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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

to be loved.

As I sit here typing I am aloof to the moment, the detachment  to the present has me reviewing the dreams of my youth. Optimistic in nature I truly believed that with our heart and soul we could live on love and in many ways I still do hold to that philosophy. Living on love doesn't necessary mean you don't have the human needs, food and shelter. What it does mean is with love as your guide you can accomplish anything to fulfill your needs. In the absence of love one only finds darkness and there is where I believe a soul searches the earth over to find that unique love that doesn't complete but enriches.
To love is to be loved, it really is the proverbial lock and key as it takes love to unlock the love within. Waking up to the song in your heart and celebrating the joy of life is the release of energy that love so encourages. The barriers of loneliness are broken down and we find that the many strains of love flow from one spiritual being to another. The reward in giving of such love is in the love that is returned. Beyond the shades of darkness is the truth and wisdom of an unselfish love. Challenging a mountain or admiring its stance against the blue of the sky one becomes aware of their place in the world through the windows of the heart.

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