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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Enriched by Your Love

It would seem as if Spring is not cooperating this year. The mixed bag of weather that varies, providing us with below normal temperatures. It was upon closer look that I became aware no matter how cold spring was it is indeed underway. The willow covered with catkins and the crocus are blooming in shades of purple, white and yellow. I also saw a few of the birds that endured winter cascading down from the sky in their mating ritual. Indeed spring is upon us. The great equinox where the days of life and darkness come into balance.
It reminds me how we fail to see the sunshine when it is raining. Though of course in a literal sense , the sun has come out when it rains to provide us with an optimal view of a rainbow. Reminding us life even in a storm can share with us a bit of sunshine.
Work was a little slow this week and while sharing in conversation, everyone had a story. Of course none of them seem to be on a positive which just put emphasis on what seemed like an extra long winter. But all in all we rise to share in another day. Each of us on our own journey of success and failures through the lessons of life. One thing is certain no matter what happens in the world, the sun is still shining.

Tears of happiness,
and a stroke of joy,
the magic of life
which seems to toy.

Our journey worth noting,
is sunshine all the way,
filled with the warmth of love
it leads us on our way.

In my heart a story
my soul daily records,
to remind us of happiness
that is knocking at our door.

 The warmth of love
comforts through all seasons.
I have wept for mankind
in its failure to see the true power of love.
Few ever realize their worth upon this earth,
for love is simply the power to override the days of darkness.

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