love to mine in the most magical of way.

Monday, May 07, 2007

In Your Heart

Faith strong, trust in me, close your eyes and allow your heart to lead.Higher and higher then ever before, intensified , sweet and pure .

Fueled by your energy, zapped by a mountain breeze, up above the clouds so fine, a fuse of power and our love entwined.

Faith strong, trust in me, close your eyes and allow heart to lead. Higher and higher then ever before, intensified, sweet and pure.

Look on down and you will see the way the world was meant to be, water racing and the skies so blue and love so wonderful and love so true.

Faith strong, trust in me, close your eyes and allow your heart to lead. Higher and higher then ever before, intensified, sweet and pure.

Breathless moment you to me, the core mingling and souls free. Skipping child like from star to star, landing gently in your heart.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm doing my own sky writing...

My Country........for love, life and freedom!

A soul held captive dies not once but twice, as restraint placed on heart and mind weakens the spirit. The taste of freedom is on the blood of our brothers and sisters, their untimely demise birthed a new nation. We are free to choose in our brief stint as keeper of the lands. Tomorrow a new generation shall relieve us in the duty to Country, God and above all freedom. For I have felt the locks upon my mind and soul and celebrated in their release.


Surreal, soft and cottony, sweet blend of life beyond the body. Stepping out in a dream with you. Sunshine so warmly compliments, thoughts that you and I loving invent, strolling through another page or two.

Hand and hand, two as one, the stroll through life has just begun. A day in the park, becomes a work of art, each moment under skies of blue.
The sun pierced throught the hemlock, as your love pentrated deep into my heart.



Commonly overlooked, the simplicity of intimacy!

Nature, love, life and the ability to touch is not limited to the physical for you have touched the deepest most wanton part of me ............my soul.

Deep in the hills, a season on display,
welcomes life in the most magical way.

Listen to you heart, a symphony you'll
hear, music of love, sent to you my

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Through the eyes of a child at the age of ten,
the clouds from the heavens seem to transcend,
and with out question the words he said,
is the balance of good and evil,
from beginning to end.
The light shines brightest through your
heart.....leading me into
the arms of love

The small things are those that are not to be overlooked,for one moment of love is more power then a lifetime of emptiness.
It would be incredibly difficult to miss you,
as your reflection is seen in the skies above,
as they shower down to earth
and land within
my heart.

Come on in, stay awhile, where memories talk
and dreams bring a smile. The garden of life,
sets many a bloom, but the one in my
heart was nurtured by you.

The Most Beautiful Shade of Blue.......

Sweet Memory

Blue skies frame the blossoms pink, seduction courts my every dream, you are always here with me.......sweet memory.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It is not a sun singular for when it rises high above the mountains, it reflects love at a distance and when the moon replaces it with a blanket of darkness, know this.... that we have met higher then any stars in the sky and are closer then any drop of rain that feeds the river. For all of life that lay in emptiness, my heart overflows with the joy of your love that has seeded deep inside and surfaces to blooms in the most as spectacular display of affection.


Hold captive my heart ..... and free my soul.

Separate by neither the stars.....

A trace scent of the sweet fragrance of the southern magnolia filled the room. The aroma titillating to my inner senses creates a aurora of paradise. My head gracing the pillow and my soul stroked gently by pleasant visions, as they danced with the memories causing a tingling of sensation that is felt from the deepest part of my being. Emotions unexplored, exploded upon the moment, as if to open the gate that leads beyond the dreams and into your arms. My soul released from the flesh of earth accompanied by your energy entwined into a mass display of emotion.Separate by neither the stars of the heavens nor the soil beneath our feet, for there in the horizon joined into one, is reality and dreams in a celbratory shower of passion and desire, as it welcomes into the heart, the power of love.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wind blown chimes

That which sings in silence and embraces with
song flows heavenly from above to ignite
the passion that lay dormant.For I have
held the cold kindling in my heart
and you have set a
blaze the fire.
The wind breathes life into the chimes,
like your love into my soul.