Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

La, la, la

                 The sun overcomes the darkness as it shines brightly down upon my soul,
                 as your love bridges the distance to comfort my heart with a gentle touch.

Gonna walk on down this lane,
like many times before
and reveal what is in my heart
and what life has in store.

There are so many memories
and more than just a few
as I keep them in my heart
and that what makes my
sky so blue.

Not enough spring,
though the flowers are in bloom,
not enough sunshine,
when I am not there with you.
Not enough rounds of happiness,
thought the blue bird has arrived,
not enough hope
it seems I struggle all the time.
I kept this bear for safe keeping
it traveled everywhere,
sat beside me on my driver test
and my pillow at night I shared.
It comes with a reminder,
how difficult life maybe,
but as long as we have faith,
we can exceed our wildest dreams.

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