Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Morning!!!!!!

I’m in the water and the river begins to swell
My head above ... and a story does it tell.
I see the blues skies surrounding me.
I see the mountains and they call out to me
I’m in the water and the river begins to swell.
The waters brisk sent a chill to waken me.
I see the blue skies surrounding me
I see the mountains and they call out to me.

I’m in the water and the river begins to swell.
Reaching for your hand ended the silent yell.
What's in a good morning?
The hope that each day grants you health to make it on your uphill journeys.
The faith that when you stumble I'll be here to hold your hand.
The trust that there is a downside to each mountain that picks up speed for the next climb.
The truth that friendship given will be returned with the utmost respect.
The Love that gathers strength of the suns rays to keep your heart warm and soul alive
The freedom to whisper beyond the sounds of silence.
Good Morning!

The Moment of the Raven

An explosion of color graced the hills of the hollow. Once again the season displays a canvas of beauty unique to nature. The silence replaced with the echo of life that once lay silent in the folds of my mind. The trail of sadness wind blown to the edges of insanity lead to the path of allegiance that clings helplessly to a new day. .
When doubt has shed its nasty thread and the only sounds are the heart that bled. A drop of sadness, a drop of fear, a drop that leads and I don’t know where.
The moment of the raven was not of despair,I could hear his call filling the air.
I knew times limitations had been set from the moment we had taking that first breath.
Its been said that those who expect find disappointments at the door.
I have fallen victim to my own expectations.

I miss the breath of wind that romanced my heart a spin. The song of morn that held you ever near. My heart cries for yesterday , my soul for the part you played ... my mind cries just to hear you say.. baby I love you...
met you in the autumn breeze, danced in my dreams ... held you in my heart and softy whispered please....listen to the song of joy you placed in my heart ..
Life would be easy if we really could have selected memory... and remember all the joy and place the nonsense to rest on a regular basis. Or better yet If I could take a moment and hold it forever near .........

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good Morning or not!

Life is either embraced by Love or Manipulated by fear and no path shall they cross . Gentle is the hand that lay upon my heart of dreams. Cradled in the dark of night it is your love I see.

He who holds the reigns of fear controls the mind to set a scare.
I allowed my mind to feel what my heart knows is real.
Trading places you will see , I shan't lose the memory.
I trusted in the reflections of the past, that return for one last laugh.
I gave to you my heart and soul for you to make a lasting fool.
I shall not fear your weakness. The drivers seat am I.
The early morning chill sent a shiver
that awakened the spirit of the morn.
I'ts ok don't be afraid , no sadness found or scorn.
The light of trust reflects upon the early morn of gray
A glow that simply guides me through another day.
Good Morning!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lost in the Hollow

Lost in the hollow for many a day.
My heart to wander, my mind to stray.


Discontent I search far and near and what
I found was in one tear.

In the reflection looking back I saw my heart
begin to crack. No arms to hold , no kiss at night
the sadness is I lost the fight.
I saw the path a walk alone, how much further does it go.
The sun betrayed my heart it seems, as the darkness replaced the dreams.
Who can hear the call at night, the swallows they have taken flight. Silent cries in the air, just listen close and you will hear.
Confused alone my heart does plea... a vow was made
a perplexed decree. I question with most
certainty was this God’s plan for me?

Tired I lay my head at night ,
my soul to weep has taken flight.
Hold my hand we’re almost there
where I feel your warmth and care.

My Love Now ............

The carousel of time keeps playing with my mind. Round and round it the goes, the image never slows. I saw your heart that day, you couldn’t hide away. I know what people say, that my heart you made a game. I still feel your touch, your distant love a crutch. Afraid of letting go I’m spinning don’t cha know.
The carousel of time keeps playing with my mind. Round and round it goes, my tears haven’t slowed. The carousel of time keeps playing with my mind. Round and round it goes , my love
now exposed.

Simplicity of LIfe

I question with wonderment. What has the future in store for me? Have I seen over the horizon or has life really just begun? I anticipate each day that lay before me .I have tested the bitterness of the past, reasoned with the present and anxiously await the future
Beyond the darkness a hint of light.
With each day I am given sight.
The brisk chill, the upward hill,
a river that is overfilled.
A little further, a little more
hold my hand for us to explore.
The treasure of each moment played,
a path of golden lay.
A hand that reaches, a mind that sees,
a heart that knows another's needs.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Autumn Snow

When two seasons come together it is natures celebration that unites the past with the future. A sweet remembrance of days gone by with a hint of what's to come. A sweet and sour blend holds close the many memories that formed the season...In the deep darkness of my mind lay all of the emotions trapped within the season... The feel of joy and sadness join to follow a new path, one that leads with the unpredictability of autumn snow.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chocolate Bar

If I could make you smile with every wake of morn.
Tickle your spirit and watch it simply soar.

If I could share a moment of your every
blessed day.. I'd spend my life painting
blue skies from gray.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Autumn Dreams

A explosion of color grasp my mind and set a fire. Autumn season at its peak, nature's plan to inspire. Surrouned by the trees I visualized the dream .. so surreal a vision that it placed you next to me. I could see the world with just you and I .. I could see a break of blue from the sun lit sky . I could hold you in my arms and never say goodbye.

Autumn Rose

So fragrant is the Autumn Rose, so sensual the bloom.
The petals graced my memory unfolding stories true.
The song bird prepares to journey but not without one last song
The sweet sounds of joy flowed graciously along.
The season’s celebration marks not a time that past.
The wondrous beauty surrounding is having one last laugh.
The foliage enhanced with colors bright and gay,
enhanced the menagerie of animals as they run and play.
The path through the hollow leads to the other side,
where a journey begins and another simply hides

A place in my heart!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Hands Of Time!

The hands of time are spinning faster with each day.
Second by second they count how many ways.
How many ways to love you , how many ways to
dream , how many ways to tell you what my
heart has seen.

The hands of time are spinning faster with each day.
Second by second they measure the times of the day.
The times you made me smile, the times you made feel,
the times you touched my heart and made my soul a deal.

The hands of time are spinning faster withe each day.
Second by second I can hear them say.
enjoy the moment , enjoy the day , enjoy the magic
that placed you in my way.


One heart beats with the speed of joy , warmed by a smile , touched by your love and led from the start to follow the dream.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Like the Giant in the child’s story book “ Gulliver's travels” I to felt bounded by restraint. Weakened by circumstances, the ties difficult to break. In any situation it is impossible to over come everything at once. The restraints are removed through time, one by one. The
emotional independence being the most difficult .

Life comes with no regrets only lessons.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

He Who Armored ....

Many times in life I have questioned right and wrong. What is to be, choices or circumstances?
I guess this is the optimist in me .. As I believe there is a time and a reason for everything. As I have been commissioned over the last few months to write about death . I find that we all are met with challenges , pains , misunderstandings. The human emotional structure is weighted down with varied responses to life's struggles. The stitch that ties up together as people.
There is a old adage ... About walking a mile in some one else shoes. Each pain is real to the person who traveled that path. But the glory of a new day is that each brings us a new opportunity to reinvent the future , to take our own personal control. I love adages a friend many years ago said to me ... "Nothing is sadder then those with the ability to make change refuse to, to have intelligence and do nothing for the good of the people or themselves"
When I look into the eyes of the people I have met over the summer.. I know it's exactly as one of my clients said. "Believe that you are just where God wants you to be. "
He Who Armored

He who armored me with Faith knew what it was I was to meet. Strapped with Courage upon my back I shall not show defeat.

Traveling down the path of time, the season's made their mark. A well drawn out plan that left me in the dark.

Allied with the darkness, was the enemy of past, but I traveled far and the memories no longer have their grasp.

I traveled beyond the fears who partnered with restraint. I met with time and posted my complaint.

Morning brought the sun of gold, the rays that light the day and now I challenge whatever comes my way.

One last battle and the victor shall I be, the begining of a journey, an untraveled path, a fire thats lit within, the glory of my wrath.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You will hear me say that I love you....

Singing>Someday when your old and gray, rocking your life away, you will hear me say that I love you ..love you with all my heart.
Someday when I am old and grey, rocking my life away,barely through a day . I will hear you say that you.............

When did hell stop and heaven begin?

The day that I met you!
No sadness at my door , I have heaven to explore..
Waking up to loving you... I'm smiling once more

Round and round on a merry- go- round , walking in the park with you.
Making all that sunshine on a once lonely road. Making all those smiles
where a frown use to go.

No sadness at my door , I have heaven to explore
Waking up to loving you. I'm smiling once more.

Waking up to loving .........


Monday, October 10, 2005

Simply because it's so!

The silence begins to chatter through memories of the mind . Emotions explored as we travel side by side. The wind that blows is stronger everyday, whimsical it made the leaves dance and sway. A invitation leading to my heart to comfort and love and never set apart. I don’t need to look into your eyes. What my heart has seen cannot be denied.
I repeated this blog by request of the winds.. the trees could not imprison what the mind already has .. look beyond the hills of green to where the dreams of blue arise.
I allowed my heart to feel your touch, My soul felt the embrace and when I reach into the night my heart began to race..

The Fire From MY Dreams

The rise of morning birthed a new dream , one that battles time and memories. A prelude of what is yet to be, please.. please I beg you to listen to the whisper of Autumn breeze, as it blows your touch deep inside of me.

Leaves of lemon yellow blend with vary shades of green and speckled with flames of red like the fire from my dreams. The wind traveling beyond place and time gathered up the secrets buried deep within my mind. High abreast the mountains a journey side by side where you hold my hand and I began to sigh... a kiss upon my pillow , your arms through the night and your confidence and love make everything feel alright.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Good Morning!

There is no such thing as a bad dancer ..
only a bad partner. Love always knows the next step.

Good morning rain.. Good morning misty blue.
Good morning dreams of Loving you!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One More song left To

The limestone bed lay silent, the hills and trees so quiet the water no longer fills the stream.The beauty of the hills inviting, a bit mesmerizing, as I saw you through the partially sun lit trees.


One more dance atop the mountain , one more song left to sing.
My eyes are closed, but the Lord knows..... Lord knows I can see.

One more dance atop the mountain, one more song left to sing.
I placed my hand over my ears, but my heart heard you singing with me.

One more dance atop the mountain, one more song left to sing.
Reaching with my mind .. my soul set free ..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Harvest Dream

The Harvest Dream
Autumn leaves are falling a bedding on the ground , gazing towards the heaven the sun was beaming down. The leaves speckled like the freckles on my nose
have their own magic like a autumn rose.

The season shares the simplicity of a harvest dream .. Look how far you traveled, just look at what you‘ve seen. You climbed the many mountains ... you swam across the sea, you freed your soul and walked right through the dream..

Say goodbye to yesterday ... thank him for the ride ..but tomorrows the challenge that I do not deny.. My heart felt the moment ... my mind argues well and if you listen to the wind a story will it tell.

I placed my life within your hands and ask for you to guide and when I wake upon the leaves please don’t let me lose my mind.I can see the visions beyond the mountains crest .. I can see that life is one on going test.