Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Saturday, March 31, 2007

You and I

Wakened by the raindrops as
they pitter patter on the ground.
Melancholy thoughts had my
mind bouncing all around.
A Fragrant reminder surrounds me,
of the time you found me.I’m falling
deep into the arms of your love.
Wind blown curtains weave their
magic, the shadows dance is
some what tragic, as they
quickly pass into thin air.
I looked around at my troubled life, memories left to haunt the dark and cool night,and suddenly a light appears before me and strained my eyes now see, that you are there unharnessing the restraints on my wings, release me.... I'm free. Higher then the mountains, and further then the seas, I’m soaring with my love beyond the dark hollow’s trees. Tears to laughter and raindrops to sunshine, your the king of happiness and in your arms I'm the queen.

The Night Sky

There’s no we without
you, no wish that can’t
come true, as long as
your by my side will
make it through.
We control the night sky,
it belongs to you and I.
Every star a message
every cloud tomorrows
I whispered to the
mountains and I heard
them echo back, I love
you my darling and
that’s a simple fact.
We control the night sky,
it belongs to you and I.
Every star a message,
every cloud tomorrows

Partner of Desire

Silence was broken by the sweet song of life,
and there upon the sand of dreams was the
massage that to my soul enticed.

A dance floor in the heavens, with the partner
of desire, exuding undeniable love that lit
the sky a fire.

Friday, March 30, 2007


In this dream, your by my side,
the arms of comfort and sun lit skies.

When stars blanket the evening sky,
will hop on a cloud and take it for
a ride.

Simple Little Pleasures

Simple little pleasures, dreaming of you,
playing in the sand like children do.

Laughing in the morning, singing all night,
to the song of the nightingale,
taken off in flight.

Dancing on the mountain, dancing out
at sea, dancing in my heart
is the love you
give to me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


When the foundation is built with Love and Care, the walls
of life through storms adhere. One by one of respect and
trust, left behind what time can't rust. Memories to the
heart sing of Happiness and Joy to renew each Dream.

One Step Closer

I imagined you beside me, I imagined I could fly,
envisioning the rainbows, created by you and I.


A moment with out fear is greater then a lifetime with.


Dancing to past songs places a heaviness on the heart,
but the sounds of spring give faith and hope
a refreshing new start.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Golden Thread


I have been asked many times if I was happy. I looked around at the vast beauty of the mountains and the stream as it flows in all its glory over the wall of rock. I first tried to define happiness. Aristotle said that “different men seek after happiness in different ways and by different means, and so make for themselves different modes of life and forms of government."“happiness depends upon ourselves. “ I again looked around at the hills showy in a spring floral display.Happiness depends upon ourselves? I felt a certain amount of contentment as the soil, cool and moist sifted through my fingers. Happiness as defined in the dictionary characterized by good luck, fortunate, Enjoying, showing , or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy. Being especially well - adapted, felicitous cheerful.

A soul that needs no cloak of pretense and exudes with the joy of acceptance, A blazing heart of passion from a single moment shared. The mind overflowing of contentment of two, the companionship of kindred spirits
soaring the mighty blue.

I felt bewildered as the emotions surfaced from deep inside and there alone in the valley a tear fell from my eye. Bending down to the flower bed, I snapped a floret from its stem and gently pulling each petal from natures golden gems. One of my heart which I freely gave to you and all those little moments shared ,made the sky the grandest blue. The second from my soul, at the time we met, amazing wonderful it encouraged me to be my best . One last petal had fallen from my hand and it consisted of the memories like little grains of sand. Alone they are but a chapter restlessly unread, but shared they are true happiness from life's quilt of golden thread.


The darkness plays such trickery or do my eyes adjust?
Before the sun has risen, I am overwhelmed with lust.
Moving silhouettes like puppetry in the dark, a
stage that you have set ,the master who initiates
the spark.

Uncontrollable the emotions race from the
inside and there in the black of day a pirouette
resides. Spinning faster like a seed caught up
in the wind, until I felt a calm embrace and
allowed love to set on in.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Smile I Am

A little more then five years ago I started on a journey. I opened the door and walked outside the perimeters of the self made prison. Four miles each day I walked two up and two on return,the experience that I had with the people I met was enlighting. I began to reach a little further. I had become stagnant in life and this was the beginning of a new opportunity. I explored the options of the internet, business and a road with many hills, bends and quite a few blind spots.

I loved, I lost,I discovered ,I felt,I explored
I woke up,I lived, welcome to my life.

In the year 2002 many changes happened, I volunteered at the missions to help others, I
found my way to the library, I started my own business. This new world that awaited me with chutes and ladders. I fell backwards sliding from the top of the mountain spiraling downward. The situation surrounding this fall was based on my own insecurities and my feelings of loneliness. Heart break and isolation created a cloth like veil from hell. Over the next few years there was a uneasiness of it all. I questioned my future, writing had become therapeutic and away of reaching out beyond the barriers.

As life moves on so did I, the next few years would advance from personal achievements to a world wide acceptance. There I was displaying my work for others to see, some accomplishment for a person who was relatively shy. The doors didn't swing open they slowly creaked open and in walked friendship and opportunities. I found myself traveling and exploring in ways I had never dreamed of or thought possible. The experiences that come from meeting so many people have widened my insight of life, giving me a complex view of a much larger picture.

My biggest dream came true, I for the first time took a drivers test and passed, it has been a set of highs and lows. So much I want to do and so much to see and each trip out like the first. So much ground to cover and only so much time. Fascinated by the art shows and the experiences that were unraveling before me each opening another door of opportunity. I felt as if I were on a step ladder and each step broadened my horizon. From lingerie to poetry, to skin care, my world was changing, my life was changing.

Having a book published, signing books and the fascination that comes with acceptance. Though at times I still felt very much like " the fish in the fish bowl"I found I could relate to peoples emotions but not to people themselves. A distance between us like a curtain, I was the performer and they merely cast members.

Then to have someone understand to know you inside and out and like what they saw, Not just part of who am but all of who I am the acceptance that flow over into all phases of my life. True acceptance, unconditional love, friendship and a partner on the journey.

Life is a ongoing book with many chapters, and day by day a new page is written. I think today the sun shined, the weather warmed and I felt a inner strength. What has the future in store? I questioned my motives and where they may lead, I questioned my inner strength and how long it would last.

I thought to my recent sadness and the darkness that occasionally encircles me. I have had a lifetime of giving and I was selfishly trying to gain back the lost years. I felt almost as if I had entered the personal era of a "midlife crisis".The winters hard set me back in away that I can't describe, each one was always harder then the next almost as if there was a cloud of darkness surrounding. This year was a struggle, but there was no cloud of darkness, only the warmth that your smile can bring.

Life is a game of fascination, when you stop exploring,you stop living.

Since 2002 I climbed a mountain, viewed the valley 's and soared.That's progress and I have photo ID to prove it. >smiling

Starry Night

Every night I sit and gaze into the starry night,
wondering what your doing and if your alright.

Laughing with burst of little giggles of our
yesterdays, the magic of a life that brought
you my way.

Waiting for the special moment when you
appear and you take my hand and pull
me near.

The vision appears so brightly, in your arms
I stand and on the clouds of life, our
love commands.

Warm thoughts embrace the moment,
as our souls entwine and circling above
the heavens, the emotion divine.

Every night I sit and gaze into the starry night,
wondering what your doing and if your alright.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Forevermore

If you thought to walk away and close the door, to shut your eyes and block your soul from mine. You'd still be my forevermore, the best part of life, the magic and the mystery at the center of my core . I can't forget the part you play or how you landed in my heart and made
the sadness go away.

I can't forget what lives inside, the love so wonderful, impossible to hide.I can't forget the color scheme, the rainbow painted for you and me.

If you thought to walk away and close, the door, to shut your eyes and block your soul from mine. You'd still be my forevermore.. the part part of life, the magic and mystery, at the center of my core. The dreams live on, the song I sing, the world would be so empty if there were no we. You found your way in and no matter how, there is no turning back the blue sky now is ours.

I can't forget what lives inside, the love so wonderful, impossible to hide.I can't forget the color scheme, the rainbow you painted for you and me.

My Forevermore.......

Take this climb with me, beneath the spring time budded trees.Sunlight shining down, reflects shadows to the ground.
The sky of blue, manages to peak on through, happiness is found,where two hearts are gently bound.
This stroll through life, teaches lessons day and night,what's good and what feels bad, a weave like Irish Plaid.
Take this climb with me, beneath the spring time budded trees.Sunlight shinning down, reflects shadows to the ground.
Let's set upon the rock and be silly and laugh allot, rest my head next to you and let love come shining through.
A child of seventeen is only a memory, maturity appears and still I find you here.
Take this climb with me, beneath the spring time budded trees.Sunlight shinning down, reflects shadows on the ground.

Morning Sun

A little bit of sunshine, a douse of rain,
a splash of color, on a early spring day.

The hollow magically comes to life,
as the grass is greener and the
days longer with light.

Suddenly the Quince decided to bloom,
the start of a season appeared
one afternoon.

Song birds were singing, the stream
joined on in and the sound of the
hills rejoiced wit the wind.

The smell of life as it first begins, is
the start of the magic that we stroll
on in.


Trees impatient rush to a early bloom,
their branches in bud, like it was early June.

The warm sun dried the fallen rain and only
the rising stream remains.

One with the hollow on this early spring day,
anxious to run and catch the morning sun rays.

Little gifts of Sunshine!

Beauty is in the growth and Love is in the living and life is merely
accountable for our yesterdays, unless we accept
the inevitable and challenge
each and every day.

Little gifts of sunshine in every drop of rain,
kisses to the soul that shall
forever remain.

Once more hold my hand..........for with you I am
the mountain,

the sea in all its vastness
and the stars that brightly shine.


Let's Dance

Nature in all its splendor, grows, changes and evolves into a
view of self.
Never to explore another day or discover the beauty
that awaits, would be
to deny life the joy of such simplicity.
That which lays stagnant or like a
empty vase layered
in dust, dies slowly.The silence only awaits
the visit
from your heart, once you dare to listen,
silence dares to sing.


Either we count the stars deadened without movement,
or dance upon them in the celebration of life.

I Say Let's Dance!


The sudden surprises of spring remind us of
each days gifts, renewable with each season.

A Spring Celebration

The end of one season and the beginning of another!


I walked alone for a mighty long time,
with fear in the lead, I was going
out of my mind.

Stumbled on faith, I fell hard to
the ground and standing strong,
it was hope that I found.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Touch of Hearts, Dance of Souls

A dream untapped spawns desire,
intimacy shared flames romance on fire.


The smile that pierces the darkest of nights,
grew first from the love you placed in my heart.

I walked with fear, till I met with hope,
skipped around with selfishness as I
confused the want of fire, stumbled
blindly into love and dance
above the heavens.

Your touch tickles from inside, exudes with laughter
from the soul. The heaviness of life was lifted by
the warmth and magic of your smile.



I reached for a raft, inflatables it leaked,
drowning in the water, I was unable to breathe.

Anchored to a tug boat, that barely stayed a float,
push and pull, until it disappeared without a tow.

Head above water the sky was awfully blue
and in the distance traveled a mighty ship
that sailed as fast as the sea gull flew.

Welcome said the captain, feel free to step
aboard and the weary traveler stumbled
weakly to the floor.

An hour turned to days and days became
and soon the exploration became
a journey of many needs.

What happen to our yesterday's, where
does our
tomorrows lead? At that
very moment
the clouds began to part
and there
I heard the whisper ...the
journey was through your heart.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

For all the times I didn't thank you!

When each tear falls, you magically wipe away them all,
cradled in the night, walked me through day and night,
supported so, when I didn't know where life was leading
me to go.

We can't place a price this friendship is a treasure of life,
as we hold each other tight, every single day when silence
makes a play, a song sings from my heart.

The lessons that you taught were how friends support
rain or shine, when life has a lot of explaining to do
it was you that came shining through.

The voice of life is truthful and generous and kind,
the words from you lips are like a breath of
morning kiss.

I walked along the shore and climbed a mountain
or two, the road a little slick the rain plays a trick
but somehow you kept me next to you.

When the sky is dark and gray and the magic seems
to fade, is when I felt your love closer to me, like
memories that we made.

My gratitude I give to the one who taught me
to live, to reach up to the stars no matter who
we are.

I ask that you except this blessing with a kiss
my love to see you through and feel the
embrace of skies of blue.

The color deepens so, that you surely must
no, that I see your magic everywhere,
from the one who dared enough to care.

Joyful am I from ever deep inside,
as we strolled through the
corners of the mind.

So I say one more time, these are not
mere words on a line, the mention of
love and friendship that dances above.

The words I give to you are a simple
thank you from my heart directed
just to you.

Even in the "Dark of NIght" the sky is still blue.

We can't repair the past, or make choices for others. We can allow those less then honest to weigh down the heart, or release it to the heavens like an explosion from those tiny sparks. I looked around and felt lost at best, why is this world so troubled and how do we get out of this mess? The willow now in bloom, whispered words of joy, spring is like that of a full moon a rebirth through time. The cycle generates a season, to grow, to live , to bloom and hibernate like a bear thats wants to sleep till noon.

Fragrant a single red rose, simple and pleasant to the mind, the petals like that of velvet, soft and unveiling over time. The thorns, sharp and jagged pricked the memories of my mind. This reminder of what never could be mine.

I kept my thoughts a running, I kept my heart at bay and still so much not understood my soul just wanted to runaway. I looked unto the river, the current swift and high and then I looked into the dark of night to make sense of endless why’s.

Why can’t I breathe the magic into this life? Why does the cold remain, sending chills of ice ? Why is all so complicated and why the choices do we make? and who in life is to blame and can we repair the ache?

Once more I gazed unto the river, the bridge now met with the flow and it seemed as if the flooding could make the sadness go. I called out to the heavens, I reached both near and far, I just wanted one last change to dance upon the stars.

Silly little girl or a woman in her prime, to believe the magic was sent from some mystical endless time. I couldn’t freeze my yesterdays, I couldn’t see tomorrow, I have to face each day of life and spare myself the sorrow.


Truth is always waiting, if we dare to listen,
It births from inside and is on a life time mission.

The heart complicates the dreams with these
darkened blinders, to shield the knowledge
of realities dreadful little reminders.

This I have been told "when God closes door he opens a window" You have to be ready to breathe in the magic of the new day, except the gift that awaits and forever dance on
the magical clouds of life.

Good Night

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spool of Thread

I'm celebrating the first of spring, the guest of honor doesn't want to sing. Forgot the batteries for his watch and probably drinking rum or scotch. This isn't any ordinary day, you can toss the calendar and decide not to play. Pretend that I don't exist, go on try to your heart resist." I can do it so you say, I didn't need anyone" was the words that day. You didn't understand a thing I said, almost five years and counting on the spool of thread.


Colorful the memories of life, a little good
,a little bad and some awfully nice. Can’t
separate them if I wanted to, like the
spring day, they just grew and bloomed
the most wonderful memories of you.

Happy Birthday First of Spring!


Singing> Here we are on the first of spring, celebrating many things,
days of long ago and a few new ones make the season glow.

Birthday balloons and silly songs, rhymes and magic come along,
caught up in the day not long, in your arms I belong.

Winter was so very cold, but friendship had the stronger hold,
saw us through the winter storms and make the gray skies blue.

Arms that held me tight, the kiss that said goodnight, the dreams
I wouldn’t or couldn't fight , the words that I love you.

I am lucky as can be, the day you spoke to me, taught everyday
to be spring, and gave to me this glee.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tonight, I send my sky of blue,
to blanket over my love for you.


Dreams of love and magical moments
rivers run deep and sunshine presents.

Laughter and song and dance and joy
this is what makes us feel like a
little girl and a boy.

Blue skies, starlit nights, daydreams
all cloud like, dancing and playing
and silly and all,I think I'm beginning to fall.

Dreams of love and magical moments,
rivers run deep and sunshine presents.

Laughter and song and dance and joy,
this is what makes us feel like a
like a little girl and a boy.

Rainy days, catching snowflakes,
beach dreams and more, the further I
travel the more I know, I couldn't
ask for more.


I'd recognize your soul on a crowded street,
the sound of your heart leads a path to where
we will meet. When the day is almost over and
the sun is replaced by moonlight, you'll find
me dancing in the embrace of twilight.


Dance in the garden fine, embrace of love divine,
this paradise is yours and mine, from now
to the end of time.

Oh Mi Amore

From here to Madrid and back again,
the words spoken were in the wind.

The reflection a story tells, of love as beautiful
as the flight of the nighten gales.

I am begging on my knees, hold my hand
and let's be free, to feel the love of hearts

You were meant to be here with me,
to love and set our souls free.

Oh mi amor, oh mi amor, aferrar a mí.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I've got my Angel ....

Impossible to patch the holes of our yesterdays,
they're here and gone and only today remains.

I'm not spending another day looking back,
I've chosen another untraveled path.

Fear and loneness no longer reside, I've
got my angel traveling by my side.


The challenges of life, one step at a time, vulnerable
are we to what we can't see.

Open up your eyes, this is one big surprise, the
magic of love, were flying high above

I don't even fear, I know I'll see you there,
high up in the clouds where
laughter is all around.

Take my hand my heart hold on tight
It's about to start.......We're flyin high.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've been down this road before.

Singing> I've been down this road before,
I'm not counting and I'm not keeping score.
For everything that stays the same, there
is always something more, I've been
down this road before.

The road is long and winding, and I'm
never sure just where it ends. I keep
wishing and dreaming, until I creep
up on those blind bends.

The train is a humming, as its wheels
chang-a- lang on the tracks, the sound
sometimes soothing, couldn't halt the
memories from coming back.

I've been down this road before,
I'm not counting and I'm not keeping
score. For everything that stays the same,
there is always something more, I've
been down this road before.


Snow and rain, sleet and ice a blustery mixture of life.
Struggles, dreams and memories,
caught in every storm.

Layered rock is quite the norm, piece by piece a picture
forms. Sun baked smiles in various styles,
direct from you to me.


The bend in the road blocks the view of the restless today through tomorrows blue.
Snow in the morning, melted by day, the month of March falls victim, to winters games.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

For Once in my Life

For Once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me.... for once I have something that won't desert me...For once in my life I have someone who needs me.

The reflection in the flames.

Very Very Blue.

Sometimes I allowed like snow on the pine
the heavy in life, to the heart compound.

My mind knows the choices, my heart
questions well which doorway is
heaven, which doorway is hell.

Taller and taller the trees grow
and like the story, another
chapter to go.

I think I can do it, surely I'll try,
as you put the blue all through
the sky.

Somethings don't matter, like
the day of the year, the sunlight
I vision is always here.

You gave it to me, not long ago
and forever I feel the warmth
in me grow.


For every up hill battle, we get the thrill of
sliding down, the journey not so easy, but
nothing can keep us down.

I'd swear the path led direct to
hell, till I met up with you
and into place life fell.

We are Making it...

It's not only the blue birds that await the
songs of spring, holding your hand
turns nightmares into dreams.

The winters a little longer, the path
a little gray, but as long as your
beside me, I know we'll find
our way.

Head On

Meet me under the trestle, when the train is going by.
Louder then the engine is this heart beat of mine.
Racing to hold you and never let go, writing
the chapters in the fallen
flakes of snow.

Winters Song

I am trying to be strong, to rid my life of all the wrongs,
to embrace the winter song, while I await
the announcement of spring.

The Rising Sun

With the winter sun rising and the darkness to my
back, all I need is to think of you and the
magic brings you back.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Melting snowflakes with your love

Might be snowflakes to the average man, but if you
look a little harder you will see that spring now takes
a stand, almost over and melting on down stream
what remains behind, is the strength of you and me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The flower's reflection on one fallen tear,
cold as ice reveals how close
you are my dear.

Happiness and sadness battle day and
night, until the whisper of your love
embraces heart and mind.

Magical as sunshine on a winter day,
reminds me that spring is
just a day away.

With you, I climbed a mountain and
I made it to shore, in the arms
of the one who I adore.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Singing> Look inside and you will see, everything........

Look inside and you will see, everything you gave to me.

The Reflection of smiles dipped in harmony,
the song now resides in me.

Look inside and you will see, everything you gave to me.
A world of beauty, I love you more
with each passing day.

Look inside and you will see, everything you gave to me.
lesson that taught the steps to me and clouds
drifting in our dreams.

Look inside and you will see, everything you gave to me.
friendship coated with loyalty, love
released in the breeze.

Look inside and you will see, everything you gave to me.
beaming from my eyes, is the energy,
and there you'll see the grandest
reflection of the all.

Each moment no matter how large or small......

Blue Sky

Love is universal when viewed with the heart.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Early Spring Thaw


Lucky the moment, fortunate indeed,
when we collided, you charmed me.

Blessing or a fluke, maybe a stroke of luck
when you reached out, it was a
awesome touch.

Lackadaisical, spirit set free, no restraints,
while we're cloud dancing.

Blissful or a curse, flesh set aside,
the magic that I feel Is difficult to hide.



I think I am caught up in an early spring thaw,

the hills are singing and my heart is in awe.

The river rage calms to a gentle crawl and ice
chunks on the banks create a brick like wall.

The hills are singing and my heart begins to
dance, hope and faith has bloomed to
life another chance.

I think I am caught up in an early spring thaw,
the hills are singing and my heart is in awe.

A Treasure of Memories

Every day's a holiday, just take a look around and see,
Jack frost is celebrating with his gift of diamond
sparkle on the trees.

The dew is frozen over, the stream is awfully calm and
if you dare to listen, you will hear a morning song.

Birds in a distance, calling out to you, hold on to
my heart and dance under skies of blue.

No need for paper Valentines, no holiday control,
the celebration that your feeling is the finding
of Gold.

The treasure on the mountains, the treasure out
to sea, the treasure is the memories of
when you were here with me.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

First Signs of Spring!

I shan’t fear the darkness, nor feel the pain of night,
your flesh distant, your love by my side.

Non temerò la nerezza, né ritengo il dolore della notte,
la vostra carne distante, il vostro amore dal mio lato.

I shan’t let the clouds of gray enter our life, I ordered
puffy white ones, to bed you and I.

Non lascerò le nubi di gray entrare nella nostra vita,
ho ordinato il bianco puffy per inserire voi e la I.

Pirouette of blossom petals blowing in the wind,
spring like greeting, a welcome to a end.

La piroetta dei petali che saltano nel vento,
la molla del fiore gradisce greeting,
un benvenuto ad un'estremità.

When you wish upon a star-disney moments

One of my favorites and one of my favorite moments....ty

Friday, March 09, 2007

Singing > I love you More.........I'm singing in the rain


Take off your shoes, toss your umbrella aside,
your gonna stroll with me by your side. I love
you so much, that the tears in my eyes,blend
with the rain, as you turn it all into sunshine.

The Sky is Blue!

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
when dreams made you mine and life was
simply beautiful and you were by my side.

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
when the world bowed and the breeze
lifted you and I aboard.

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
when all loneness' in left behind and all
that’s here is sunshine.

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
when I feel your arms in mine embrace,
like mountains to a pine.

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
the sky so blue, is scripted with loves

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
like magic flowing from the falls, the water
rushing tells it all.

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
the dance each day of new steps, creating
love at its best.

I love you more, with each flicker of time,
when stars fall from the sky and are
caught with you inside...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I love watching the stars with you!

What is this feeling that’s come over me?
a flood of emotion and a whisper in the breeze.
Settling in my heart a lesson plan to teach,
the soul how to hold you in my dreams.

The moons reflection on the deep blue sea,
the stars so enchanting inviting us to dream.
To dance on the shores where love is found,
bringing you to me
I can hear the waves rolling in,
I can feel my soul out to sea.

Hold my hand once more,
my heart forever yours,
Hold my hand once more,
we're opening new doors.

A world of magic as the stars shine bright,
creating a display mystical delight.
Silence falling, or is life calling,
as I hear the whispers in the wind.

Hold my hand once more,
my heart forever yours.
Hold my hand once more,
we're opening new doors.


Master of love,
my heart the clay ,
life the mold ,
darkness fades,
dreams and hope,
sun baked .

Whispers of sweet,
magically sing,
rivers wide,
closed in time.
Questions of life,
unanswered today.

uncommonly fine
and strong desire.
mountains peak,
I believe.

Warm and strong,
a blazing flame,
magically appears,
when you are near.

Ever grateful,
when you held,
my love and cast
that star dust spell.

The Creation of Love


The stars in the heaven cast a place for you and me,
the reflection of the moonlight dances soft and magically
upon the sea. If you look deeply inside, this is what you
will find, the embrace of love sung loudly, from
the moment you said yes to me.

The fireplace is a blaze and warmth invites for us to lay, silence broke only by the beat of our hearts.Your head gently rest, with love against my chest, as I stroke tenderly your forehead so ever close to me.The taste of your sweet lips and the magic of and power of your kiss, placed me under your spell..A quick glance and I see the worlds embracing you to me, a tapestry of snowflakes and mountains, stitched into the landscape. With the wind and sun coming together, in a celebration of the bonding of souls. Copious the thoughts bounce from earth to the heavens to embrace what others have not. Magnificent a love, more beautiful then any emotion recorded in the history of time.Close your eyes once more and feel closer then imaginably possible, the existence of two, magically entwined into one, the best of you and me. The display on a common carpet setting is a less then common sight, the magic that view, the mystery I knew is the combination of us two, With eyes tightly shut the view will come to be ,the creation of love , the explosion in our dreams.

Winter Trickery

Oh! mother nature, she just loves to entertain us. Being a new driver on the road this was my first experience with the" next day, after the storm". Not allotting for extra time, I reached for my jacket and pink boots in place I ran down to the car. You just start up and go, that easy. Oh know, I can't go yet the windshield is frozen over. Well its not like it will thaw anytime soon, I better let the vehicle run a bit. I have to clear the window. I get out and take the scraper from the back seat and try to clear the windshield. Well, this is isn't as easy as it looks, as I stand on the step trying to reach across the windshield. This is where I wish I was taller then five foot two, or at least had Mr. Gadgets retractable arms. This ice isn't coming off, looks easy in the commercials. Wasn't to smart that I didn't put gloves on and my fingers are now feeling every bit as frozen as my windshield. The hollow has a lot to be desired, when it comes to sunshine. Like you can hear it echo, Sunshine who?!!! through out the hills, of course in the summer the shade of the trees are a blessing. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, but I think I'll be some what prepared next time.
Turning the vehicle around I made it down the driveway, my fingers frozen to the the steering wheel. The sun bright outside of the hollow slowly cleared the window. Major trickery indeed as the below 0 temperatures, were highlighted by the winter sun. The slow thaw caught me laughing as I experienced another day of opportunity, freedom, at its best..

The day after a snow storm, is some kind of treat indeed.
Temperatures plummet and the ice from the summit ,surrounding me.

Unprepared for my first drive after a late winter storm, can’t complain,
about a little frozen rain, in the norther winter it's quite the norm.

Before you know it, I'm driving down the road and the last few
moments seemed like years ago.

Questioning the world and the heartache that I see, what's a little
ice between happiness and me.


My heart of paper, the scissors you control.
snip, cut confetti, fallen on my soul.

The screams in silence, won't let me sleep,
so word by word I write, with the tears of
life I weep.

Can you not feel the desperation in the night,
the loneliness that struggles, to want to hold
you tight?

Darkness surrounding, sounds of despair,
Where is my sunshine ? damn I need him