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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Faraway Look

It occurred to me that I rarely in the past twenty years took the time to sit out on the porch. There was just always something that needed to be done. Not feeling myself I today showered and went outside to enjoy the warm weather that finally appeared. The stream passes right by the front of the house and I was surprised to see fish jumping in the air. I walked down to take a closer look and the fish were battling the current making their way up over the rock bed. I thought about the power and energy that it takes for a fish to work itself upstream. That is how I felt this week like I was battling the current and trying to make my way upstream as the power of the water flowed downward.

It's that faraway look
which can't be denied,
daydreaming of you
is really no surprise.

Your arms to hold me
and a kiss good night,
I'm caught in a daydream,
with the love of my life.

It's that faraway look
which can't be denied,
takes down the mountains
to bring you to my side.

I'm caught in a dream,
in the arms of my love
add a sweet memory
on the clouds up above.


The sun said good night
it's the stars time to shine
and all that I can hear is
what nature dares to share.

Birds settling in their roost,
the frog celebration is a hoot
as I closely listen to the song
a symphony of spring is strong.

The sun said good night
it's the stars time to shine
and all that I can see is
shared through memories.

Sometimes it is silly dreams
and other times what's meant to be,
strolling down the lane
as the moon leads the way.

Tiny blossoms in the breeze,
falling from the locust tree,
the petals lace the ground
quietly without a sound.

Early in the light of day
a storm blew this way,
bringing with it quite a view
a show of spring anew.


I look unto the heavens
and grateful am  I,
that you entered my life
and eased my troubled mind.

My heart took to racing
as fast as it could beat,
while I thought about the love
and what you mean to me.

The sun has now set
and the moon has yet to shine,
but I know that your love
is the brightest spot in my life.

I hold you in my thoughts
and embrace you with my heart
from the moment I was graced
with your love from afar.

I looked to the heavens
and grateful am I
that you entered my heart
and you eased my trouble mind.



Place your hand in mine,
while hearts embrace and
remember that I love you
day after day.

Place your hand in mine,
while hearts embrace
and allow our souls
to feel that magic in this
most fantastic way.


Anonymous said...

HUGS my amazing friend. There may be distance for your love is felt everyday.



the music and lyrics say it all.


Rachel C Miller said...


Thank You! ... for everything.

Rachel C Miller said...

Arms Wide Open,

I haven't heard this song in forever. It is a very moving and touching song, thank you for sharing it with me.

Rachel C Miller said...

For all the struggles that we entertain in life, I am so grateful for the warmth of love shared. I am a lucky person.