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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Magic of Love

The Magic of love is in the happiness we share!
I gazed into the blue sky,
a smile was on my face,
as I thought of your love,
my heart began to race.

The sunflower documents,
a season on the move, 
as my heart recognizes 
that if you snooze you lose. 

Perfect weather, 
season of bliss,
a sharing of souls,
no moment to miss.

Dreams for the taking,
from morning till night,
of the sweet embrace,
of holding you tight.

Because I have loved...
There is a silence that even the soul cannot deny,
as if lost in the moment and both deaf and blind. 


I have never seen the sky more clearer,
as if I had reached beyond the memories
to a land where dreams are reality. 
Bliss is when you are doing absolutely
 nothing and it feels so right.
Nothing is more peaceful than
sharing life in the arms of love.


Unchained melody - The Righteous Brothers - by karstorm

Monday, August 30, 2010

...just another day.

There is an old quote from the mid 1500's  " Nothing is fair in love and war." I laugh as I remember the children on their first day of school saying " it is just not fair!" But in reality we are here to learn,experience and leave behind something that those who follow after us will learn from and understand and hopefully improve upon on their own journey. It really has nothing to do with fairness, actually it has to do with knowing why we are here in the first place. The many people I have met through the years has taught me that we might not be in control of the moment, but we are responsible for how we deal with it, how we digest our thoughts, emotions and actions. There are days I just want to turn the page, literally write a new chapter an occasionally edit the past. In my own foolish thoughts, I have come to better appreciate the reality of life. There is no magic crystal ball and yet each minute that we explore is our and ours alone. Whether our experiences are positively or negatively charged remains to be seen, how we react to those experiences is crucial in how far we will journey and what lessons we receive along the way.I do not enjoy stumbling, nor the crawl to get back up, but as I stand tall and gaze into the heavens blue, I see that the rewards are much greater than anticipated.

I had this dream and it was in the middle of August and the rain turned to snow as it fell from the sky, I remember saying Oh! how beautiful! and than I woke up. I understand that we cannot change or alter mother nature as she masters the seasons. The real peace and magic is neither in looking back or looking ahead but rejoicing in this very moment.

The overwhelming desire to place wants above needs 
is simply a denial of reality and its truth.
I don' t procrastinate because I haven't thought of what I need to do, 
 on the contrary it is simply that my actions fail to keep up with my mind. 
Nothing ever stays the same,
it can get better or it can get worse, 
 but each moment in time is never the same twice. . 


The worst thing about a spiders web 
is how tight the weave, the more you struggle 
 the more difficult it is to break free.

It is a simple fact that today will be nothing like tomorrow
 and yet tomorrow will carry all the choices of yesterday.

I sense that there is change, there is an uneasiness and
as a sense of desperation in the voice of the people.
The preamble starts with " We the people" that must never be forgotten.

I realize more and more with each day,that I cannot change the reality of what is,
but if I can share a moment of happiness ,I have succeeded in allowing energy to
flow from my soul to another and that comes with its own rewards

I have moments where thoughts control my actions

and  other times where actions lead my thoughts.

I cannot be responsible for  the actions of another,
but in truth I have loved.

 My sister always said "the day we are born we are given a birth date and a date when we are going to check out. We just don't know when it is." I thought about that as some people are here such a relatively short time and others around for much longer. I thought about the people who are a part of the trade show network. One of the women today said " we all have our reasons for being here " That we do, some reasons rather personal and others more profound, but in all reality every step we take every path we cross  sort of morphs as it  joins soul with soul.
Today was rather odd, I can't really explain it, it was hot and humid, really kind of norm for this time of year, yet I felt and emptiness.  I chose events this year that will take me into a different arena, I felt in some way that reaching beyond the norm would provide a setting for growth. Yes, it is beyond the comfort zone but necessary to complete the goals in the limited time we are given.
I never live on regrets obviously the struggles of the past were necessary. I am not actually sure why, I look back at the years as some mega test to bring a clearer picture of our weakness and strengths. Tomorrow I work in Cheat lake not quite comfortable with the drive but also important in reaching out to new territory.
I have to say that I use to think if some how I could runaway, I could start anew and leave behind all the mistakes we make in life. It doesn't happen that way, there is no easy way out. Stands tall and accepts the journey.

Friday, August 27, 2010


The sky is blue...
Sorting out my emotions I realize that they are
the threads of my spirit, woven from 
experience to fuel the heart
and free the soul. 

A true friend knows you better
than you know yourself .

The Proverbial Tigers Tail

There were many factors for the writing today. One was the cool morning that was a tease and a reminder that winter is not far off. I didn't have much of a summer and it went way to fast and I find myself not really prepared for the cold winter that anxiously waits to test the will of the spirit. The sun did not find its way through the clouds and the room was filled with darkness.
I remember the Tigers Tail from a childhood story, the tigers chase each other around and around until they turn to butter. Was I like the tiger chasing dreams ? I tried to realistically look at my life beyond the survival  mode and the canvas was bare. It was if the emptiness inside of me reflected upon the moment. I am running so fast trying to get beyond the dreams that it all seems to dissipate and fade and I am standing their alone.
I looked at my life both past and present and as I surfaced with the moment I still I felt lost without direction..This is my poor pitiful me mood ,as I try to understand the journey, the directors choice in the cast and a long drawn out story that I have no idea where it leads.

The thought of winter brings a darkness
that I am not prepared to deal with. 

Hold me and let the darkness  fade...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Wednesday... The Bucket List

I have felt your love brush up against my soul and
find its place within my heart. 

I have always believed that our heaven and hell is experienced right here on earth. Our ability or not to deal with the consequence of our actions leads us in various directions. There were a few things that turned the gears of thought one was the movie " The Bucket list " and the other the death of Martin Shorts wife to Cancer. I at one time thought if I knew the untimely date of my death, I would be able to complete my reasons for being on earth. Once faced with my own human vulnerability and knowing death was near, I realized that I had little fight with in me to survive in this human realm upon earth and when the time came I was ready. At that moment and time I felt finished and complete. My how time changes your perspective and since that time I have felt as if I had been given a second chance at life.
When I first thought about creating a " Bucket list" that is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. I thought I had achieved everything that I needed for fulfillment " to be loved as I love." That was my first thought and in feeling your love I have experienced the beauty and the calm and yes a sense of peace for when my time comes I will be ready.
Dwelling on the subject, I thought of the sub-context to "being loved as I love." There was definitely minor topics that surfaced, not one of them really mattered, unless of course they were being shared with a loved one. When I looked at a list of people and their Bucket list they all had pretty much the same thing, One was their work related achievements, family, health, contribution to society finance and personal development. I looked at the average list, I gave my all to my work, family and tried to maintain health and hopefully have given back to society, which left finance and personal development. Finances were never high on the list, remember " I believe we can live on love" and personal development, I believe that is an ongoing journey till the day we pass from this earthly realm to our more spiritual one. So I again looked at my desires on a more personal note, what did I want to achieve personally that would bring the most amount of happiness to me. 

Well I thought as most parents I wanted to be able see all my children as responsible adults and watch them giving back in a positive way to the community. That in itself is a legacy that I leave behind my children, grandchildren etc.   I want to retain the peace within myself that accepts the journey and all the experiences that still await. But than more selfish thoughts occurred, they seemed rather simple and so this is a list I would love to accomplish. 

I wanna hold your hand and walk the sandy shores, 
gaze into the blue sky and again thank the Lord. 

I wanna to wake up with my head upon your chest,
listening to each beat of your heart and know that 
I am blessed.  

I wanna to feel your embrace as we are standing 
in the rain and know that it doesn't matter if 
people are looking on as if we are insane.

I wanna experience fully and fill your breath 
upon my cheek and freeze that moment 
when our lips first begin to meet. 

I wanna lay beside you mesmerized by
the stars and hear only the sound of 
two beating hearts. 

Oh! there are many things I think about and would love to accomplish, such as traveling to places around the world, making my company successful ,educating and making people aware of the pure and simplistic form of love. But all in all none of them really mattered, what mattered most was being able to share the love inside of me with the person I love most. Experiencing each moment as if it were the first, enjoying all of life and all that life has to give. When it came right down to it, it really doesn't matter where I go or what I achieve, my greatest gift is that of love and allowing love to lead me in a positive way. You have already given me more than a person could ever want or dream of, you have given me your love.


The mind is awfully power and so my list isn't very long as the magic of love as empowered us with the ability to cross the earthly barriers and achieve our greatness. Standing as one we are a puzzle with lost pieces, together we are complete in our view of the world. Your gift of love as supported me emotionally and has given me the strength to journey forward. It is the will of love which encourages and guides me...hopefully into your arms.

Freedom not a right of the land but a will of the land,
earned and maintained by the blood of many.
They say that only a fool believes that the world 
can find the existence of peace on realities terms. 
But I believe the fool is one who cannot strip his
heart of hatred and greed, for they are two 
elements which are the strongest driving force
 for creating the battle grounds of war. 

I see the reflection of your love
 in all that I do and all that I am.

The most unselfish love questions nothing...
except the distance that dares to keep one soul from another. 
Wow! the draw of the moon! "It has been a while... "oh wait! the moon rotates and provides us with a glimpse of a full moon 12.37 times a year, which amounts to at least once a month. Must be a blue moon it occurs once every 2.7 years. There are two sayings one which has nothing to do with the other" I will never ask you for more than you can give" " and " there must be a hair in my craw" lmao 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

to be loved.

As I sit here typing I am aloof to the moment, the detachment  to the present has me reviewing the dreams of my youth. Optimistic in nature I truly believed that with our heart and soul we could live on love and in many ways I still do hold to that philosophy. Living on love doesn't necessary mean you don't have the human needs, food and shelter. What it does mean is with love as your guide you can accomplish anything to fulfill your needs. In the absence of love one only finds darkness and there is where I believe a soul searches the earth over to find that unique love that doesn't complete but enriches.
To love is to be loved, it really is the proverbial lock and key as it takes love to unlock the love within. Waking up to the song in your heart and celebrating the joy of life is the release of energy that love so encourages. The barriers of loneliness are broken down and we find that the many strains of love flow from one spiritual being to another. The reward in giving of such love is in the love that is returned. Beyond the shades of darkness is the truth and wisdom of an unselfish love. Challenging a mountain or admiring its stance against the blue of the sky one becomes aware of their place in the world through the windows of the heart.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

...to spend each moment loving you

Once a month reminders are the roses in bloom,
documenting a season in passing as I hold on to you.
The hills still chatter of yesterday, the memories
you sparked and the dreams that just wont fade.

The winds teasing,gently blows and to the leaves
an invitation to spiral one by one to the ground.
The images are captured by the mind as it trips
the heart and holds still the moments when you
are around.
I am completely fulfilled when our souls entwine...

I'm the mountain that reaches high up to the sky and
I'm the sunshine whose rays on you shining bright.
You are the love that holds me in the night and you
are the magic that to my soul invites.

Forever Love

I can't stop these feelings that caught me by surprise, for when you are not near me, inside I just want to die. Empty am I without you, I can't bare to be alone and not be there beside you holding on and not letting go. There is a certain kind of magic that not just anyone can feel, it showers from the heavens and breaks down all the shields. Some describe it as a foolish summer love, but I know this is different as you and I are wrapped up in a blanket of forever love.  

Sings;Feel my energy, taste my kiss,
sweet dreams, heavens bliss.
Crossing the ocean blue,
I'm sending all my love to you.

Feel my heart beat, faster and
faster and incredible feat,thinking
of you and I and how we painted
the blue of the sky.

Feel  me next to you, it is
remarkable what love can do,
Climb a mountain and sail a sea,
and bring to life this fantastic dream.

Feel the power of the wind, energy
from the heavens, placed within it
my love for you and when you feel
it my love will have made it through.

Feel my love in you, it is what our
energy can do. I reached on out
for you and I felt your love and
knew that it was true.

Feel me when you awake, I'm the
love that to bed you take. Placed
my head upon you chest and my
heart in yours to gently rest.

Man has the ability to complicate the most simple of facts. Considering we consist of approximatively sixty percent water and  six basic elements of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen,nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, I would say we are nothing more than a perfect combination of mass which allows us the ability to think and express ourself in various ways through emotions and thus displaying our inner source of energy
In all reality our superiority comes from our ability to react to either a physical or an emotional source of energy. Our cellular structure more than sixty percent water can be affected by the tide and the phase of the moon as we are  basically a combination of elements not separate from the universe but one with the universe. Even in biblical times they were aware that we were of the earth and to the earth we would return, " ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
It is obvious that we exist do to our location in the solar system. As is the importance for all of life, location, location, location. It is my desire not to see what separates us from our world but what unites us as one with the world for we are created of water and stardust and a mass of energy.
When we are born we are already learning to use our energy, when we want fed or attention we cry and than as we grow we master using energy in many ways from walking to running to a more developed form of communication. What really separates us in thought from youth through maturity? I would have to say that only experience alters the way we use the energy of our cellular structure. In believing that we have experienced all and know all we limit the use of our energy. It is obvious that mans existence is due to unlocking the correct combination of elements and thus creating a mass of energy that has untapped abilities.
The mind altered by experience but not limited to experience as we remain in control of how we use our energy. It is so that positive thought does indeed attract positive thought and that in itself makes our ability to not only react but control the energy within. This train of thought came due to several issues, one had to do with whether the moon in its various phases does indeed controls the tide and affects the mind and alter our actions. Which all led me to what is our purpose and what do we do with this proposed energy that is apart of our very being. As I gaze into the stars on a clear summer night sky you cannot help but become aware of our place in the universe.Unlike making a mistake in sewing, where you can pull out the stitches and resew. That which we do to our world has an everlasting effect in the future of earth and the existence of our form of energy.
Love is a way of sharing the positive energy as we reach out with simple words of kindness or actions like that of a smile, we are thus capable of altering the world around us. It is possible to change the world for the better and that starts with each individual taking responsibility for their own actions and thoughts.
I conclude as I think back over all the people who have entered and exited my life that it is but a stepping stone that leads us down the path through and energy field created of love. Only we are capable of altering the affects that each person has on us. Some may call it a chapter, a lesson of life, a pathway on the journey or an opportunity through the darkness to bring light. I didn't want it to happen nor did I want to make it so but as we travel through life we have to acknowledge each experience hold the positive and let the negative go. Each day is built on loving and this love led me to you and as I kiss your lips good night and hold your heart  in mine, I embrace with your energy as our souls entwine.

What is...is!

Once people can see that they are not above the power of the universe
but one with the mass of energy will they see the simplicity that dwells above..

Feel the energy and allow it to flow, 
we have crossed all  the barriers,
 just let it  all go.

My love or you  spans all time , the 
words are written and our souls 

Everlasting and forever true, this
mass of molecules really loves you. 

We are made of stardust,
from the celestial skies,
and mixed with H20
we are controlled by the

Tilts my head back,closes my eyes,
 and feels your kiss reach deep inside.

I love you so and I just want you
to know, that I will never let you go.

The moment is yours and mine and
on your sweetness I'll forever dine.

I love you so and I just want you
to know, that I will never let you go.

Buzz, buzz, buzz said the bumble bee,
buzz, buzz, buzz all around me.

Buzz, buzz, buzz when I am with
you, I'll be your honey under skies
of blue.

Buzz, buzz, buzz said the bumble
bee, buzz,buzz, buzz, I am so happy.

Buzz,buzz, buzz, till we fall asleep
buzz, buzz, buzz in all my dreams.
From the moment I wake up,
till the moment I fall asleep,
it is you my love in both
my day and nightly dreams.


La la la takes on a different view,
La la la under the heavens blue.
La, la, la in my arms tonight,
La, la la your might moon delight.

La la la means I love you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

...and I Dearly Love You

Love unlocks the combination to happiness.

We created our heaven, we built it out of the blue and from a grain of sand a castle strictly made for two. Roses in the garden, daisy's on the hill and hand in hand we stroll where eternity rules the heart and makes it repeat the words of " I love you". Locked in the moment in the souls sweet embrace I gaze into your eyes and    from my lips a kiss to yours I tenderly place. 

My heart like a keyboard and your soul plays each note as
the melody of love causes me to swoon.


There is a sense of peace and tranquility
when I feel your love embracing me.

Deep in the forest beneath the evergreens, I lay my body upon the needles and my soul I set it free. I reach up  to the heavens and in the starry night I dream that you are lying in the needles next to me. The darkness places a blanket but no fear touches me for I am in the arms of love, where I was truly meant to be. 

I could feel the change of season in July and there was no doubt that Mother Nature refused to follow the calendar. Though it seems as if we have had so much rain, the hills are still very dry and the creek bed layered  with stone is limited to a few pools of water sporadically spread about.

The Song of Autumn

Summer now in passing and Autumn on its way,
cool in the night and sweltering in the day.
Sunflowers stalks tall reach to the sky and
the blooms of gold a gift that cannot be denied.

The song birds no longer matting and the rooster
confused knows not when to crow as the days
are getting shorter with the sun setting sooner
and only the stars now in sight.

The branches of the apple arch to the ground
heavy with harvest, the apples weigh it down.
Shades of red and green and a touch of gold,
a sight to be seen as the end of summer unfolds.

The song of Autumn is more like a goodbye,
for it is in transition from summer to winter skies.
Goodbye to the tree frogs, the crickets on a hot
summer day, goodbye to the blue bird who quickly
flies away.

Sings>Nothings gonna keep our feet on the ground, I am not worried about the raindrops of Autumn falling down. I have my sunshine as long as I am with you, for you have brought me happiness and I dearly love you.

Nothing's gonna stop us from soaring the blue, we have crossed the barriers built to block our love from getting through. We don't need the devil and his foolish consent, for in our hearts is love from the moment we first met.

Sings> Across the blue of the sky

One remarkable dance across the blue of the sky,
one dream makes me realize, from now on till the
end of time, I'll love you with all of my heart, soul
and mind.

One sweet moment and I am all yours, falling in love
like never before, waiting on tomorrow to see what
life has to bring with the one whom I adore.

One remarkable dance across the blue of the sky,
one dream makes me realize, from now on till the
end of time, I'll love you with all of my heart, soul
and mind.

When you close the gate of sorrow,
there in the not so far off distance
you find the gateway to love.


When you don't allow a wound to heal,
 it just scars over hiding the ache inside.

I believe it's an omen and this I can say,
fantastic the dreams that bring you my
way. Meaningful flow with love the
love that we share as we dance on
the clouds embraced without fear.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Love

Like a page torn from a story, words are but a few but they entail the magic that brought my love to you. My heart was given, my soul strolled right through and the dreams are like a mountain and your love the stream that runs to meet the river blue. The stars shine in silence, the moon silhouettes two and in the dark of night I beg the heavens high to allow our beings to dance like lovers do.. Dreams were created to soothe my troubled soul and the day was cast to breaks the devils hold. Words are written to acknowledge what we already know that the magic is from our souls and like a star it glows.

Sings >I'm living,I'm living, I'm
living in a dream,  to feel your
arms, just to feel you holding
 me so tenderly.

I'm living,I'm living, I'm
living in a dream,
to feel your breath
breathe love into me.

I can't function without the energy infused through your love.


My need of you and my want of you both battle
the emptiness which resides from the distance of your being.

Worse than the ache in my heart is that of the pain of my soul
which hungers to replace the absence of your being.

Swimming in the tears of sorrow...

It is just about midnight and I lay here with my mind traveling almost as fast as the speed of light. It is as if I am scanning every experience, conversation and emotion that had been filed away, only to be pulled to the surface when necessary. In your absence I have come to understand the power of love and how it can touch at a depth that is immeasurable but absolute. Love's embrace, it has the ability to touch the heart and the soul and cradle like a child as it comforts our very being. Only positive memories are surfacing and I smile as I review those which brought the most amount of joy. I feel the extremes of my inner emotions which straddle the moment and craze my being.Part of me lost to the abyss and another part of me celebrates a love which reaches through the darkness as it tugs on to my being.
Trying to file everything according to importance I felt troubled as the emptiness inside begged for to share my pillow, my moment, my dreams and in my love. Distancing my heart only caused a hunger that was uncontrollable. I feel as if I have entered another realm one of emptiness and loneliness. I closed my eyes only if to bring you here and allow your love to merge one with my soul. Though I thought the tears remained behind my eyes not one tear could be released as if they were of another chapter and not allowed here in our world in this moment of reality. Numb and separate from the world around me, I felt both and end and a beginning.

It is not of my wants and desire but the reality of what is. 


In trying to control my emotions I found my desire for you comforting....
I love you so, I want you so and I need you so.

Without you I am but a shadow of my self.
One or a thousand and two, each pillow
 has your name with the script I love you.


My heart spoke of our love,
my soul knew it was meant to be. 
The dreams cast you my lover
and I in your arms for all eternity.


Without you there is only darkness... 

My stars are your stars...

When you gaze into the night sky you realize that no matter how different our personal world seems to be, that we share in the beauty and comfort of the celestial blanket.

 The moon is shining it's glow can be seen
and as I stare into the night mesmerized am
 I by the dreams.

The star shining brightly, sparkles overhead is
 there to comfort me as I prepare for bed.

No barriers between us, no mountains high
and as you reach for that star, it will pull you
 to my side.

There is nothing more amazing than breaking
distance down and feeling your love like
a kiss from the heavens to the ground.


Sings>I'll share the heavens, the sky of blue,
 I'll share each moment of the day with you.
 I'll climb the mountains, I'll swim a sea,
 I'll hold your hand for all eternity.

I'll kiss you good morning and good night,
I'll hold you gentle and yet so very tight.
I'll follow my heart which leads to you,
in my dreams I'll be loving you.

I'll whisper sweet words of love,
I'll send them to you via the clouds above.
I'll be here to comfort you through the
midnight sky and the morning dew.

I'll keep you close in my heart and
I'll feel your love each day spark,
I'll take each  fond memory and
write of the love you give to me.

I'll sing with the song birds, I'll
dance in the heavens high, I'll
wait for you, if it takes the
rest of my life.

My stars are you stars,
that shine so bright,

My moon is your moon
both day and night

My heaven is your heaven
and amazingly true, from the
very first moment when my
heart said I do.

I do love you, I do care, I do
need you, need you here.

I do want you, I do dream,
I do believe, believe in the
love you bring.

I do the dance, I do a song, I do
know where I belong, I know
it is true, that I belong here with

Monday, August 16, 2010

Energy Follows Thought

There are so many emotions that we experience in life, denial of them is to remain in limbo without completely digesting them. In allowing ourselves to journey through them we are able to surface above the negativity and soar freely with the power of the positive. It is not a judgement call as we explore our own reaction to various situations. We develop and learn and move forward. Not moving forward is like staying on the same page of a book and not being able to read the next chapter. I look back at the chapters of life and I realize they are no longer a part of who I am, that is the choice I make in what to pack and what to leave behind. In many ways I have learned to sift through all the emotions and keep the positive ones within me to guide me. The few days I was away, some crops were ready for harvest and others grew wild and aimlessly about. That is exactly how life is it keeps on growing and moving and if you don't grow with it, you rot in the vine.

It has already been written you had me from hello... it is when we build walls of expectation that we limit the magic of love and life.

Unlock the gate of my dreams...

Denial of any emotion is to imprison the soul.

I stepped forward to find your love waiting there for me.

If there were no more summers,
no more winters of gray,our
love would still be recorded
in a most unusual way.

In every rainbow that stretches
across the sky, in ever blue
bird that flies high.

If there were no more tomorrows,
no dreams, hope nor faith,
there still would be the love
that nothing could fade.

In every raindrop and in the
sunlit rays, our love will
be eternal in this most powerful

I know my darling,
I know it to be true,
the angels are watching
over me and you.

I know your sweetness
so precious and kind
embraces my soul for
all of time.

I know I don't care
what people say, that
you are with me forever
times a day.

I know I love you and
you love me, I know this
is just how love was
meant to be.

The principle behind "energy follows thought" is simple. Where we direct our thoughts in a positive manner, positive energy will follow.In some ways a personality can be a magnet and its source draw people near, we can also be drawn by our own visualization by simply focusing on positive we can create positive and draw positive in our direction. Therefore we are responsible for the negative and positive in our life as we are empowered at birth with and created through a source of energy.

When I smile and you smile the world
becomes anew to the moment we met and
I fell in love with you.

Our bodies the shelter for the soul
and the mind, as your energy and mine
are entwined.

Distance has nothing on you and, as we
Challenged the rivers and the blue of
the sky.

Clearing the way it's obvious to see,
that you are the best part of me.

Love, the warmth of your being brings
a comfort to my soul.

This is the world in which we live,

these are the dreams that bring you to me,

this is the moment that I waited for,

where your love washes up upon shore

from the deepest depth of the sea.


Sifting through the memories I saved more than
a few, the ones where you are with me and we
paint the sky various shades of blue.

I closed my eyes and the darkness took on a
different view, powerful the energy and there in
black I saw a shimmers of light in many colors
and hues.
Listen my darling and I promise to you, the sounds of love will sing from heavens blue. Feel my love, I have sent it to you, to keep you happy day and night through. Know my sweetheart, know this is true, the words I write from my heart are for you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I will be gone till Monday and so I thought this picture was definitely appropriate as we dance through life. Thank you sir, Yes you may have this dance!

High above the mountain beyond the blue of the sky,
I'll meet you on the clouds for the dance of our life.
Spelling out F-O-R-E-V-E-R brought tears to my eyes,
 for every moment with you has always felt so right.

God was working overtime with the stars up above
as he scripted our names with the power of love.
I don't understand it, I am not sure the why, but
I am awfully special when standing by your side.

Yes! you have it , yes!my heart is yours, Yes! the
dance is our forevermore. Yes! I love you, Yes!
I do, Yes I'll dance my life F-O-R-E-V-E-R with you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was asked today where my allegiance lies and what inspires the poetry love or lust. I can assure you the poetry is inspired first by my love for life and the beauty of nature and all that we encompass on the journey. It is truly the voice of my heart and through this truth the reality of the poetry is an acknowledgement of the warmth that one individual can infuse into another. It is free of religious condemnation and is a freedom of the soul as it explores each moment of joy life has to offer. What people read is beyond the barriers of the mind and can be interpreted like that of a good song to fit into any heart that is open and willing to love. It takes a soul free of judgement to understand that the beauty of life starts with self and only when it is shared does it become true magic. The quest is not to complete someone else's journey but to find our individual place in a barrier free hemisphere. There is a big difference between love and lust, love holds your hand through good and bad, it see's your faults and loves you anyway and understands without any need for explanation. It is in the absence of love that you learn the most about what love truly is. The greatest sin is for a human being to never feel the true power of love.Love in its most virgin state can stop a war, heal a heart, soothe the spirit and ignite a soul a blaze. The most wonderful and magical part is that the seed is planted in each person, waiting to be nurtured so it may grow into full maturity and bloom throughout our life. I believe in the power of love for I have felt it touch my heart and guide my soul.

The power of music! Sometimes you take for granted the rural roads without the traffic noise etc. Today as I was driving down the road listening to classical music, I felt as if the moment was indeed unique to me. I had traveled in this direction several times and so there was a comfort zone knowing where I will start and where it will end. People get a drivers license everyday and don't think much about it as if it were a right of passage, but I guess it's not about getting the drivers license but how many years I went without one. I still find the world takes on a different view, it is like being a small child and being allowed outside your big backyard for the first time. Each new road traveled and experienced leads me down the path of knowledge. I can't believe how much more there is to see and learn and every day for the last four years has been filled with explosive and powerful filled moments. It is like being in your own world for a short period of time. Listening to music, enjoying the moment and give thanks for the joy of life that each day I get to be a part of.
Music it is as much a part of the moment as the ride and it has a power all of its own. It can invoke memories, stir emotions, create the moment, soothe, excite and set the scene on the stage of life. I thought to myself, that this moment is special in so many ways. It is a moment filled with friendship, love, happiness and desire, it is both exciting and calm and definitely empowering. We, you and I are in control of this moment, we create the path and we choose where it will go and how we will travel on it. I am so happy and excited to be able to share in the dreams that have opened the doorway to reality. Ten miles down the road and I thought about the journey to this point, it is true that I have had many an experiences but nothing has been rewarding than knowing that you accepted me into your life and you into mine. We are the moment, like the power of music we hit each note and bring a vast array of  experiences to the forefront of the journey. Sit beside, let me take the wheel, we have so much more to see and do and I am so glad you trusted yourself to come aboard.
It is a rather peaceful morning and though I woke up a bit out of sort I felt the embrace of your warm and sweet memory. So tender the moment that caught me by surprise as I reached to take your hand and pull you to my side. I laughed and I giggled and I rejoiced from deep inside of a love so precious that even eternity bowed and stepped a side. Each breath is so empowering consuming the moments of time and exploring the dreams as some celestial sign. Time nor space has no control in this realm for you are the King and I the Queen of this helm. Sailing through the memories of a thousand times two, I stopped at the ones where I fell in love with you. I felt the magic and the power that could not be denied as your love merged with my heart as it embraced my soul while flowing through the mind. 


Dreams soothe the troubled mind
 as they trip this heart of mine. 

The more I learn of life,
the more I realize how little anyone
 really knows of our true existence.
Man has so much unused potential 
yet to be used for the good of mankind.  
Planting seeds of love is the easy part
nourishing them takes a little more work. 

It is a rather dark and gloomy morning and as the wind moves the darkened clouds closer you can almost feel the rain that is about to fall. Raindrops, raindrops are falling and in the darkness of the moment and the silence is broken by song of love.  I hear your love calling. Wake up! and listen to your heart, it sings of a love that yesterday had sparked. Melancholy spirit no time for the blues, I am holding on to loving you. I'm holding on to loving you.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Feels the tenderness of your touch....sweet love

In theory a dimension is that which is created by a boundary, where there are no boundaries the space and time becomes endless. I shall let no boundaries be built in the mind or in the heart nor will I allow the distance to create a wall to keep you afar. When the sun has set and the darkness rules the sky, I will  choose the star where our souls will embrace and our love will tightly entwine.

Complicated is what happens when the heart and
soul speaks and the mind refuses to listen. 

Time reveals the truth and the truth is that we are drawn to the physical but it our inner soul that will bring us happiness. Look beyond the surface of our being to embrace all that we are and all that we can be. 

As I close my eyes and I remove all barriers of the mind I am than capable of feeling the warmth of your embrace. In the darkness your love guides me to a realm of space beyond the abyss, where our souls celebrate the bond of our beings... sweet dance upon the mountains, embrace beyond the dark,love for all eternity, soul to soul and heart to heart.

Like a ship lost at sea,
no matter which way you turn,
there is an endless space waiting
to be explored.
To the clouds I send my kiss,
to the rain upon him lips, 
allow him to feel my love
with sweet tenderness.

To the heavens my plea, 
to the dark of night I sing, 
soft whispers of my love,
to you through all your dreams.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Japanese Concept on Blood Types

I am not sure what is moving faster my heart, soul or mind, for when I close my eyes,your image is all that I find. My heart begs for you to stay forever in my arms and my soul reaches out to you from afar. What is this feeling? I can't really say, except that I need your love to chase away the gray. Sorrow for the moments written in the sand as the water washes it all alway but still your image stands. Hold me, Hold me never let me go, for when this life is over our story will like the wind blow. 

Standing by the water as the river hits the shore ,
dreaming of your love and what each day has in store.
I'll try and describe the emotions trapped within me, as I 
find myself torn between today and yesterdays

The moment enticing, it has a hold on me, it has 
me begging for your love to set my spirit free. It is 
not about a common lust nor the hearts desire,
what I feel is you sweet love which set my
 soul afire. 

The days are awfully lonely when you can't 
be here, the night almost unbearable if not
for the clouds of love that you and I share.

Like a child in circles spinning around I go,
and I beg not to stop till your arms are holding
me so, till your love promises to never let go.

The more space between us,
the deeper the darkness burrows into my soul. 

Some souls meet in passing,
others collide as if a display of fireworks,
 but you my love are entwined into my very being,
merged with faith, love, respect, trust and compassion. 


It is amazing how experiences of
 yesterday are only defined today. 

I am  holding so tight that we both might slip from the clouds.

I am fascinated by the Japanese Concept of personality traits in people with various blood types. I laughed as my blood type was defined as split personality, outgoing and shy, loves all and loved by all. In the same category as Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy and Mick Jagger. Again I laughed and thought wow! that is  keeping in good company.
I have always been intrigued by DNA, blood types and that which makes us different and the same. In some odd way the evolving of cultures and the beginning of man has always had a allure to it. Almost as if I was drawn to it in away that would bring the missing pieces of life together.
The more I read the more amazing it all became Japan took this concept to an unlimited view. They used it not only to define personality but to place people in the correct job positions and find the correct soul mates. It became in their country both a positive and negative issue as it became a very public way of defining people almost as if it blood identity as well as DNA would not only secure people a career but deny them one. How much truth was to this theory. As I read back to earlier in the history of Japan, defining blood types became away for the Japanese to prove their equality with the rest of the world. Sadly it wasn't enough to have prejudice based on skin color and religion there was now a new internal way of separating people.
I look at it a little different and in many ways I felt lost in life, always wondering where it is I belonged and with whom. Sounds a bit silly, but there are only a few people in life that I truly thought understood me, accepted me for who I am. I always believed that our physical was only one way of looking at people that there was much deeper and truly a soul connection between people. It again depends on how people define soul, the spiritual being. I see it as not only personality traits but a source of energy that has not truly been defined. I use to think circumstances played and enormous part on our journey, but as I mature I realize that we are responsible for many roads traveled and that our decisions,like a finely weaved network give us many options.
I thought the Japanese Charts were kind of like a horoscope in that the range of character qualities and that they were so wide that you were able to relate with many of the descriptions.
In this exploration through life we find so much still unanswered, who we are and where we are going and why we are here. Are we making a difference in the world around us? I would like to think so. It is not enough to say we can change the world through our actions, I hope to think in some small we have. That love can indeed conquer all and that in our legacy not only will they say that such a love existed but  that  it could cross all the barriers of the heavens and those upon the earth and its power is an indefinite source of positive energy.
Love is a magic all of its own and capable of many great responses. Some of them are very, very simplistic as is the sweet touch of love. Place your hand gently upon mine and share in the energy of love which flows from my soul to yours.

I am very tired and I had an unusual week, one that was filled with new moments like the Cheat Lake Farmers market where I found that I created a new network, to my son's  visit home and to the times where we were separated and the moments where we were together. So as I prepare to go to bed I thank the heavens that somehow allowed our paths to collide. Each moment is a blessing and filled with the power of energy that is truly love. As I close eyes my to sleep and though I  wish I could roll into your arms, I am ever grateful for the dreams that comfort my soul. Good Night

Japanese Blood Type Personality Chart 

Type A 
Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual, and perfectionist. 
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious, and uptight. 

Famous As: George H. W. Bush, Ayumi Hamasaki, O. J. Simpson, Britney Spears, Alan Alda, Adolf Hitler, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon

Type B 
Best Traits: Creative and passionate. Animal loving. Optimistic and flexible. Individualist. 
Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered. 

Famous Bs: Akira Kurosawa, Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Selleck, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Young

Type AB 
Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Sociable and popular. Empathic. 
Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving. 

Famous ABs: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyavi

Type O 
Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders 
Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain and insensitive. Ruthless 
Famous Os: Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Capone, Crystal Kay 

There is a place where souls embrace ,
where dreams unlock the gates, where
heaven begins in the heart and is felt
from day to day.

So spacious the celestial sky which
reveals unlimited depth, like your
love which travels far yet never
leaves the heart.

It wouldn't be feasible to spend each moment in your arms, 
but like stars in the sky, your love is forever in my heart. 


I have found the greatest gifts that can be had upon this earth
 for it is clear that I love and to me love has been returned.
To love is powerful, to be loved beyond words.

It is incredible that to feel your love touch my soul
 all I need to do is close my eyes. 

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I Am Happy!

There are times when dreaming is just not enough,
that is where the right partner comes into play. 

You can  blow away the moment, you can put to sleep the flesh, but when your heart merged with mine, forever was put to a test. You can't separate and there is no great divide,your love shines out from deep inside. I have to come to know the greatest love of all, it is the comfort and compassion that to your arms I fall.

As the sun makes its way into my garden,
your love found its way into my heart.

With you behind me, the camera lens takes on a different view.  
Some of us are just bigger dreamers.
Follow your heart and dance with me,
this moment is ours for all eternity.

The curtains wide open, no shades
of gray, only sunshine will find its way.

I feel the moment,the dreams surreal,
as a kiss to my heart makes it almost
stand still.

I can' t help from smiling when I think
of you, for you are the love that dances
under the blue.

I'll never know sorrow, I'll never be blue
as long as I feel your love coming through.
The season's keep moving they are awfully
fast, as if they control the moment and have
the last laugh.

In all reality spring through winter time, is a
documentation of this life of mine. It remembers
each moment and acknowledges the truth,
that I am so happy when I am with you.

Like a flower in spring time and the first snow
fall, is immeasureable magic because with you
I have it all.
I had written a piece late last night and instead of posting I saved it. It was about the ultimate in freedom, freedom of the soul. I had thought this journey made very little sense for sometime, but as the truth reveals itself and my ability to see it strengthens, I have become free of the weight I had placed upon myself. I am not sure what actually  lifted the weights, time, rereading particular dialogue or my willingness to see the reality. All in all I had come to the conclusion it was about readiness and growth. I have removed any form of judgement upon self and upon the situations that occured throughout  my life. For we are responsible for our own actions and our own voice and that is what divides the moment. The truth is not always easy to see, but is always there to be seen. I compare the moment to a badly painted canvas, you can always take another coat of paint and wipe it out and start over.
It is not about one person or one experience, it is about knowing that I released the chains that bound me. I am human with the simple desire to love and be loved. I take responsibility for my actions and my actions alone. I did not create the canvas of childhood nor did I choose the negativity of the past and so today I feel the ultimate of love and acceptance, the love and acceptance that one can show for themself...I am worthy of such a love.
Misty Moments

The rain is falling, the sun hides behind the clouds
and through the darknesss a glimmer of light is found.
I can't help but smile there is joy in the air, from the
moment I accepted that fate brought you here.

The dreams are but a gateway for our love to pass
and though I am not sure which road we'll travel,
I'll save the best for last.

The sky is blue and becomes bluer with each day,
as I welcome you into my heart to stay.Happiness
is all around from the moment you were found,
falling from those puffy clouds.

Removes false responsibility, ignorance, denial, insecurities, judgement and failure and replaces it with the power of love. Love... it is always so intriguing as it the most powerful of all the emotions and capable of healing with time.

Closes Eyes, Opens Heart

When I close my eyes I get a view through the heart and there I see your love and  feel the fames you indeed sparked. Tender are your arms that hold me in the night, safe from the darkness you embrace to the morning light. When I close my eyes it is obvious to me that you are as close as close as you can be. Your the sunlight in my morning, the moon beams at night, you are my love, the love of my life.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

My Heart Houses The Most Precious Love

My most perfect moments...kissing you good morning,
waking to your charm, strolling through life
safely arm in arm.

Rolling on over each and every night to feel your flesh
entwined with mine would be a moment filled with delight.  

Gazing into your eyes, tender lips to lips as I trace the
outline of your face with my fingertips. Feeling your love
 inside and out, knowing that what we have is more than
a dance upon the clouds.

Sharing the moment, defining the time as we ignite the
passion in the blaze where our souls align.  

Good Night My Love... It matters so very little of what others may think, for these words are written to bring reality to your dreams. 

 To roll into your arms and kiss you goodnight...

There is only one true love and that is that which can be felt in the most simplest form of touch. Kiss my lips, touch heart, embrace my soul... I feel your loves surface beyond all barriers of place and time. 

Here is the battle as my soul will tell, 
for it is the wants and the needs that
created this hell. 

I listened closely to the wide debate,
is it of circumstance or is it of fate?

The day was filled with loneness 
and despair, not sure of the journey
that brought me here. 

What is the conquest where shall it
lead and does any of it matter of 
this self written creed.?

I have challenged the heavens to listen to my plea, 
for the heavens sent to me his love for which I was in 
desperate need. The sun surely has set and the moon
now rules the sky, so if you think it possible place
him in my arms and not my mind. 

The darkness overwhelming and I knew not what
to do, I wanted him so badly that the ache in me just 
grew. Entrapment the moment, web like were the years
and as I try to break away, I stumble on that of fear. 


One cannot own love nor keep it contained for it is
 as magical as the blue sky and free it shall remain. 


This is my love, I give it you,
 to hold you safe under the
  night shades of blue .

This is my soul, the soul in 
need and that loves you
for all eternity. 

This is the song which
flows from my lips
with words the 
hearts gift. 

I was asked once if prose was a repetition of my wants and desire? and my reply,  I write each word in celebration of the day  from the moment when I first felt your love in the most unique way. My promise is from my soul to record to history the emotions of love which you stir in me.  The dreams but a gateway, the heavens but a start for you my sweet love truly have my heart. When days are shadowed by the darkness of the hour, I think of you my darling and your love which blazes like a fire.

When I am feeling lonely I reach on out to you and feel your embrace like a rainbow in the storms that shadow the blue. The colors of love bring happiness to me, for your are created of more than simple day time dreams. Yellow like the sunshine, red of passion and desire, blue the sky a stage for memories and all the other colors are faith and love inspired. When I am feeling lonely I reach on out to you, for you are my dreams come true. 

The closer I am to you,
 the more at peace my soul is. 

The reality is neither of my wants nor my needs
for the bonding of souls consist solely of our love for one anotherr.

As if turning my head upon the pillow would reveal an image of your being.. 
it wasn't until I looked into my heart that I saw the truth of love.
I saw light in the darkness,
laughter where once silence 
and joy to replace the sorrow... 
welcome to the canvas of love.
I am confident of the love that embraces from a distance
 and yet is so close that it is one with my being. 

Only For You

Each and every morning before the sun is yet to rise,
I lay here with my head upon the pillow as the tears
 flow from my eyes.

My heart sings of love and  my soul knows the verse
so well, the words which seem quite magical
cast a lovers spell.

 Restless  is the spirit, troubling the mind as it hungers
 for your presence to embrace this flesh of mine. I
write the words that only angels would know,
sung for your ears and your ears alone.

I start each day in the very same way, celebrating
each moment from the very first day. The moment
when you said hello and took my hand and the rest
is the simplicity of hearts drawn in the sand.

I live each moment only for your sweet love, you
are the energy which ignites from the heavens

I wasn't looking nor did I hope to find,
the gift of your love which caught me
by surprise. The heavens were gracious,
abundant the dreams as they guided
your love directly to me.

I tried to deny from the start but you were
persistent in taking my heart. You never
gave up and you never gave in, you
stood beside till your loved seeded

The days are lonely, my soul feeling
blue, as I eagerly await each moment
with you. It is not my want or my needs,
it is simply that you are a part of me.

There are no words to read or to write
, even the heart don't know what to recite.
The soul feels the darkness the heart
knows it true that life is empty without

The day is ended, the stars now shine
and I'll celebrate when souls entwine.
High above the mountains and at the
crest of a dream is the images
cast of you and me.

Our love is blessed indeed, as the
Lord responded to my hearts plea.
I wasn't looking nor did I hope to
find a love so precious and rare
from inside.