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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thought for The Day

"Those who invest the time and emotion to know you the best... Love you the most."

I think this statement is true to all of us. That when we take the time to really know a person inside and out that it reflects the true essence of love. There is the outer reflection that people see and come to a quick judgment and than there is the deeper look inside that reveals the truth of our being. But at times you can find there is a comfort zone that makes you believe that you have known a person all your life and that you couldn't hide who you are even if you tried. That just might be the soul talking for we are a product of circumstance in our outer shell but inside we are who we were born to be.

The soul speaks in whispers
that are channeled through the heart.
 Passion is the emotion that rises above
to reveal what is in the heart.



First thing this morning I went down to the greenhouse. Flower pots in a disarray reminded how fast one season replaces another. Eager for spring and yet knowing very well that it soon will be replaced by the hot days of summer. Our final frost day in the area is May 15 th and so I know that some flowers risk losing their blooms. Tis is life as we journey forward trying to find the beauty of a bloom within the negative surroundings.
Two things that I have never been strong at one is consistency and the other my failure to prepare ahead and down right procrastinating. I guess I have always been like that not quite strong enough to fight to hold my ground, I wait till backed in a corner. Like a boxer in the corner of a ring, do or die . lol  It must be age setting in as it seems that we have six months of winter and six months of summer, with no balance in between. Harder and harder to bounce back from winter.
I have always felt like a sponge that absorbs energy from situations and people around me. Trying to find and hold on to the positive can at times become and overwhelming feat. " Responsibility to self" taking a deep breath I pondered on exactly what that responsibility was. Mulling over that view of the bigger picture. I found myself weighted down by the moment.
Was this chapter of life by chance or a wheel in action? So many factors come into play. What leads us down the path to our very existence? I looked beyond the darkness and far beyond the starry sky to find the light that shines brightest comes from the love within.

It might have been happenstance
earth's  distance from the sun,
but I believe it was truly destiny
which sent your precious love.

To share in each and every moment
and to each self be happy and true,
this is the magical gift of life
to paint the sky a gentle blue.


Hanging from a cloud with butter on my fingers.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

La, la, la

                 The sun overcomes the darkness as it shines brightly down upon my soul,
                 as your love bridges the distance to comfort my heart with a gentle touch.

Gonna walk on down this lane,
like many times before
and reveal what is in my heart
and what life has in store.

There are so many memories
and more than just a few
as I keep them in my heart
and that what makes my
sky so blue.

Not enough spring,
though the flowers are in bloom,
not enough sunshine,
when I am not there with you.
Not enough rounds of happiness,
thought the blue bird has arrived,
not enough hope
it seems I struggle all the time.
I kept this bear for safe keeping
it traveled everywhere,
sat beside me on my driver test
and my pillow at night I shared.
It comes with a reminder,
how difficult life maybe,
but as long as we have faith,
we can exceed our wildest dreams.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Unwritten Pages

Strange as this may sound, there were times over the years that I just didn't know who I was or what my place in this world was. In many ways as I look back I see that life was a blank book with pages waiting to be written in. As if every thing that happen was new to that moment in time, with no comparison what so ever. I think that is why we don't always recognize a moment in time until it passes. I always called the experiences the formation of character.

Hold my hand
and whisper sweet,
words of love
from you to me.

Stroll through life
day after day,
life experiences
in different ways.

Faith and happiness,
trust to share,
moments of love
from one who cares.

Peace and calm,
a word or two,
that simply states
that I love you.

Touched my heart, embraces my soul.
Each day reveals another page
in the chapter of life.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Some can't see the sunshine
through the skies dark and gray,
even though the rain is falling
the light of love brightens the day.

Showers of happiness and joy
from all that we have shared,
days of living and loving
show how much one can care.


Monday, April 20, 2015

My Heart Is Open For You To See

You give meaning to my life,
where once a void of darkness,
love now flourishes

When I was little the coolest thing about the Easter Basket was these decorative crystal sugar eggs, with a opening on one end and when you peered through the egg there was a miniature village. I found them so fascinating a world within a world. Unlike a snow globe where you shook it up and watch the snow fall upon the village, the crystal egg had the village secretly tucked away inside.
With all the craziness in the world, prose is my sweet crystal egg. Here I can look inside and see the world as I would like it to be.


My heart is open for you to see,
blue skies and sunshine and you and me,
in my heart you surely will find
the place I saved for you and I.

My heart is open for you to see,
the joy that sharing with you brings,
there is smiles and laughter and
that is what you'll see, when you
gaze into the heart of me.

My heart is open for you to see,
my hope and all of my dreams,
from early morning till late night,
the view you'll see is a delight.

My heart is open for you to see,
the magic you've given to me.
It sparks a true sense of joy,
each day is for you and I to enjoy.

My heart is open for you to see,
just how much you mean to me,
you are my sunshine each morning,
my stars each night, you are the
love of my life.

That which touches my soul,
moves my heart.

My gratitude is to the heavens,
which unites hearts with the magic of love.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Faraway Look

It occurred to me that I rarely in the past twenty years took the time to sit out on the porch. There was just always something that needed to be done. Not feeling myself I today showered and went outside to enjoy the warm weather that finally appeared. The stream passes right by the front of the house and I was surprised to see fish jumping in the air. I walked down to take a closer look and the fish were battling the current making their way up over the rock bed. I thought about the power and energy that it takes for a fish to work itself upstream. That is how I felt this week like I was battling the current and trying to make my way upstream as the power of the water flowed downward.

It's that faraway look
which can't be denied,
daydreaming of you
is really no surprise.

Your arms to hold me
and a kiss good night,
I'm caught in a daydream,
with the love of my life.

It's that faraway look
which can't be denied,
takes down the mountains
to bring you to my side.

I'm caught in a dream,
in the arms of my love
add a sweet memory
on the clouds up above.


The sun said good night
it's the stars time to shine
and all that I can hear is
what nature dares to share.

Birds settling in their roost,
the frog celebration is a hoot
as I closely listen to the song
a symphony of spring is strong.

The sun said good night
it's the stars time to shine
and all that I can see is
shared through memories.

Sometimes it is silly dreams
and other times what's meant to be,
strolling down the lane
as the moon leads the way.

Tiny blossoms in the breeze,
falling from the locust tree,
the petals lace the ground
quietly without a sound.

Early in the light of day
a storm blew this way,
bringing with it quite a view
a show of spring anew.


I look unto the heavens
and grateful am  I,
that you entered my life
and eased my troubled mind.

My heart took to racing
as fast as it could beat,
while I thought about the love
and what you mean to me.

The sun has now set
and the moon has yet to shine,
but I know that your love
is the brightest spot in my life.

I hold you in my thoughts
and embrace you with my heart
from the moment I was graced
with your love from afar.

I looked to the heavens
and grateful am I
that you entered my heart
and you eased my trouble mind.



Place your hand in mine,
while hearts embrace and
remember that I love you
day after day.

Place your hand in mine,
while hearts embrace
and allow our souls
to feel that magic in this
most fantastic way.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shirley Bassey - More (Than The Greatest Love) (1966 Recording)

Sometimes a song doesn't leave your mind. Than there is a song that says more than any words I could write. This song is one of those song that is beautiful and magical and haunts the heart.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Brief Thoughts

Like the wind upon your cheek
your love awakens the joy within my heart.
Some chapters faded beyond the fond memories,
while others leave a bold imprint upon my soul.
There is magic in music,
like the songs of the soul played
on the strings of the heart.
I don't know if I could dance all night,
but my head on shoulders I surely might snore the night away.
The daffodils pierced the leaves of fall,
as if introducing one season to another.

There are many ways to interpret life,
those are the on going lessons.



Sunday, April 12, 2015


I woke to the song bird
and his glorious tweets,
calling his mate to share
the early days of spring.

The sun is shining,
the grass a bold green
as the hollow comes to life,
it all seems like a dream.

I found my self a drift,
like a ship out to sea,
searching the high waters
my thoughts had set me free.

I found myself beside you
as a tear rolled down my cheek,
I said don't pinch me darling,
I want to enjoy this dream.


Scattered bric brac on my desk,
a little dusty, sometimes a mess.
Each holds a memory of a day
when dreams found their way.

I pushed them all aside and
I  my wiped desk anew,
today is tomorrow and
here I wait for you.

The night now shines bright,
clearly guided by starlight.
no matter what we say and do,
the starlight leads me to you.

Starlight, starlight shining bright,
gives  a new meaning to this life.
Heavens bow down hear
in the kiss of life we both share.

to lift us to the clouds

The Sweetest Memories

The music of the heart,
the dance of our dreams,
as we spin around in circles
to the sweetest memories.

Sunshine in our morning,
moon glow rules the night,
reminders of our  love and
the joy we share in this life.

The music of the heart,
the dance of our dreams,
as we spin around in circles
to the sweetest memories.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Good Morning Kisses

Wild ramps blanket the hills
as I viewed my first daffodil,
bright yellow on a rainy day
a reminder summer is not
far away.

Each week another bloom,
enjoy before it passes so soon.
The stroll in the garden reveals
like the delphinium sprouting
nothing stands still.


Simple little pleasures,
that mean so much to me,
a  warm kiss good morning
as I wake up from a dream.

Music softly playing
a melody of sweet
as I open up my eyes
from an incredible dream.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Breaking the Silence

Hold my hand....tighter.
You cannot steal what is already yours,
my heart, my soul, my love.

~When I am caught up in the moment of loneliness,
I close my eyes take a deep breath and pull you close.


My strength teeters on your energy...

If tears could make a difference....I would already be in your arms.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Easter!

Check those stars up in the sky
mine are yours and yours are mine.
The majestic blanket of starry light
that is where I snuggle with you tonight.

Memories scripted of yesterday
turned on for another replay,
a reminder how love is mean to be,
bringing you sweet love to me.

It is not a dream
you must certainly know,
like the rays of the sun
your love warms my heart
to a glow.

You're a part of me
more than a foolish dream,
you're the joy in my life
you make my world bright.

It is not a dream
you must certainly know,
like the rays of the sun
your love warms my heart
to a glow.

From the very start
you had my heart
and made my world
feel a new, that is what
love can do.

It is not a dream
you must certainly know,
like the rays of the sun
your love warms my heart
to a glow.

Cuddle, snuggle,
you are with me,
close my eyes and
make believe.

Cuddle, snuggle,
in my heart,
smiling from
a far.

Cuddle, snuggle,
that is love,
head on shoulder
in clouds above

Dreaming of you-Selena with lyrics

Savage Garden - I knew i loved you with lyrics

Friday, April 03, 2015

From My Heart

Dreams are the catalyst
that bring you near,
moment by moment
our love is shared.

Simple pleasures
start from within,
a heart full of song
I would never trade-in.

Lying awake
while miles away
I take to dreaming
day after day.

Raindrops are falling
like tears from the sky,
cleansing the earth
to reveal you and I.

Love is the treasure
quite priceless indeed,
it is always with us
if we dare to believe.

The threads of love weave heart and soul
to strengthen the bond.


There is a nest above my window,
the flycatcher returns each year
and while I gaze out the window
her wings in flight are shared.

Foraging the hills for insects,
her majestic nature a sight to see,
her wings flutter in display
as if she were saying hello to me.


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Enriched by Your Love

It would seem as if Spring is not cooperating this year. The mixed bag of weather that varies, providing us with below normal temperatures. It was upon closer look that I became aware no matter how cold spring was it is indeed underway. The willow covered with catkins and the crocus are blooming in shades of purple, white and yellow. I also saw a few of the birds that endured winter cascading down from the sky in their mating ritual. Indeed spring is upon us. The great equinox where the days of life and darkness come into balance.
It reminds me how we fail to see the sunshine when it is raining. Though of course in a literal sense , the sun has come out when it rains to provide us with an optimal view of a rainbow. Reminding us life even in a storm can share with us a bit of sunshine.
Work was a little slow this week and while sharing in conversation, everyone had a story. Of course none of them seem to be on a positive which just put emphasis on what seemed like an extra long winter. But all in all we rise to share in another day. Each of us on our own journey of success and failures through the lessons of life. One thing is certain no matter what happens in the world, the sun is still shining.

Tears of happiness,
and a stroke of joy,
the magic of life
which seems to toy.

Our journey worth noting,
is sunshine all the way,
filled with the warmth of love
it leads us on our way.

In my heart a story
my soul daily records,
to remind us of happiness
that is knocking at our door.

 The warmth of love
comforts through all seasons.
I have wept for mankind
in its failure to see the true power of love.
Few ever realize their worth upon this earth,
for love is simply the power to override the days of darkness.