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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thought for The Day

"Those who invest the time and emotion to know you the best... Love you the most."

I think this statement is true to all of us. That when we take the time to really know a person inside and out that it reflects the true essence of love. There is the outer reflection that people see and come to a quick judgment and than there is the deeper look inside that reveals the truth of our being. But at times you can find there is a comfort zone that makes you believe that you have known a person all your life and that you couldn't hide who you are even if you tried. That just might be the soul talking for we are a product of circumstance in our outer shell but inside we are who we were born to be.

The soul speaks in whispers
that are channeled through the heart.
 Passion is the emotion that rises above
to reveal what is in the heart.


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